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../ Wow.

I can't stand this site anymore. I hardly ever come here anyway but when I do, I'm reminded as to why I never come here. Two seconds in the forums and I want to spit on everything I see there. But there's a problem. If I were to do that, I'd run out of spit. So I think I'm just going to leave myself as inactive and no longer do anything here, no more reviews, no more contributions and the like. This place reminds me of the rest of the world and why I hate humanity so much. So, for my own sanity and happiness and well-being, I'm just simply not going to associate with GS anymore. Any of you want to keep talking to me for some god-awful reason, please feel inclined to do so.

Skype: aryoshie

../ Well Then..

I see it's been.. Erm.. Quite awhile. I think, that is, if anybody even remembers who I am or follows me anymore, it's safe to assume to not take my word on things and to assume I'll post here when I feel like it. Which.. Is not very often. I actually had to force myself to write this, I'm not going to lie.

There isn't much I do to do with games these days, I've become busy and interested in music, I'm trying to take the singing direction. I've sort of picked writing back up again as well, I'd like to continue working with it. Many things have changed since Christmas, I've become an entirely different person (don't worry, positive things still remain!) and I've gone through a lot. One, I'm no longer with that girl I spoke oh-so-fondly of awhile back. Some of you may remember her. Well, I'd like to forget her, but I won't. As a matter of fact, it's funny how quickly someone you love more than life itself can transition into someone you hate. I have a policy: I love anyone and absolutely everyone until an individual gives me a reason not to love them. My feelings for person Y that may be affiliated with person X will not change on person X's account, for I will still see love for person Y no matter of what person X has done to me. I'm very strict about that policy and see to it my very best that I never neglect it. This girl has become the only person in existance anywhere that I hate.

Hate is something I've always been told to be careful with, so I do see to it that I take very good care with it. It's like a hideous, wild beast that lives in a rusting cage inside of you; it claws, bites, mangles, twists, pulls, turns and mutilates you inside trying to get out and, for many, usually succeeds in its aggressive fits, compelling and opening that person up to the darkest and most putrid of feelings toward another that could ever exist. This very beast is why there's blood on the streets everyday all over the world.

Not to say that my personal hate for this being is a deadly one, which it isn't, I wouldn't touch her, but my reasoning is that other of morals but instead the simple fact that I want nothing to do with her. She's been swept away to the darkest and most shadowed corner of my heart and mind where nothing but fragments of our past will remain and she will be alone. She will never be blessed with the liberty that I am missing, longing for, loving, needing or feeling for. Instead, it's none but a bitter, chilling blade of ice cutting her over and over. All else that remains from me is a reminder to her that nobody has and probably ever will love her as much as I did, and her trechery immediately banished those feelings, inverting them instead.

Now, what matters to me most is that I love people. Many people. I am loved by these people. I have discovered a lot of things about myself, changed what I could to better that person and continue my journey of uncovering, discovery and improvement. As stated before, I'm taking a path where my singing will become a primary. Performing this act in front of others is my way of lifting my heart out and revealing what lies inside to all, to give others a chance to see differences in their own kind. We all are, after all, warm-blooded soft-tissue creatures. We are brethren to one-another.

And life goes on. I keep on loving and doing the best I can for all I can.

../ Merry Christmas!

I would quickly like to wish all of you a very merry Christmas (though it isn't anymore for some of you, we still have an hour here!) and say that I love all of you dearly. I hope you had a wonderful day and got most, if not all, of what you wished for!

Wonderful Times

Hello again everybody, after all of this time! I wonder if any of you remember me! XD I've been fantastic here and busy daily, which is why I haven't been on.

Well, currently, gaming-wise, I've been working on a Mega Man marathon which is consisting of Mega Man 1 through 10 and Rockman & Forte. I also got my right ear pierced a couple of weeks ago :D I love it. Reviews? WEll.. I don't know what to review so we'll have to see where that goes, I do want to put one or two out in time, we'll see when. I do have a new picture of myself I'd like to share here though! I uploaded it here but it's going through the accepting process, so keep an eye out :3

Guess that's really all I have to say! Again, we'll see about reviews and getting some done.

../ Demon's Blood

So, anyone here like chicken wings? How about hotwings? Sure you do, we all do. We adore 'em. One thing about me to learn is that I love to cook and I try to be creative. Well, I made my own trademark hotwing sauce that smells so strong that you could keep the undead at bay. A good, satisfying smell. Even more is the taste. If you like hot things, then Demon's Blood is for you. Yes, I have given it an appropriate title and I've kept this secret recipe for a long while, it's time to share with you all. What you need is:

  • A bottle of Frank's Red Hot Wings: Buffalo
  • Two green chili peppers
  • One red chili pepper
  • One habanero chili pepper
  • Tuong Ot Toi Vietnamese chili garlic sauce
  • El Pato green jalapeno hot sauce
  • Lemon & lime juice (the ones that come in lemon/lime-shaped containers)
  • Birch syrup (or another thin near-tasteless syrup)
  • Tobasco for a little extra flavor

Take a pan and pour most, if not all, of the Frank's into it. Turn the stovetop on between medium-high and while waiting for it to heat up, go ahead and take all four of your peppers. Chop each one of them up into small pieces and gather them together, pouring them into the heating sauce. Give the sauce a couple of minutes to set and then take some of the El Pato jalapeno sauce, adding a good amount in. The jalapeno sauce isn't necessarily to add much heat as it is flavor, it's not as hot as a jalapeno and goes good with just about anything.

Stir occasionally with a fork, making sure the diced peppers get spread around and sink into the sauce nicely. Grab a spoon and add two spoonfuls of the Tuong Ot Toi garlic sauce in, stirring it in. At this point, it would be a good idea to turn the sauce down close to a lower heat as it may begin boiling, we don't want it to boil much yet. Next, you'll want to grab the lemon and lime juice and add a good squirt or two but not too much. I'd recommend adding more lime than lemon to keep from having too much bite, but hey, it's up to you! ;)

Not much left to do now! Take your tobasco if you're using any and put a few droplets in, stirring everything together a bit. Turn the heat down a little more at this point and take the last ingredient if you have it, the birch syrup (or as I said before, something similar). I also like to personally add a couple of pinches of sugar to make it a little sweeter but if you want to keep the sweetness at bay, that's perfectly fine :D Stir one last time and then turn the stove off, letting the sauce sit and cool off. After about three to five minutes, dip your wings or chicken strips in and get them nice and bloody (:p) and enjoy! If the first thing you say is or comes close to "holy $!#&) then it worked!

Sometimes there may be some left over, in fact I'm almost sure there will be for you, and if you do have leftover sauce, it's perfectly okay to put it in a container and freeze it. I do this all the time and reuse it, always the same great taste. I'd love to hear feedback if you use it. ;)

../ Ten Days

There are exactly ten days left until I leave for California, tonight is the last night I'll be sleeping in the house I'm at now, I'll be moving to my gram's tomorrow night and for the rest of the time I have until I board my plane. I'm nervous about the ride more than I am getting there, considering that I've never left the state let alone been on a plane, and I'm hearing from a lot of people that Seattle airport is insanely huge and that's kinda worrying me. But.. I think it'll be fine. So I go from:

Anchorage airport to Seattle, switch flights and go to Salt Lake City, then I'm off to Sacramento from there. The whole thing is supposed to be about 10 hours. I'm sure I'll be pretty tired at the end. I'm excited!

So as for the review thing, I might write one today, I'm brainstorming ideas and what I'd want to review. Then again I gotta get the rest of my crap together. You just might have to wait! As if we haven't been waiting enough. Last but not least, SKYRIM! Eeee.

../ Happy Halloween

I just wanted to wish all of you a very happy Halloween, hope you all got in on those unbeatable candy sales :P I just might later on. I really have no plans for Halloween myself, it's just another day really to me today. I have the next two weeks on my mind instead. Gotta finish sending my boxes off and get on my plane and go. Lots of excitement for that. Take care today, and if any of you go out trick or treating, be safe.

On The Bandwagon

I am proud to admit I've gotten on the ball with the new Ox- I mean I've gotten Steam and, like most who use it, have become an addict. Far Cry, Half-Life 2, VVVVVV and KOTOR are what I've picked up thus far. I'll get the awesome and free TF2 soon. Now that I have my new laptop and something that'll actually RUN Steam- yeah, believe it or not my old POS wouldn't run Steam; I can enjoy the awesomeness of it. The most I've touched a console is my GameCube with my Gameboy Player on it so I can play my new Metroid: Zero Mission I got in the mail. Now.. Excuse me while I get back on the ball.

It's 100% Offical

So it is indeed a 100% offical announcement, I AM in fact moving to California on November the 14th. I bought my ticket, confirmed everything and I am now playing the waiting game. Excited, yes I am, very excited, very nervous, very anxious and overall eager for this new experience and environment. This'll be the first time I'll completely be out on my own and I'll be living with people I'm extremely close to. What happens from there? Well.. Who knows? It'll only get better from here, I know that. I'll keep you guys posted!

Now, back to C&C The First Decade.