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Fit gamer day one.

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So heres the rub. Over the next 90 days I plan to demonstrate that the gamer need not be a coach potato.

Instead of my normal powerlifting routine, im going to do the P90X 90 day workout combined with my old boot camp routine.

Add in an hour of cardio a few times a week, plus Ill work shift work, control my diet, stay undivorced, AND play the **** out of some games.

I'll do daily logs of my workout, and my diet. PLUS keep updates on the games im playing. I'll throw up some shots of my game room, and the home gym, and the old office gym.

The plan of course is to come up with good games to play while doing cardio- eliptical and bike friendly games, no twitch games for that, and design my workout stations around some quality gamin'.

If anyone else out there is interested in being a fit gamer- start up a blog, we can keep each other on the right track!

Challenge time!


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I ended my Mass Effect marathon tonight. I love that game, and wish I had 2 in my hot little hands right now.

Although I noticed when I picked Anderson as the Council rep it didnt save- I wonder why we keep our saves for 2 if it doesnt save after the credits?

Bring on Dragon Age and ME2!

Gamer Update 2

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So I finished Lost Odyssey. I enjoyed it but I didnt find it very epic. You start out knowing the bad guy, you move around what feels like a small world, and then you end the game. I DID enjoy it though. So take that for what you will.

I didnt go back to any of the other games I had listed. They are all in a holding pattern. That Mass Effect 2 story sent me back to the original and I am currently in an EPIC Mass Effect marathon. I suppose BEOWULF will have to wait.

I've also started wading through 400 Sega Genesis cartidges and attempting to make sure everything still works.

There sure was alot of crap in the "golden age" of gaming huh?

My love hate relationship with the Virtual Console.

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As I set here and attempt to sift through my thousands of games and attempt to determine which ones are to be sold, a thought occurred to me. Has the Virtual Console (or PSN or live) networks decreased the value of my games? Are there people like me who unless they hold the case, can look at the back, and read the descriptions on the ride home from the store (at red lights of course), they will not feel like they have actually "purchased" the game?

Don't even get me started on the whole points BS. Why not tell me Im paying 5,6, or 10 bucks? I never have the right amount of points to evenly spend anyways. Im always down to 230 points, and I leave for two weeks and come back and see something for 280 points I want. I then buy 5000 more, because its a better value, and the cycle repeats itself.

Back to the virtual console-

For example, when I go to sell my absolutely mint Super Mario 3, is the value I can obtain for it going to be affected by its ready availability? Economics says it will.

So what does that mean? Do I loathe the VC because its slowing down my ability to buy a Tiffany ring for my lady friend? Or do I rejoice as an elitist game snob that these games have been introduced to a new generation of gamers?

I suppose I choose the latter, but that brings me to my final thoughts- why are downloadable games on each of the networks so limited? I prefer the VC system of organizing by console, but I am really confused by the available games. I would think a new crop of university grads hired by a game company would b able to convert there old library into VC games fairly easily. The low price, and ready availability im sure is a gold mine. I would imagine it would pay for itself- if it is profitable to make a wiiware game with no redeeming qualities. How can it not be to mine histories greatest games?

As I sit here trying to figure out how I am going to sell my copy of Spiderman: Web of Fire for 32X, 1 of 900 left on the planet, I am curious why I can't go to my virtual console and purchase all thirty or so 32X games. The gigantic failure that the 32X was would create a "lets see how bad it really is" selling point- for the right price. Since its becoming increasingly difficult to find WORKING 32X hardware, it is terribly finicky, in a couple more years this software will be lost to the everyday gamer.

Obviously the downloadable game is an evolution of the PC emulator, but the emulator is a million years ahead when it comes to title availability. If a guy with a six pack of redbull can rom dump his roommates NES collection while they watch MTV Cribs, why cant Sega?

My secret wish? A dreamcast channel. Dear god in heaven I would step over my own mother to get one. Luckily for myself I have two actual dreamcasts. However I dont leave them hooked up, having Sega GT or Blue Stinger on a different console would save me some time.

But seriously though- does anyone need a copy of Spiderman? AND as a side note, am I the only person who sees similarities between Dead Space and Blue Stinger?

Game Update 1

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Ugh- I started playing Beowulf on Xbox 360 tonight. That games blows. Normally I offer more well crafted criticism but why should I try when the developers dont?

Im still almost done

-Dead Space Xbox360, 3 levels left and its starting to get repetitive

-Lost Odyssey, I put it in, remembered what boss fight Im at (second tank battle in Numara- effin cheap!) removed disk. So far I havent run into any of the disk 4 problems others have had. But it kinda feels like it was rushed out the door at the end. The story started sparse, got good, and now is kinda patchy. I like the overworld map- it reminded me of how much I loved FFVII- no matter what anyone says. If you loved RPG's that game blew your mind. No matter what you say now.

Oh and Sed? Thats just pirate speak for Cid. Right down to being a pilot of a ship that can take to the air.

-King Kong Xbox 360, I like the way that game looks buuuuuuut its kinda boring. And the achievements are glitching badly.

-Perfect Dark Zero, my wife and I are playing COOP but I just killed a hundred dudes in death matches tonight

-Hour of Victory, probably the worst world war 2 shooter this side of Wolf 3D SNES (seriously why do the dogs walk upright?)

-Folklore PS3, that game is AWESOME, however its a huge time investment. Ill more then likely start again when I finish LO

-Stubbs the Zombie, and Halo 1,2 XBOX. Looking to finish Stubbs and 1,2 on Legendary.

-Dragon Warrior 2 on GB Color. Hopefully about 5 hours left. Im looking forward to 3...then 4...hopefully I'll get through them in time for the sixth. This will save me hundreds of hours on my Super Famicom with a Japanese Dictionary.

And finally....dont think less of me....Avatar the Last Airbender. I have the thousand gamer points but I feel like I should finish it to make it all legit.

I've got three days coming up so there should be some new reviews soon, however its time to get back in the gym- a fit gamer is a happy gamer.

An old school gamers journey....or an older new school? Middle school gamer?

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Ah 1988.

Having just returned from Europe with my Commie crushing Air Force father, I found myself back in the cradle of western civilization(read:Halifax). We visited a little shop called Consumer Electronics, it was a strange store where other dads flipped through catalogues, as there were no items on the shelves, just stands with catalogues where you wrote down an item number and brought it to the lady behind the desk, she brought you your choice.

No walking, no talking, and no salespeople. The beautiful unelectronic internet.

I was 7, my father 25, and I had no idea what a videogame was, besides Q'Bert that I would play for 2 quarters while at the PX on the Military Base. But dad did, dad had developed an unhealthy obsession with a little game called Galaga while posted to an air force base in Bermuda. Of course he also loved beer, but thats another story altogether.

He asked the lady to bring out the Nintendo box, pronounced Nine-ten-doo in the eighties, and a Sega Master System. He glanced at the rear of the boxes, looked at some of the games, and saw the holy Choplifter mega cartridge. Telling the lady behind the counter that the Nintendo games looked like crap, he would take Choplifter and a Sega Master System. I had no idea that this would push back talking to girls by years. More important than that? I wouldn't care.

That piece of black plastic saved me from sweltering summer heat, boring trips to grandmas, terrible hotel rooms, innumerable sick from school days, and survived my friends and their greasy fingers at sleep overs galore.

But first we had to figure out how to turn it on.

For an hour we sat there turning the box inside out looking for a cartridge or a card that contained the two pack in games(god I miss those)- hang-on and Safari Hunt. Back then Sega packed the games right into the console. Unbeknownst to my dad. To this day my accidental discovery of that still makes my heart flutter, which was unrepeated until I discovered that mashing on the buttons while turning it on brought up "Sega Maze"!

I had the 3-D glasses, and a good circle of friends to trade games with, and when I NEEDED to play a nintendo game- Wayne down the street suddenly became my friend. But seriously, he was a spoiled brat and I could only stand him for the time required to finish Mario Bros 3.

I eventually graduated to the Sega Genesis, like everyone else, and the Super Nintendo, but several years ago I picked up a brand new Sega Master System in the box with Phantasy Star. I was shocked to find out that games were being made up until 1996! I picked up Robocop Vs. Terminator, Psycho Fox, and several others (including a terrible but ambitious version of Mortal Kombat) and to this day still relive a little of the joy of the good ol'days.I always wind up putting a few minutes into the old Safari Hunt- as impartial as I am, Duck Hunt was hot garbage compared to that game.

The industry today boasts amazing technology, and I enjoy the new games alot, but they are an entirely different beast. Things have definitely changed. There are no "warp whistle" mysteries anymore. Gamers have become jaded in their expectations, just like the evolution of any media format I suppose, but it is no longer a personal experience. From memory its hard to separate the fun of the sleepover, from the fun of Alex Kidd in Shinobi World. I have no issues separating the experience of GTA IV from my life at the moment I played it. It was a solitary experience- life happened around it, and I took breaks from it to play GTA IV. When I was a kid, games happened with life. Perhaps its a matter of new games having your undivided attention. I mean it wasn't important to know why the Princess needed to be saved.....