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Radiant Historia, my first impression

Hi all! Today i'll be sharing my first impression with the DS game Radiant Historia from Atlus. While shopping for a new game a few days ago i saw this game sitting on the shelf, brand new for 35$ and i remembered that it was once difficult to come across and also heard tons of good things about it so i had to buy it.

Now, i'm only about 4 hours into the game and that include some fighting, a bit of exploring and so on so i'm still very early in the game thus i won't mention the story at all and will instead give you my impression on the battle system.

The battle system is the traditional turn-based but instead of just choosing an attack and waiting for result there's a lot more depth to it which i'll explain next with the help of 2 pictures.


As you can see above the battle screen is your typical Attack/Skill/Item, etc, etc and above that shows who's going to attack next. For those of you who've played Final Fantasy X this will be familiar to you.


Here you see the enemies, they're on a 3x3 grid (i will use the terms back row, middle row and front row). The further they are from your party the less damage they'll deal to you and the less damage you'll deal to them. The closer they are, the stronger their attacks will be. Same apply to your party, the closer the enemies are to you the stronger your attacks will be. Now onto the strategic side of it.

Each characters have skills, skills you learn the more you level up. Stocke (the hero and my current avatar) start up with the skill Push Assault, if you use this skill on an enemy in the middle or front row it will send said enemy in the back row, thus reducing their damage but also the damage your other characters will do. Attacking enemies boost your combo counter. The higher the combo, the more exp you get at the end of a fight.

To increase a combo you must attack multiple times in a row. As seen in the 2nd screenshot Stocke and your two other party member will attack one after the other, this will do 3 hit combo depending on what you do (if you attack with stocke but heal with another character right after this will cancel a combo so you must do direct damage to an enemy to increase the combo counter)

Next up is the Change option. As you can see in the 1st screenshot, right after Stocke will attack the enemy will be attacking. What you can do is use the change option this allow you to swap turn with another party member or even an enemy. Still looking at the 1st screenshot you can see that after the enemy will attack you'll be able to execute three attack in a row, what you can do is swap your turn with the enemy turn in slot #6 this will give the enemy 2 turn in a row but this will allow you to execute 7 attacks in a row thus building a higher combo, so you see the strategic side of the battle system.

Of course swapping place is a double-edged blade, when you swap place with someone else your character turn red this is called the Baroque status, while in this status you'll take more damage but this last only until you take a turn with the character in said status. So you gotta think carefully before swapping turns.

I've been making my own combo so far, for example there's two enemies weak to say, Thunder and they're standing next to each others i wanna focus my damage on one but also attacking them both at once, here's a nice combo you can do with 4 attacks in a row.

- Grapple (one of your party member start with it, it brings enemies from the back/middle row to the front row)

- Left Assault (stocke learn it sometime, it forces an enemy to move one square to the left, there's also Right assault)

- Push Assault, will send the enemy in the back row but also on the same square than his other friend

- Thunder, thunder is self-explaining but because both enemies stand on the same square for the duration of the combo you'll be able to zap them both at the same time.

So, now you see why i say there's a strategic side to the battle system, this makes it engaging and really interesting you always come up with new combo as you level up and learn new skills. As i mentionned at the start of this blog i haven't made it far story wise but if my impression of the battle system interest you, do pick up this game and tell me what you think, i can't wait to go further in it and see what happens.

Until next time! ;)