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assassins creed 4 really a good idea?

On the last weeks AC4 was announced but is really a good idea to release this game?

 images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQxBXN1vREzi-xGAL45J-IIm a huge fan of AC since the first game.ubisoft did a good job in AC2 and AC broterhodd but they seem to got stuck in ACR addindg just a few things in gameplay and other things but the story of AC is always amazing. in AC3 ubisoft improve everything inside the game combat,exploration,naval warfare, and the end of desmon journey was that AC4 was announced it seems like ubisoft just want to exploit the AC franchise releasing a game per year and somethings just improving not many things.i mean sure the trailer were you see edward kenway figthing was amazing especially because he uses dual blades and dual pistols something completely new in the franchise however everything looks the same for me.but the thing that i dislike the more is that this time its going to be about pirates.the only pirate i know is blackbear and thats it idont know anything more about pirates.and the present day story for me its going to suck be an abstergo agent its not going to be as EXCITING as desmond because withdesmon you have to avoid the 2012 prediction but in the end of AC3 desmond sacrificed imself to avoid the solar flares.i think ubisoft most create a story of the slaves of juno instead of an abstergo my personal opinion ubisoft should wait a couple of years to create a completely new ASSASSINS CREED game.