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MBA Interview

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Tomorrow I will be interviewing for a spot at University of Arizona Eller MBA program! Although chances are I won't be attending school there, the fact that I get an interview base on my current background, experience, and low Gmat score really gives me confident that I might be able to attend a better school if I can get my Gmat score up.

I am currently taking some math classes to bosst my quant skills. Just completed the Algebra class and am taking an online class in Stat/Probability, if I can master the classes I should do fairly well on the quant section. On verbal I am doing some practice test, the critical reasoning section I can score above 90%, but on the reading comprehension and sentence correction sections I can only managed about 2 out of 3... these two are my achilles heels. Will definitely need to focus on those. But if all goes well I hope I can score 720 on it, which should place me above most applicants for ASU and a shot at landing a full ride scholarship or tuition waiver.

I finally feel like I am doing something worthwhile... in the cusp of achieving a life long goal/dream