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@gamer082009, That sounds good, but keep in mind that there is no 100% guarantee that your 360 will work when it returns from Microsoft. I've heard that from sources that they really dont do a good job from it. Thats what prompted me to make the decision from repair my 360 and i think this way is the better and more cost effective way. I bought all the supplies for like 10 bucks. and all you may have to do is just apply a new coat of thermal paste to the CPU, GPU and heat syncs on your unit

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I just bought a refurbished 360 about a week ago and the day i got it i got the 3 red light error. Instead of sending it back for a refund (because ive been waiting for a 360 for a while and i dont wanna wait a month and some change), i took the initiative and tried to repair it myself. To be honest, its not that hard to fix and its 90 to about 95% guaranteed to work the first time if you followed the steps exactly. I already bought the kit and am awaiting it to arrive this week. Ill keep you posted with the results which will be around this week

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[QUOTE="Curtis1560"]Keep your comments to yourself Lavi, if you nothing nice to say, DON'T SAY ANYTHINGDarkguard15

people rather ignore all the bad and go about their day thinking the world is a wonderful happy place

Welcome everyone!

I agree, instead of drawing this conversation towards something hostile...we should bring greetings, welcome, and assistance to all the newcomers here
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Man I know Bleach is awesome but y does everyone have Ichigo in there name? Why not come up with a cool name like mine? :PBreakingSpecter
hmm, got me. i think its because he's a popular character on the show, so they think its putting his name along with something else is cool. But alright Miss, no more afterwards, but i feel like i should at least say something first:D
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Hey im Ichigo114 i love bleachIchigo114
Yeah, bleach is awesome:D
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*looks at armylad*

you was already added two days ago when you said about the 7th Squad.

was i? y didnt anyone tell me then?
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[QUOTE="BreakingSpecter"] paralytic?BreakingSpecter

Meaning it paralyzes. Which is odd considering it's suppose to be deadly.

Ya as in once u get sliced with it u get a deadly shock all through your body then the place were u got sliced is paralized.

Considering the fact that you may die afterwards
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Good choice AL. Someone should be by soon to add you.Lotus-Edge
Great:D. Looking forward to it
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Sorry it took me so long to find a squad, but I'll join up with squad 7. Glad to finally be a part of this great union^_^