That first time feeling

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Hi all! Today i'll be writing about something i like to call the "first time" feeling. It's something i'm sure many of us have lived at least once.

Whether it's a game, a movie or even a song there's always this moment sometime in your life where you tell yourself: "I wish i could relive the first time i've played/watched/listened to this." In most case for me, this train of thoughts apply to games. Say you play an RPG, you complete it and come back to it about a year later. You just know it obviously won't be the same feeling than last time you played. This time around you know the dialogue, what to expect, where is what and so on. Of course the game is still very much enjoyable but it lacks this "first time" spark you had when you originally played it.

At first this feeling seem to be nostalgia related but it's not as it can apply even to games that came out a year ago, depending on who you are of course. This gen gave us some very enjoyable experiences, all varying from players to players. For example, Deadly Premonitions. It's one of those games i wasn't sure about at first, heck i hadn't heard about it until i saw it in store. Bought it for 25$, sat down and played it. I was glued at my screen and played it non-stop for days until i was done with the story and it's one of those games i wish i could relive because it was that good.

Another example would be Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. After spending hours upon hours raining chaos upon Vice City, San Andreas made my jaw drop for its sheer gigantic size. From the memorable Los Santo area to the vast expanse of its countryside with Mount Chiliad and grand desert San Andreas is also one of those games i wish i could relive my first time playing it.

Another obvious example for me would be DOOM. I've been playing it for 14 years now, there's no way i could relive that moment i first stepped into the very first level of the original Doom. :P

Movie wise only one that come to mind for me would be the first "Toy Story". I owned it on VHS years ago, watched it very often, it was "the" movie of my childhood.

There's a whole lot of examples but far too many to list here as this feeling can apply to so many things of life. That's about it for this blog, feel free to share what games/movies/tv shows/songs/etc you would like to relive that "first time" feeling.

Until next time! ;)