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Out Of Order

It's been so long since log in GS and my unions .

it was out of my hand because i had two options.

1 - focusing on my regular days.

2 - focusing on my future.

what will you choose ?

Many thanks to my friends

Non Game Related

Have You Ever Done Or Accused By Something You Really Didn't Done ?

What That Make You Feel ?

To be Innocent But No One Hear You .

Do You Ask Your Self Maybe Thousand Times What Did You Did Or Why Is This Happen To Me !?

At Least If There Are No One Hearing Your Voice Just Keep In Your Mind That There Always someone will grab you and help you .

Believe that nothing is impossible to us .

i may Wrote this letter for a reason but the most important thing of it .

you are not alone .


When i played the first Need For Speed 3 in PS1 i was amazed by game play and cup chase and don't forget the cars every thing was great .

then in PS2 the EA give NFS underground 1 & 2 and Carbon in was different but also was a good changing .

In PS3 they give us the modified NFS carbon and Pro street and undercover .

actually i didn't like Pro-street and undercover at all , I thought that the EA had enough of this great game i also said to my self that i will never buy any new NFS at all .

Today i received an E3 update of the NFS - Shift , i saw the review of the game also the game trial .

It was amazing , Something else it like the EA saw the mistakes of the previous 2 games of it .

even if the game almost changed from city race to track race .

at least keep the spirit in the game .

by the game trial i have saw i wish if it's would be like that.



Recently i start to play RE5 with my brother but still i cannot complete the game with at least 70 % of it .

i will do my best to find what behind the scene .

fighting .

what it remind me for how long should i wait for tekken 6 .

next week maybe if D.W. Empire released 100 % for sure i'll buy it

I wish for every one in Thursday a happy weekend


First Union

My first union i have register in was Fatal Frame Union.

by the time all members have gone missing and i couldn't find them even our leader.

i love to revive the union just like the old times in it but no one tries to except me and Dante.

ill try harder at least to see one of the FFU fans in there and post a replies to me and the others just for fun .


Next Week

The Final Exam will Start I hope for my friends & brothers A good Wish of Success In Their Exams

Just Don't Forget To fill The Full Paper.

my mind

its telling me to say any thing.


my blog keeping me alert and sometime lazy.

i hope i could remove the other thing about me and make it better for my ways