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Assassin's Creed

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I don't know why, but Assassin's Creed has touched a special place in my heart.  I am really anticipating it now.  The idea of making X on the controller for the feet, [] for the arms with a weapon, O controls the arms without a weapon, and ^ controls your head (first-person focus, interpret other languages, etc) is brilliant, and I can't wait to play this game.


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I'm new to this website and I just wanted to say a little about myself.  My favorite type of video games are RPGs.  My first big RPG was Final Fantasy X and then X-2.  I had an XBOX 360 and played The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion ( which, of course, was incredible in every way.)  My XBOX 360 malfunctioned ( Curse you MICROSOFT!!!) so I returned it and got store credit to save up for a PS3.  At first I was anxious for Crackdown to come out but now that I'm getting a PS3 I am waiting for Assassins Creed.  I got my first helping of assassin life in Oblivion in the Dark Brotherhood, and I loved it.  I know that Assassins Creed will be even better.  Don't get me wrong, XBOX 360 is an incredible machine.  Its just, I tried my luck with it and lucked out, so now Ill try my luck with the more powerful, more expensive PS3.