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A lot of sequels nowadays.

I see that I've been playing a lot of sequels over the past few months. Mafia 2, Killzone 2, Dead Space 2, Portal 2. Next up is Bioshock 2, then maybe Dragon Age 2. Damn.

Not all that interesting, really, just an observation. And maybe my recent playlist says something about the industry and where their focus lies? (Hint: milking.) I almost hope it doesn't.

Then again, I did buy those games... So, yeah. Guess the marketing works.

Thought I'd update my blog.

I'm not back as an active user on all GS-forums, but I've decided to post on the Drunken PCSnobs Union, at least from time to time. Sometimes I have a lot of time to kill at work, why not sosialize on this page, right? You know, now that I'm playing games again and all.. I'll try to comment on various blogs as well.

I moved to Oslo (capital of Norway) in February, got a new job, just bought an apartment with my girlfriend. To make it short: things are good and I'm happy.

The new apartment has a spare room that most would use as a guestroom, which is a waste of space if you ask me. I'll make some measurements, if it's big enough I'll turn it into a homecinema/gameroom with an HDTV (will be upgraded to a projector down the road) and a surround system with 5 speakers, maybe seven after a while, but these things cost mullah... A new kitchen is priority No 1.

So yeah, I'm back, sort of...

My GS-future...

... is very uncertain atm. I'll keep this short. Some of you have probably noticed that I haven't posted a damn word on this site in a while. There are various reasons for that, but the main one is that my interest in GS is diminishing by the minute. I might be back as a lurker that posts from time to time and comments on various blogs. Or I may not, we'll see.

Anyway, I'm doing fine, currently I'm stuck way up in the North of Norway for half a year, after that I have to join the military, probably the Navy as a shipdoctor (for a yr or so), that'll be weird...

If you want to remove me from your friend lists, I won't mind. I know I'm not much of a poster right now anyway.

Have fun, guys, maybe you'll hear something from me in the future.

BSODs and crashes.

I see that I'm becoming Mr Negativity on this page.... My last blogs are a rantfest. Here's one more. ;) Heh.

My PC has been unstable for a while now. It all started about half a yr ago when one of the fans on the mobo died. I haven't really had any problems other than frequent crashes in demanding games. I could live with that, until last week that is.

All of a sudden my computer started to BSOD on my ass, I reinstalled some drivers, same problem, I ran a disk check, things got even worse. It started to reboot indefinitely. After 10-15 reboots, I decided to reformat the whole thing.

My first attempt at that was a phail. The PC froze up 37% into the extraction of XP-files (or something like that). Second time things went fairly smooth. I should have done this a long time ago, my PC boots up soooo much faster now and uses half the amount of RAM when idle compared to just a week ago.

So, things seemed to be fine and dandy again, right? Probably a software problem, I thought. That turned out to be semi-true. Last night the PC did not even put out an image to my TV. I had to restart it 15 times to even get Windows running. Even then, my PC sometimes just freezes after 20 seconds. Funny thing though, if it's stable for a couple of minutes, it'll be stable for many hrs. This is really weird.

I want to get a new PC, but only a moron would buy a new rig right now. W7 is right around the corner, no way am I paying twice for a Windows OS in a year. Don't even get me started on the prices of DDR3 RAM and the new Intel-mobos. AMD is about to release new CPUs and mobos as well.

What all this means is that I'm stuck with a PC that is about to draw a last breath. If it does that, I'll have to buy a crappy laptop to be able to at least pay my bills and check my e-mail.

The really sad thing is that I'm not sure whether I can play modern gfx intensive games on this PC or not. I'm glad I have a PS3 and a 360 as well. :)

Work, work, work....

This week I think I'll be setting a new personal record. 93 hr work-week. Maybe more if I work overtime. In the ER. Nightshifts only. Artur crazy. Artur sleep deprived, insomnia.. Cannot compute.

I'm wondering: what is the most you've worked in one single week?

Ah, bloody hell.

If anyone remembers, I've used some of the last 3-4 months on ripping my CD collection to my shiny new HD as FLAC-files. It is supposed to be a lossless codec that sounds the same as a WAV-file (which is pretty much a direct rip of a song without any compression whatsoever).

I am an audiophile. I want the best possible sound coming out of my speakers/headphones. That is why I buy MP3-players that support the best formats (soundwise) and that is why I just bought new and AWESOME Tannoy speakers and Pioneer receiver. I love music and I love to listen to it without hearing the crappy digital compression in the upper and lower frequencies.

So... On to the point of this blog. I just put a CD into my disc-drive just to see if the soundquality is indeed intact when I convert files to FLAC (I could not shake the feeling that the music sounds a bit digitalized). Well, it's not. There are differencies in the dynamics of a song and the cymbals sound like crap in FLAC compared to a CD/WAV-files. Even my Foobar-player tells me that the bitrate of a WAV-file is 1411 kbps, while that of a FLAC-file around 900-1000 kbps. So now I have to re-rip half of my CD-collection.

God ****ing damn it!!!

That is all.

RIP, Indy.

Anyone that is a fan of South Park has already seen the episode where Indiana Jones is raped by Spielberg and Lucas. When I saw that episode I thought to myself: "It can't be that bad. I refuse to believe it sucks this much."

I just saw the latest Indy film. Someone please call 911, a sexual assault is in progress. Two mad film-makers are raping my childhood-memories.

I think Spielberg is getting a little bonkers on his older days.

Why do people have to **** with things that should stay in the past?

I mean: Rocky, Michael Jackson's songs, hell, MJ himself is a freak now, Metallica (not exactly childhood, but whatever), Star Wars, Indiana Jones and I'm sure there's plenty more.

When will this stop?

I swear to God, if they make a new Ghostbusters or Back to the future, I'll never see a sequel again.

Back at work...

It's in the middle of the night, nothing's happening, but I have to stay awake to take some bloodsamples after a while. Why not write a short blog?

Amsterdam was totally awesome, I recommend that you visit it at least once (and don't forget Barcelona in the summer ;)).

It's full of coffee-shops, live sex shows and prostitution, but the city has a lot more to offer than that.

My sis studies there, she showed me a couple of cool night-clubs (the club scene is fantastic over there), Red light district (which actually made me a little sad, pretty girls that sell their bodies to horny dogs, not my kind of thing, I don't even like strip-clubs...) and some cool shops, I've already mentioned how much I spent there, lol.

Most people there are friendly and you'll find all nationalities there.

Amsterdam has some crappy weather right now, but if you don't mind a little rain or fog, you'll have a blast. I know I did. :)

And yeah.... You don't have to drink in Ams to get dizzy. Ehem.

Going away for ten days.

I'm going to Amsterdam this Saturday, I'll be there for six days and then visit some friends in Norway. Can't wait! You all have nice gaming while I'm gone. :)

Red light district and "coffee"-shops, here I come! :D I'll try and post a blog about it later on.

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