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Sooooo I played RAGE.

Today I played Rage.... Again. I'm going to have to be brutally honest with you, I hated it. At first I thought it was just that I hadn't given it a long enough run through, but as it turns out, it wasn't. To begin, the campaign wasn't co-op as the box sort of states, although I should've known better. Although I was super annoyed that I couldn't go through the campaign in co-op with my friends, I still opted to do the side missions in co-op so I'll start there. I began the first side mission with my dad first of all, (father daughter bonding time) and we had to defibrillate ourself about 4 times before defeating the first wave of mutant losers that attacked us. After we got the hang of the controls and actually figured out that we could change the settings to number 4 fps - aka sort of Halo 1,2 controls, we tried to go on. I was wholly disenchanted with the assault rifle issued, the only cool part about it was the sound the gun fire made, but as a gun it gave no real user satisfaction in the whole killing field. So I thought at first that it was my father and I who made a crapduo, but it would appear that it wasn't, as I played it again today with a well adept friend and we found the same annoying features - we were only playing on normal!! I don't understand why it can't be like a normal game where you have the red blood aura surround you when you get shot and then either re-spawn when it's safe, or be revived by a friend. I found it frustrating when I was half way through the mission and we'd both be down and have to begin at the very beginning of the mission. I know a lot of you will disagree and just say I suck, which to some extent is true, but I don't think it was necessary to re-spawn at the beginning of the mission. Stupid feature. CAMPAIGN! Where do I begin? If Borderlands, Bulletstorm and Halo had a mutant child it would result in this game. The scenery and the cut scenes are beautiful, but I felt that after playing Bulletstorm this game just doesn't measure up as a post apocalyptic RPG shooter. I mean even the mutants are super similar to Bulletstorm. Anyways continuing on; I found the first hour of the campaign to drag on incessantly, something which bethesda and ID should've thought of before bringing the game out, also that teamed with the fact that the checkpoints are few and far between so if I forgot to save and then died I would be stuffedAlso WHY WOULD I DEFIBRILLATE MYSELF? It's ridiculous to think that one would do that or do it to shock the mutants. It's long, tedious and a pain the the ass. However I do have to commend them on the whole RPG aspect of it, as I myself like to collect everything and upgrade weapons and most of all loot dead bodies... (only in games) but I think that as a game it has a lot to live up to and a could've been a lot better. I do like that it switched between 1st and 3rd when in vehicles, however it's not the first game to do it. Also It's super laggy on the Ps3 as it's all on the one disc and it is a big game. so it's probably better to get on the Xbox 360.

My first post ever

Too many times people walk into my work place and ask me "You're a girl, do you even play games?" and I to which I feel like replying: "Yes, many girls play video games - games which aren't the Sims." Yet no matter how many games I sell or play or talk about - some people just can't show respect. But that's okay; I'll keep playing, and I'll review a few games. As I'm a new user, I can't post official reviews under the game, so I thought I'd post it here where a few of you lost travellers may stumble. Gears Of War 3. It came out a little while ago, but the Gears series is one of my favourites. I have to say it was an amazing game through and through however, there were a few things which let me down. When I played single player I found that the silver back and its counterpart used for moving things were quite slow and when used around combat if there was no one covering me I was pretty much a sitting duck . I really enjoyed the Retro Lancer; I know I've had a lot of people complain that the recoil was hard to control at some points - my dad being one of those people. But I thought that the fact that it was way stronger than the standard lancer made up for that and also the awesome melee attack that you can do with it. However, my favourite melee has to be with the standard Lancer and sawing the Locust in half. So I don't know how many of you actually bothered following all of the story line but I didn't really. I mean, I knew the whole part about E-day (duh) but I didn't realise that the Locust were actually spawn of people. I thought it was a pretty good twist to it when I finally stuck two and two together, not to mention that I thought that it was really interesting that Imultion was an organism. However - developers, you could've been more creative than crazed Lambent zombie people -_-. Anyways, what I really hated was that Dom had to die, although we all saw that one coming, and it wasn't that sad even though I really liked him . It was really sad to see the people in their dying moments when you got to Mercy. In a big way it reminded me of the former Roman city of Herculaneum. I know this review is a little bit rushed, but I swear my others will be better :)