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Just a lil Update about me self :D

uh woooot Fuse is Broken ehhh? daaamn
Ok me and my Cousin are playing FF VII like crazy ( well he's on Crisis core not the original one XD) but its a once in a lifetime experience :lol: comparing same places in two different games and stuff like OST. like, he's talking with hoji in CC and im talking with him in FF VII! quiet funny :P

Stopped Full metal Alchiemst and Hellsing for now Since I dont have access to my PC right now :((

oh And Finished Castlevania Symphony of the Night too! So damn awesome game!

Too many games to beat

Feel like Going back to Games That I havent Finished...LOTS OF GAMES! Good God keep this Feeling for few monthes okay?! I may be able to finish some of Them :lol: Now...Lets Start With Castlevania.Stuck in The Reverse castle part. close to the Ending.cvsotn.jpg

aaaannd Dark souls maybe? or Shogun 2?

Why I love Nanako In persona 4 So much

This may Sound Crazy, But I have a Cousin Which is 6 years Old, she is a girl,And she was really Sick few months  ago that She had to go to Hospital. 

Nanako in Persona 4 Reminds me of Her(they are not Similiar Though,My Cousin is Kinda naughty :lol: )

So to This point I can Feel the Main Characters and Nanako's Relationship pretty much, But Then **SPOILER IF YOU DID NOT FINNISH PERSONA 4**








Then Nanako Goes to Hospital too...i was Like this:o WTF is this?!

I mean OK normally nanako is cute and lovely,But this is Some Extra thing :lol:

This Expresses my Feeling: