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I'm still miffed at the lack of Roy in SSB:B, to be honest.


I think we should talk aboot some melee characters returning in Wii U :x


Was odd that they didn't just revamp them a tad, but i understand the removal of roy, pichu and dr mario, as they were complete and utter clones with very minor differences. Mewtwo is what got me though. Sadly it is sounding like there might be more removals this time around.

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Second day of e3 it was stated that cuts WILL be made to make room for the new roster. Reason being the 3ds can't fit as many characters and they want the roster in both games to be the same. So sadly there will be cuts, we just don't how many or who.

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I played the first one, and though I found it slightly interesting and enjoyed the emotional aspects of it near the end... the gameplay was very repetitive and the story as a whole was twisted to say the least, and not in an appealing way. At least not to me. To give you an idea of how unpopular the first game was.. .when steam sales hit, it went down to 50 cents. I bought it on one of those sales, and it was a 75% off deal at the time.. sooooo. Yea.
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I am honestly no longer surprised.
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Well deserved.  They downgraded an important aspect of the game.  Even though much of the game is 'pretty' and somewhat appealing, it just doesn't make up for the size of the grids/cities. 


Having to load between those small cities is more of a pain than one can endure.  Do I dare mention the DRM mess?

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[QUOTE="vahram90"]I wouldn't call them opinions. I would call them observations. When a player says that you cannot build subways, highways and that the city is half the size of the smallest in sim city 4 and that you're required to play online, these are not opinions, they're observations. And I treat them seriously enough to not dish out $60 on a product which is clearly inferior given the state of technology and the decade long gap between it's predecessor. Brean24
You have no idea how the game works. If you did you would know that each city is connected and that you have the same size cities, they are just in more maps.

That within itself is the big issue.
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When you are searching for Crysis mods and end up with an Oblivion picture of a girl getting double-penetrated by zombies... That is too far.



man your way too up tight. You must not being human. Sex is very much a part of being human. The only people who get so up tigt about sex are people who are not getting any or christains who are to heavenly minded and no earthly good. When you tell them god made sex they have nothing to say.

I feel much differently. Personally I feel that if you think the only thing to live for is nudity/sex then you need to get a life. And while you are at it, get married and learn some responsibility. Sure, it feels good, and it may not be wrong; pfft without it we wouldn't be here, but come on man, you need to set an example for others, namely kids.

Anyway, I feel it is getting a little out of hand. I want good gameplay, not good eyecandy in my games.

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Samurai Warriors 2 is fun, but wow. Sometimes I get frustrated at how moronic the enemy troops are, they are plain stupid. Don't even get me started on allied troops, they just stand there half the time looking at the enemy while getting smacked in the face.

Again, I enjoy playing that game with friends.. but the AI make it feel so unepic.

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It depends on the game.

I'll use Ocarina of Time as an example for how I felt whenI beat it.

First time I had completed that game a long time ago was a great feeling. The story was very good. Some epic boss battles, very satisfying and epic final battle. When it was over I felt good.. because of the type of game it was I felt it was kind of a big accomplishment (I was young). But then it got a little sad, because now it was over. Sure there were things to do on the side, but if a game's story is great, doing the side stuff doesn't compare.

So all in all, I felt very good at first, then I started to actually feel a bit sad. To be honest I did not want that game to ever end heh.

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I think my all time favorite is still Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time.

For some reason it by far felt the most epic out of any game I have played so far when it comes to final battles.

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