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Just moved

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I have been spending the last week moving. Me and my fiance just got a 2BR townhouse. It is really nice. Has a one car garage and is in a gated community. There is a really nice swimming pool that has a fountain coming out of the middle. I just hope my neighbors aren't too snobbish to talk to a man in uniform.

Well, with the way my job's been busy lately, all the unit's deploying, I haven't had time to do anything but pack, move, and clean. Well, just wanted everyone to have an update on what I've been doing lately. This was my first blog post in a long time.

Finally Got My Promotion

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Only took me forever, but finally got promoted to Sergeant.  Now I can legitimately yell at other soldiers.  HeeHee. 

Also, this just coming off of a week suspension with Gamespot.  I got caught spamming a message board in the Gaming Pub Union with the sign in/out thread.  It was kind of a spam board, but I got nailed for it.

Sorry to all those that I was gone and unreachable.

Back from training

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To those of you who were wondering, I was out training for two weeks.  I'm in the Army National Guard Military Police, well I was, I just took a promotion to go to the Field Artillery.  Anyways, I was out for a couple of weeks for the summer annual training and now I am back.  So for those of you who were wondering, especially those unions I'm an officer or leader in, I'm sorry.  Just had to do my job.

Happy Father's Day!

What would you do if you had to go to war?

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I've been deployed twice, only one was a combat tour.  Just out of curiosity, what would you do if you got that phone call and were ordered to go to Iraq (even drafter to go), or another combat area of operations.  How would you act, and what would you do?

Assuming you were all old enough to go.

Only Accepting Officer Invitations

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I am now enrolled in 28 unions.  I have two left.  So I will only accept an invitation to be a charter member in a union.  One union.  I am reserving the last one so I can create my own union, as a leader.  Please no more requests unless it will be as a charter member.  I will accept a charter member invitation if it is something that I would be active in.  Otherwise, I would not hurt your union by not being active in it if I'm not interested in the union topic.

Finally got caught trolling

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I deserved it though.  I called Nintendo Fans Sissies; uncalled for I know.  Topics in forum got me fired up.  I apologize to everyone.  Bah Humbug.

Looking For Friends

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I'm a fairly new user with no friends (in gamespot i mean, lol).  :cry:

Please track me so I can get more friends.

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