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Ok quick briefing!!!!

Wazzup, arubasupersmash here. Srry that i havent kept my promise on the last blog firm :(.

Im not gonna bore you all, but just a short story what I was doing with all my time not being on gamespot.

Well, I got Mario Kart Wii, graduated, I played Brawl with the greatest Brawler on my island, and got beatend, grrr, yeah that wouldnt have happend if I would't of stop training for like 2 months................hmmm.................Ah yes, a few days ago, well weaks, it was my birthday, just turned 17, hooray for me, the ONLY thing that stinks for me being only 1 year too young is that on my island to get a drivers licens now you have to be 21 years old. *cats hissing*. I am like.................... O ......................... my ....................... GOSH......... NOOOOO. Because the average age to get a drivers license is 18

Lets see what else...... o yeah i started to go to Judo, hard training.

For valentines day I got a card from a secret admirer, cool.

At school, the only game we play is poker, poker-poker-poker, and I'm always the dealer.

Nothing more outa the ordenary. Ok GS peeps enough about me, I wanna know more about you guys.

I wanna know what I been missing out, you guys tell me.

Thanks for all your support guys. :)

IM BACK........................ I think, lol

Hi everybody, you missed me? Im so so so sorry that I havent been on GS and sorry that I havent give you support :( . I have been really busy, school, you know? I graduated and stuff.How long has it been that I havent been on gamespot :( ? I lost count. Well, im back, I hope it STAYS that way *hoorah*

I see that GS has changed a bit .......... no sorry...... a LOT. I gotta get used to it T_T.

If you want to ask me questions, go ahead, ill answer :). TYVM everybody.

I'm so HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESS.Yet............ broken.

YESyesyesyes, Brawl got an awesome score of 9.5 :D:D:D:D:D:D:D, im soooooooooooo syked. :D:D:D:D . Im so glad that they made this game wickedly awesome. I mean, did you see all the merits Brawl got?????????

  • Family-Friendy fun
  • Get more what youre money's worth
  • great at parties
  • great original soundtrack
  • great sequel
  • outstanding gameplay
  • outstanding visual design
  • solid extras
  • strong competative multiplayer
  • technically proficient graphics
  • undeniable charm variety

WOW, thats a lot of awards :o, im just so happy to see that they made the game sooooooo good. Im really proud of Nintendo. Good job all of you. I cant wait to get the game. :D:D

Yet............ im so sad.

This morning when I went to church, everybody was crying. Thats when the news hitted me hard, that one of the "sisters" have passed away this morning............ ............ a really really good "sister". Thats one of the time I never been so sad in my life. She died from canser. Almost four months ago, the dokter said she had almost three months to live, and that brutal dokter said to her that to go spend her last christmas. She was a really good friend of my mom, I never saw my mom so sad that day. When me and my dad were leaving church, my dad kept singing: "One bright morning when my work is over, I will flyyyyyyyyy away home""(Jars of clay)", and my dad right, she fly away home, *sobbing*. I cant stop crying. Well, we already know that she is in a great place, the bestest place :). God bless.


If you dont mind, read my last blog that I posted, I didnt give it much time, plz.

Have a nice day.

Finally, my union is formed!!!!

OOOOH YES!!!! I have formed an awesome union specialy for SSBB fighters, where you can compete online and klame victory to the top. For more info, join the union :D:D. Im stil seeing how to work with it :?

BTW: BRAWL IS ALMOST OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

DA UNION. Da UnIoN dA uNiOn.!!!!!!!!!!

Ok now that my exams are over, lets go down to business :P. Now, I want to make a union which we could compete in Super Smash Bros Brawl online and make tournaments and stuf :D . The thing is, I got some reguests from people to be officers in the union, fine, but some of those people are already in the max of 30 unions or accepted already a charter member to an other union from the last 30 days :cry: . This is a blog only to advise those who want to join the union. If there are any sujestions, tell me. I just want the peeps to be in the union: The "World Wide Brawl" union, WWB 8). If you can see the blog post waaaaaaay below titled:"Online Union. World Wide Brawl." There you can see the rules and activities that are going to be in the union. Enjoy.

BTW: I'll comment so you could see the people im adding as officers in my union. You CAN win posisions of others you know :P.

My B.Day, my sweeeeeeet 16.+ 2nd exams

:idea: Alright, today's my, feb 8. Awesome, one year older, one year smarter, and two years away till my driverslicence :P lol. Anyway Hope you all have a good time, join the paty :P. Have some cake while you're at it :P, enjoy the music. 8) I didn't give my last blog to much time to let it stay so people could regularly see it, so if you got time just look at it......................and comment :P.

OMG, monday my 2nd exams start, time flies. Plz, wish me luck. :cry:

You're best SSBM characters & my 20th blog post.

Ok gamespotters, I wanna know whats you're favorite character that you use to fight in SSBM.

:question: Mension :arrow: :

  • which character(s)
  • why
  • how often( depending on how many fave haracters)
  • favorite fighting style
  • favorite moves
  • and you're status ( how you considder yourself as a fighter, do you find yourself a good fighter? A pro? A veteran?)
  • + favorite stages+ favorite types of matches.

Thats it.

:! Now here's mine:

  • Fox, Falco, Luigi
  • Fox=fast, furious, agile,strong. Falco=a bit slower than Fox, but stronger. Luigi= Quick and strong, hard hitting attacks.
  • Mostly I use Fox. Falco and Luigi, a little les often.
  • I like to fight fast, like they say; " ya gotta strike em fast, and you gotta hit em hard". Constantly attacking, using sometimes small moves but adding them as combo's can make them destructive.
  • Fox= reflector, and fox illusion. Falco= same style as fox. Luigi= UP B, DOWN B, SIDE B, aerial down and side attacks
  • I find myself as a pro, but I cant beet em all, there ARE better players then me, but im a good one.
  • Fave stage is Temple and I love playing "stock" matches and with items.

:! Now im interested in finding out YOURE style. 8)


Yes, this is my 20th blogpost, although it aint much for a guy at my lvl. :P

Yay, 100 friends!

Cool, I realized that I have now 100 friends :D:D:D:D, cool. I would like to thank my friends for helping me accomplish this task, lol. Well, I have to say, I have SOME friends that I think deleted me from there friends list, so technacly, they're no friends at all. I saw yesterday about Brawl, the big leak, are those all the characters in SSBB?????Thats it????There should be more, a LOT more. Delay delay delay, they couldn't of put more charaters in brawl. Well, let hope the best for Brawl. I can't wait for the game.

Yo, union anouncement.

People, hear this, this is especially for the poeple who are interested in the union. Im not gonna make the union from this profile, but from an other profile, the profile's name is superbrosWWB. If you want to join the union, add that profile as friend, so we know exactly who wants to be in the union. To find supersmashWWB, go to my friends list and search him out. After supersmashWWB passes lvl 5, I'll start making the union.

Online union. World wide brawl

Ok, here's the deal. I formed this union for if anybody that would get SSBB, would like to compete online(the thing is, i think i did something wrong when i was making the union, by adding only 4 people, when i should of add MORE, now i dont know how to put more people in, plz give me advice). Deciding who battles who, the union is made for that we make tournaments, 1vs1, or 2vs2. In this union you fight for status. We will promote you your status, depending on how you fight, here's how it works: We make a tournament, divide all the people who will fight, throw dice on who goes against who, then you fight. If you win, you go to the next round. If you lose, you get thrown out of the tournament. Supposedly if you win every round, you go to the finals, and if you win the finals, you will be crowned king. Of course there is other activity besides tournament: normal competing. We schedule you to fight 3 judges, the judges will give you individually scores, so total you have three scores. The scores from the judges are made by: the way you fight, your fighting creativity, and your winning score and much more. Finally we put all three scores together, divided by three, and that is you're final score. Depending on you're score, we will decide if you are veteran, rookie, natural or pro (there are more types of names besides the ones mentioned here, these are the few ones.). You're score will be added in the union and there you could see you're additional score(of course it CAN change)If anybody becomes a pro fighter in the union, we'll supposedly promote you. And we will also include team fighters: We make teams, three or four teams, like example: team blue, red, green, or even white. Or teams by name, like team Ike or team Mario. In these teams you battle to be the best team ever. We'll sign you up to fight a member of another team to rays the status of you're team. Like, if you're team wins more than the other, you're team will become the best team, so I recommend you don't lose a fight, or you'll piss off you're team. So that's it, lets hope that we'll get lots of people to join to compete. As for now,live WWB.