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Major Warhead -- upcoming upgrade 1.3

Major Warhead -- Upgrade 1.3 Screenshots

Major Warhead is a top-down action-packed base defense game for iPhone and iPod touch. Play as Major Warhead and command whole arsenal of advance weaponry to defend the remote military bases set in diverse locations using touch gestures. Every location offers unique challenges, resources to harness and tests your mettle against intelligent enemy waves. Strategize the upgrades, gather resources, protect buildings and stay on guard till you finish the fight.

Use Open Feint to challenge your friends over facebook/twitter to compete for leader-boards using asynchronous multiplayer mini-levels. Visually stunning and enemy packed levels will keep you immersed in the war.

It's a big war on small scale. Intensive tactical action awaits you.

Major Warhead -- Upgrade 1.3 Screenshots

Duniya game engine powering Farcary 2.

Farcry 2 is built on an inhouse game engine Ubisoft calls 'Duniya'. Many people don't know what does duniya mean. The term 'Duniya' is unaltered and direct from Hindi language, there are many existing terms like juggernaut which are bit altered to suit English.

Duniya Definition

Du·ni·ya (do′ni ya′)


  1. The world
  2. Planet Earth
  3. Human Race

Derivation: < Hindi Duniya, world < duniya