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Undiscovered Self...and Persona 5!

So some of you may know about this guy, C.J Jung, founder of Jungian psychology ( also called Analytical psychology )

The Persona Series is based on the Jungian psychology, stuff like Persona, Shadow, Philemon etc, so that naturally got me (and lots of other Persona fans) into reading his Books and articles...and Man this guy's a Beast! I've been Reading his "undiscovered Self" and I highly Recommend's a really amazing book, its about people tied to the limits of society and stuff like that.

sounds familiar?! yep, persona 5! "The story of Persona 5 will discuss the hardships of modern day society and feature characters that are restrained by the rules set by this society", as Katsura Hashino, the producer of the Persona series stated back then.

they Probably got the Idea from this book, therefore i guess it is wise to read it before playing P5, so we may notice the references and it helps us understand the whole concept better.

But I'd Still recommend it even if you are not a Persona fan, because it makes some really good points about the current state of the World and helps you realize some overlooked aspects of your life and gives some insights, So give it a Shot.

P.S it's actually a Hard book to read, for someone who's hasn't read anything beside teen fantasy novels it was really hard to understand at first, but its really Worth it!

Just a lil Update about me self :D

uh woooot Fuse is Broken ehhh? daaamn
Ok me and my Cousin are playing FF VII like crazy ( well he's on Crisis core not the original one XD) but its a once in a lifetime experience :lol: comparing same places in two different games and stuff like OST. like, he's talking with hoji in CC and im talking with him in FF VII! quiet funny :P

Stopped Full metal Alchiemst and Hellsing for now Since I dont have access to my PC right now :((

oh And Finished Castlevania Symphony of the Night too! So damn awesome game!

Too many games to beat

Feel like Going back to Games That I havent Finished...LOTS OF GAMES! Good God keep this Feeling for few monthes okay?! I may be able to finish some of Them :lol: Now...Lets Start With Castlevania.Stuck in The Reverse castle part. close to the Ending.cvsotn.jpg

aaaannd Dark souls maybe? or Shogun 2?

Why I love Nanako In persona 4 So much

This may Sound Crazy, But I have a Cousin Which is 6 years Old, she is a girl,And she was really Sick few months  ago that She had to go to Hospital. 

Nanako in Persona 4 Reminds me of Her(they are not Similiar Though,My Cousin is Kinda naughty :lol: )

So to This point I can Feel the Main Characters and Nanako's Relationship pretty much, But Then **SPOILER IF YOU DID NOT FINNISH PERSONA 4**








Then Nanako Goes to Hospital too...i was Like this:o WTF is this?!

I mean OK normally nanako is cute and lovely,But this is Some Extra thing :lol:

This Expresses my Feeling: