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Great Opportunity!

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Hi. Sup! Hope you guys are rockin! Alright just wanted to let you guys know that i m launching my own gaming website very very soon and i m looking out for some young enthusiastic gamers to work for the site. So if you are interested in writing reviews or articles or news or just advertising on social media then i think i can offer you a dream opportunity. Grab it while you can. Just PM me or add me on facebook.

Anyone moved to GiantBomb yet?

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Ok guys just moved to and having loads of fun there. Anyone of you also there do send me a friend request. My username there is Nawabi.

Assassin Nawabi (live gamertag)

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Hi guys, its been a year since my last blog since i don't visit GS that often. Just wanted to have some people on my xbox live friends list from here. So anyone interested do send me a friend request at Assassin Nawabi or list your gamertag here and i'll send you a request. I play cod4, geow, halo 3, fifa 08, burnout paradise, frontlines: fow, army of 2 and some others too.

How cool is that...

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Today i got a message from GS that i have been awarded with an avatar called "Avatar in a bottle" for submitting unique avatars. Its really exciting for me coz i just submitted them not hoping for an emblem but somehow GS liked them and not 1, not 2 but three of them. If you open your preferences area>images>images for avi>splinter cell and there you'll see the three black and white avi of fisher submitted by me including the one i am using right now.

New banner, blog header and sig

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Just made some changes to my profile again, new "Assasin's Creed" banner, "GRAW2" blog header and a "Stranglehold" first time you are not going to see "Sam Fisher" being featured in any of these three places which is quite a change from my part but still he is in my avi. Other then that i am very excited about "Def Jam: Icon" and "NBA street: Homecourt" both of which i am probably getting in about next 9 hours. 

One year of XBOX360-ism

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Its been almost an year since i got my first hands on xbox360 with call of duty 2 and after that i got to play approximately 36 games on it till date. And i can easily say that those were some of the amazing games i've ever played. With games like GRAW, oblivion, dead rising, fifa 07, rainbow six vegas, lost planet, call of duty 3, gears of war and splinter cell i had an amazing 12 months of gaming. But the game i loved the most,enjoyed the most and by far played the most(above 25 hours) has to be "Viva Pinata". Thats the most cute game i've ever seen and i seriousily got addicted to it and still playing it. So thats basically my Game of the Year and i honestly recommend it to all 360 owners.

Brand New Profile Look

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Just made a new banner and a new blog header. I loved the previous look of my profile but i thought its time to change it coz i used it for like six months or so. But i like this new look too. I'll do some tweaking like add some tags or stuff in the blog header space. 
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