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Okay guys, this is it.

I'm elad to believe this is the end. I'm really really sad to say so, but it's true.

I want you to kow that everyday I think of you guys, it's just that sometimes... I forget to check-up, and I fear I might forget oe day and never remember.

If that is the case, this should show that I didn't forget any of you. You guys were always there, and I had many wonderful tiems in my (almost) three years here.

On my side, I'm tearing up. I wish I didn't have to do any of this, and I wish things were like they used to be, before many of my good friends began disappearing.

You all consoled me, humored me, and were there whenever I had big news to unfold.

My life took a different course with you people affecting it, and I wouldn't have made good friends without some of you.

I'm glad I got to know such a big lot of nice people.

As I said, I think I'm leaving, but someday I may return.

It may be as easy as coming here once a month, just remembering you guys, but it could be that I may never come back.

I'm never this solemn. D: It's killing me inside

Since it's kinda...fluxuating, I need to find a new leader for the Union That Never Was. (LGD, if you want it back, you can have it)

Also, I'd like to keep in contact with any and as many of you as possible.

TL;DR: I'm probably going to leave, and I wanna keep you all with my forever.

Skype: kingarther81


It was nice having friends like you guys. :3

Gah! Needs more blog!

Not much to say.

I have my first EOC Thursday

It's Algebra. D:

I've been reading like a maniac

I read/am reading/have to read:



Marathon Man

Witch and Wizard

The Gift

When the wind blows

Alex Cross

Doubt (Manga)

Durarara (Manga)


and finally

Jurassic Park.

Yeah, can't seem to help myself. I've become a bibliophile.

On a semi-other note, when I was book shopping, I found out the store was giving away a free comic with each purchase, so I took the liberty to grab some Spiderman comic.

It was really kind of a throwback, they had advertisements for Juicy Fruit, Cracker Jacks, and (My favorite) Mortal Kombat.

It was really trippy seeing the stuff.

Not much game-wise, I'm stuck at the first Barthandelus fight in FF13

Just haven't done anything in FF6 and 7.

I got myself an Email and an FA (Fur Affinty, like Deviant Art) and I have begun writing.

Not too many watchers, but I'm fine with that


The Longest Day

I'm pretty sure I made a Kingdom Hearts reference in the title.

Today, I had Solo and Ensemble Competition. I hadn't really mentioned it much before.

I may have blogged about last years competition, though.

This year, I had to do a solo (Like usual) but, also an ensemble.

I played Cantilena (Or, Handel) for my Solo.

I had practiced it for about six months prior, and had TWO practices with my piano accompainst.

She's amazing by the way.

I got to the school at around 8:45 am. I sat around for an hour or so, as my ensemble was scheduled at 10:05.

We played through the fifteen measures we had agreed on a few times. Nobody had actually practiced it. :p)

We went in and played it, yadaa-yadda.

We got a one. ._.

The rating system is so: OP- Outstanding preformance is the best of the BEST!

1 is the 2nd best, still respectable

2-5 You need to try harder. >.>

So, we got a reaaally good score.

Suddenly, later, at 12:10, my Solo was scheduled

I went in the room, introduced myself, and played my heart out.

Of course, it wasn't perfect. I sped up a few places. but my accompianst kept up.

I love her so much...:3

Err, about videogames...

After, I went over to a friends house and we played all his NES games.

So many.

I can now say, MegaMan made me rage quit.

It's like impossibly hard.

We also played Mario Kart and Zelda.

I looked at the clock and about eight hours had passed by.

._. I also found out this cool app called "Figure"

It's so much fun! :D

You tap the screen and make your own music.

That's my day, in a nutshell.

Nyeh! or How I don't know what to say

As I said, sorry. I had the time to blog, but I just put it off. I dunno why.

I feel that mylove for Gamespot is slowly depleting. I love being here, I love talking to you guys, and I love the unions. It's just feeling a bit empty.

It's almost the end of the school year, and I managed to bring my grades up. In standard L.A., some people got to write poems, Not just any poems, Mirror Poems. That's right. They had to say one thing forwards, and another thing backwards.

I thought it was a cool idea, but my class didn't get to do it. :/

Ah well. Can't win 'em all. So, what have you guys been up to?

I haven't done much of anything since my last blog. :p

I went to see a play/musical called "Forever Plaid" and the singers were amazing. :D

I also went to see Mirror, Mirror. It was pretty good. I liked it more thsn I thoguht I would.

I found a new love for Omgle. It's highly addicting. I wouldn't reccomend it. :p

Happy Easter. Unless you don't celebrate it, then Happy Sunday.


Just to catch everyone up on my videogame stuff: FROM HERE ON STUFF MIGHT BE SPOILERS!

FFXIII I'm on the Palmecia. I can't beat Barthandelus

FFVII I'm near the beginning at the Shinra HQ. I just fought the roof battle with Rufus

FFVI I can't seem to remember. I know that I have joined with the Prince.I left South Figaro. I think I'm going through the mountains.

FFVII Crisis Core I am in the Bathhouse. I can't beat Angeal Pentance Hes just too hard.

Aaaand, thats it for what I'm playing. What I WANT to buy:

Skyrim: Too costly

Stacking: Dunno if it really is good.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Ultimate: My friend REALLY wants me to get it.


GS, I address you from atop the toilet

I address you, GS, from atop a toilet. The porclean god.You read right, im taking a constitutional. Or, at least I was while i prewrote this. This is either a REAAAALLY long blog, or it could be short and sweet. I've written too many of the latter, so long story it is.I wrote down a list of everything to tell you guys so this will be easy to write. Lemme start at the beginning:Ok, so Im pooping, at a Mavs game. The Mavs are a team from Dallas; and they play basketball. I was invited to go see them, so I went. I went to my seat and the first thing to occur to me was "Great googly moogly, thats a crapload of people." I had a Haruhi Suzumiya moment. (Brownie points if you got the reference.) I marveled at all the people, and this was only like 1/2 of Dallas. I felt so tiny.I soon got over that. I was watching the game and, lo and behold, I saw a friend of mine on the Jumbotron. I immediately texted him. On screen, he checked his phone and saw my text. He smiled at the screen and it made me chuckle.So, back to present time, I walked into the restroom and burst out laughing. On the mirrors infront of the toilets were built in computers! They showed start screens and stuff. I looked at one and it had the blue screen. Technology is hilarious.Oh! Since I got to that topic i might as well address that. I think im REALLY addicted to internet stuff. My phone ran out of power in class this afternoon and I sat in solitude and silence the rest of the day. Even now, im blogging at a Mavs game. (Im doing it so I don't forget stuff) Its getting so bad, after my phone ran outta juice I began reading. (it gets worse) I was deep in one of my books, I talk about books later, and an eerie thought occured, "What if my book turns off?!" I swear, I thought about it for a second. It's scary.Ok, now, to Books.Im reading:John CarterTarzanFangAngelWarriors 1-2 & 3Blade RunnerWar of the Worlds And Night.I have to finish all of these quickly because multiple people recommended these books. They were all like "Have you read _____ yet?" And im like, "No, i was reading ____"Ok, topic change back to MavsAt the halftime show, this AMAZIN lady came on. She was the Limbo world record holder. Let me tell you, she didn't get it for nothing. The best she did was: "She carried two plates of water glasses, an she was blinfolded. The bar was as high as a beer bottle standing upright. O.OShe did it. My jaw fell to the center of the Earth.So, about Trolls. I hate them. At the moment, there is a troll trolling an account of mine of Steam. Im using every technique I know against him. I even tried agreeing with him. I think Im just gonna ignore him. Ideas?Ok, so Im writing a Kingdom Hearts fanfic and I wondered if it was ok if sometimes I held a "vote" for things I couldn't decide on.Back to Mavs, i listened and watched their percussion section, and, no offense, but they sucked. They didn't play anything cool, nor did they do cool tricks, my bands percussion could do better :/Hah, this transition makes sense, about Band...Next week, my band goes to UIL which is some state thing where we learn three songs and they judge our band with a 1-5. One being the best. 5 being "WTF? Why are you in a band?!" It's a tad stressing.Also, coming up is Solo and Ensemble competition. I've practiced my solo, Cantilena for a good time. (Feel freee to google the song) Im not to nervous, as I did well last year.Ok, this is my conclusion:About music, since I came out to my Dad about being a furry, I began listening to song music by a furry, who goes by the name "Renard, NegaRen, Kitsune^2(written kitsune squared), and others" I especially like Kitsune because one, hes the only one Ive heard so far, AND, because he makes Techno/Rave/Videogame/8-bitish music. If you wanna listen, check him out at Vulpvibe, it has all the personas of Renard there.Whew, that as alot to say in one blog. This thing took me an hour to write, no joke, The journey began on the toilet, and ended the same. In the end, the night went splendidly. I was even called a protégé once! *blush* So, Im happy, my Dad's happy, and... I have a crapload of homework due. But, what do I care? :DSee yall later!~Artie

One small step for man, one giant leap for furry!

Yes, and welcome back to the "Hear me whine!" show!

Today, I was just told (mind you, a few hours before it began) that I wouldn't be going. I was disappointed. I didn't show it though, and soon enough, my father said, "Son, why do you want to go? It's very costly and I might have to take your sister." (the thought mortified me) And, because I haven't gone into Debate yet, my only reason for going was " I dunno." So, he said, if I can give him things I wanna see, I MAY be going.

But, that's exactly what he said before, "maybe". So, I figured, why not do it anyway? So, if I can find enough things to do, and the activites seem better than 45$ tickets, I can go. Maybe

I hate that word. "Maybe" It just means you don't want to tell them no, until it's inconvenient.

I know, "He's my dad, and what he says is law and such and such." But, the next convention is in June! And it's Anime con. Going to this is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity.

(By the way, I'm talking about Furry Fiesta 2012)

Maybe, if I get some money within the next hour, or close enough, to buying myself a ticket... He would only have to pay 90$ for him self and my sister. (shes 11)(or 12, I can't ever remember)

EDIT: I knew it. I told you guys didn't I? Here, lemme quote it: "But, that's exactly what he said before, "maybe". So, I figured, why not do it anyway? So, if I can find enough things to do, and the activites seem better than 45$ tickets, I can go. Maybe." I knew he would do that! He made me show him everything I wanted to do, and then he pulled the, "Yiff is everything furry" arguement. I lost, because he can just say "No." and it's over. So, I'm now looking for another convention to go to. I guess it can't be furry related, unless I went out of state because Furry Fiesta is the only Furry-related convention in Texas. So, anyone got any ideas? A-Kon isn't until June.


Kinda scared, rightfully so. Edit

Im freakin out. Theres a convention being held RIGHT in the city I live in. That doesn't happen too often for me. Its Furry Fiesta 2012. It happens in three days. (just found out today) I wanna go, but my Dad is going to freak out. I don't know what he'll say about furries. I like living with my family...Its 45 bucks to get in, and I can't drive. I REALLY wanna go, but Im going to have to get past him somehow. I might get my sis to sneak me there... You guys understand my predicament, right?Any help?

Edit: crap crap crappity f**k.... This didn't go well...


Yeah, Another blog for your weary eyes. I felt nostalgic today. One of my oldest friends (He was like, 2nd on my GS friends list) just came back today from like, a year of leave. All of a sudden, he blogged yesterday saying he was back. I felt happy and nostalgic, like I said. I went back to the Union he started, the ZUU (Zelda Universe Union) and I rejoined because I had left after he left, and the union died.

But, I went and rejoined, and posted a little. I felt Nostalgic, yaadaa yaadaa. And I thought, Hey, why don't I look for my first ever post? And so I did. Funny, I found it in the ZUU in the "Worst Zelda dungeon?" Thread. It went like this,

"O gosh, my worst dungeon, hmm I love every dungeon. Im only stuck in TP at the carriage excorting part"

It went just like that. I was so very embarrassed, as it caused me to notice my terrible grammar. I mean, it's OK to misspell a FEW words, but like "O"? really?! What drug was I on? It also made me go back and look at my other posts… I was such an idiot. I would post random crap like, "jghdflgkhgff" and to this day I have no idea why.

Well, that's nostalgia for you. After I post go check out my old blogs and make fun of them for me. and, for the record, Out of Ammo was the first man to post on my blog. Wooo!

Shout out to Gregdawg08. He's the one.

Holiday! EDIT

I never ddid do a holiday blog....

Well, my videogame list went up.

I got:


Super Mario Lanf

Crisis Core

Assasins creed

Bioshock 2


Sonic Unleashed

and other non videogame stuff.

So far, ive only touched BBs, Crisis Core and assasins creed. I'm THIS close to finishing Terra's story. I just cant beat the final boss. D:

EDIT: I beat his boss only hours ago and now I'm on Vens story, in Enchanted Dominion

I dont feel like writing anymore. Sorry guys. :P