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the 360. is it worth wat everyone say it is

ok i got my 360 on lanuch day in the uk 2dec, with cod2 pdz pgr3 and the list goes on.

the only thing is it blow up on me with in a week, now everyone is momning about how much problems the 360 has but wat your not being told is if you have a bust 360 ms replace the thing with in a week free of charge.

all in all apart from a few bust systems the 360 has blow me away the games the new xbox live everything about it is just amazing.

if you think the 360 is not worth it let me tell you this, it is i used to just play games for fun but with the 360 im hooked and soon becuming a pro gamer as i clime the leader boreds.

play clean play hard.

get the 360