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The last multiplayer based shooter I enjoyed was TF2... That should tell you what I think about multiplayer FPS these days. I guess you can say I kind of enjoyed Planetside 2, but I got bored of it pretty fast so I guess not really.

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Such gameplay! WOW!

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is right....

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Blizzard makes the best games in this industry. Period. They are the only developer from whom I buy a full-priced title and their games are rarely ever on sale, which says a lot about their confidence in their products. Blizzard games aren't devalued over time, SC2 is still a masterpiece and so is WoW. Developers like Rockstar and Naughty Dog make typical crap that I can easily get in the bargin bin a little bit later. None of their games have replay value even slightly comparable to a Blizzard title nor do they have the community. Most games from developers that are commonly celebrated around here like Rockstar or Naughty Dog become dead to me in a week or 2.

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TLOU was possibly the best game this entire generation so the fact gamespot gave it an 8/10 is a flop and a joke itself.

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I don't think everyone can afford to be a true PC gamer. Just because you have a PC doesn't mean you have a gaming PC.

I work at a coffee shop, I have a high end PC.

yea but it must have took you over a couple of years just to save up for it with a minimum wage job like that.

Being that stupid you obviously haven't even graduated high school.

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Honestly I agree with this in some ways. It is truly disgusting how some developers treat the PC and that is why I will never buy their games for more than $5 on sale (usually less than that, I often find myself paying $2). Having a better looking version of a shitty console game isn't good enough for me. Only if a game has a legitamtely good PC version will I ever consider spending more.There is hope though. We have awesome games like Planetside 2 on PC and if you enjoy strategy games you have a ton of great options to choose from as well. Witcher 3 should also be fantastic on PC :)

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@Jankarcop: well titanfall best game of 2014 is best on xbox one. Respawn has said so . Want the link

You mean with broken party chat, 720p and a tiny online community? LOL


well fish wont be able to play titanfall because he only has ps4 and that only has killzone lol, you on the other hand can play titanfall on PC, but sorry, respawn says it will be best on XBO because of the cloud. Dynamic placement of weapons, for you, just go to your spot that you know of. that's just one of the benefits of the cloud. sorry its only the beston XBOX ONE, just like the devs said.

OWNED JAKER wannabe hermit...

P.S I have a better PC setup than him ;D

TitanFall is factually best on PC though.

sorry the dev making it says its best on xbox one because of the cloud. sorry buddy you can pretend you have a big online community for titanfall on pc.

I laughed out loud for real.

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I don't think everyone can afford to be a true PC gamer. Just because you have a PC doesn't mean you have a gaming PC.

Honestly PC gaming isnt even expensive in the long term, just in the short term. You may pay more initially but it will pay off afterwards. Just have a look at this: How I saved $2000 PC Gaming

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Only PC gamers have standards for games. Console games are more akin to a hivemeind that just accepts blindly whatever the developer spoon feeds them.