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they work hard and play even harder

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Interesting place. Lots of free porn.foxhound_fox

Free porn?

Where do I sign up?

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I'm about 2 weeks from finishing my Master of Science degree in Mathematics.


This would be a useful degree

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An undergrad degree + work experience will often be more attractive to employers than someone who went straight to a masters program with no work compliment.


Also a degree doesn't necessarily guarantee a job nowadays unless you attend an ivy/near ivy/reputable public university. Otherwise you need to go to a school that is very well known in a specific area and have a track record for landing people in certain industry


You just have to work for your success like anyone else.


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Dude memorized the whole shindig

I wonder how much lunch money he had spent on that game

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I would like to see the standard of living increase over there, yes. Considering there are 1.3 bil human beings living there compared to .3 in the US, bypassing ours or EU economies seems like natural byproduct of attaining better conditions.


If by improving standard of living conditions you mean becoming wealthy and gaining material possessions, they are getting there

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It helps, but it doesn't guarantee one. For the more technical jobs (IT, engineer, architect, doctors, lawyers) you sure need one to get yourself into the door, but these days you will need a lot more to get yourself notice. Things like previous work and extracurricular exp, reference, resume and interview skills, etc

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my mom told me many people try to fix my dad up with many different ladies way back when. He was popoular with the people he worked for and they tried to get him to hook him up with their daughter. Happened on several occasions as well

Though that don't really say much about how he handle the ladies on a personal level

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Yes, quite a bit actually. Don't get to play much though, been doing push up to try and stay in shape