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Anyone who mildly know me, or at least knows DOOM very well will immediatly know by my username alone that i'm a big fan of DOOM. Been playing for 14+ years and still going, so buying the BFG edition was a no brainer for me. Now, i haven't really looked at any criticism of the sort aside maybe seeing one thread about it in the PC section of this very website. All i remember is PC gamers crying themselves to sleep about the limited setting in graphic or something, ya keep doing that i'll just shoot some hellspawn for the gazillionth time and anyway why would you get the BFG edition on PC when its most likely sure that modded Doom 3 > the remaster and the classic Doom titles and all their user made mod are also available. So unless you're a die hard ID fans or Doom fans then there's no reason to get the BFG edition on PC but thats just me.

Now i'm not here to bash PC gamers, not my style and its their choice so whatever, im here for the games itself. The package include a remastered Doom 3, Ultimate Doom and Doom II for the sum of 39,99$. Doom 3 comes with the expansion Resurrection of Evil and 8 brand new level called "The Lost Missions". Doom II comes with "No rest for the Living" a 9 level brand new chapter that was included in the XBL version of Doom II. I played the latter but not the former of those extras so i cannot comment on the "Lost Missions" yet.

Of course, i bought my copy for PS3 which is also the first time Doom is playable on PS3 this gen. (last time was on PSone) so the first change you see in Doom 3 is the game run at 60fps. Seems the brightness have been cranked up a bit but i can't remember clearly its been years i played Doom 3 on Xbox. The flashlight is now permanently attached to you so, sadly no more overkill flashlight that killed pinky demons in two attack like in the original, i wish they would have allowed us to choose but oh well. This time around the light seem to brighten whatever you're pointing at regardless of distance instead of lighting only a bit ahead of you like in the original. The co-op feature seem to have been removed, i remember the xbox version had some co-op missions with more enemies but thats all gone and is instead replaced by an unpopulated typical online mode with Deathmatch, Team deathmatch and etc. Both classic Doom still has Co-op though thankfully.

Surprisingly enough, to be shipped internationally Doom II had some change to it. Both wolfenstein secret levels have been stripped from their nazi symbolism and the Schutzstaffel have also been removed. Heck even both wolfenstein tracks have been swapped. I guess Doom still manage to spawn some controversy after almost 20 years of existance? :P

I find the package worth it, even though im kinda bias because its Doom but its in no way a bad package personally, what would've made it better for its 20 years anniversary would have been to include Final Doom (TNT and Plutonia) and Master Levels for Doom II which was included in the Doom 3 collector edition on Xbox but oh well.

You know, i used to dislike Doom 3 for being too different from its classic counterpart but after replaying it i find myself liking it, monster closet are still there in abundance (that means monster popping out from behind lowered wall, like in the original) and the gunplay is still fairly chaotic on Veteran.So, if you crave a no-brainer and total carnage, go ahead and buy Doom 3 BFG edition you'll get your money worth for it.

Special shoutout to my close friend Timmy00 to whom i bought a copy of the same game, buddy you'll have a blast when it gets over where you live!