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    User Rating 7
    Not as good as everybody is saying

    I havent finished the game yet, but I have already a very good idea of how it is (30hr.+) because the mechanics keep on repeating.I have to compare this game with Baldurs Gate, because it's the best ...

  • arruu2000 wrote a review of Oceanhorn.
    User Rating 7
    Easy, short, and shallow. But fun.

    This is a combination of Zelda and Bastion, which sounds like a fantastic idea, and it is... but this is a very dumbed down version of them both. There is not depth in the gameplay or controls, a li...

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    since the new "look" of the web, i just dont surf as much as i used to... It is just not as attractive and it is not very user friendly, neither comprehensive... It doesnt emphasizes what's new. I th...