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Memorable video games music (Third Generation)

What is this one aspect in video games, that tend to make you nostalgic? Music of course! Music have been around video games since the second generation of console, back on the Atari 2600 it is one of most defining factors when it come setting up the atmosphere of specific scenes, battles, etc. Every gamers have their own favorite songs. This series of blogs will cover 5 songs, along with a short description of each game and my personal view on them. from each generation of consoles, starting from the NES era all the way up to current gen. Avid video games music lovers, take a seat and let us enjoy some songs.

These are in no specific order, they are not my favorite songs unless mentionned.

1. Castlevania - Wicked Child­

Ah yes, Castlevania. A serie with amazing music. The NES trilogy was amongst one of the hardest to beat. We can all certainly remember frustrating moment such as getting hit by medusa head sending us to our death, or the room leading up to a tedious fight against Death if not properly prepared. Aside Vampire Killer, Wicked Child remain one of the most memorable song of the original Castlevania its also the only time where its been used if you exclude the remake on PSone called Castlevania Chronicles.

2. Silver Surfer - Stage 1

Now, i know what you're thinking "Silver surfer? Its a terrible game!" yes, yes i know it is but listen to this song! For NES standard this was pretty damn awesome back then. The only reason you'd probably keep on playing the first stage for, is to hear it.

3. Ninja Gaiden - Basilisk Mine Field (Act 4-2)

Ninja Gaiden, possibly the hardest games trilogy on NES. This game was mercyless. Ranging from enemies who endlessly respawn, to multiple aerial foes this game required lots of tries and errors and mastering it was worth bragging about back then. Frustrating-fast-paced action game but most importantly it had a superb soundtrack.

4. Getsufuu Maden - Overworld

This game never made it out of Japan and thats too bad too. It was a sidescrolling game, a mix of Zelda II and Castlevania with an overworld, shops and an arsenal including shurikens, some war drum shooting a chinese symbol, a ground bomb and a pulse blade who gets more powerful as bosses are defeated. The game's dungeon were in a third person perspective, very impressive back then. It doesn't have many song but that overworld theme will stick with you and you'll love it.

5. Journey to Silius - Stage 1

Every once in a while, when i try to dig up new music to enjoy i tend to wander into games i never played. It doesn't always pay off but this time it was an exception. I never played Journey to Silius but my jaw dropped when i heard this tune, for an 8-bit track this is certainly one of the best. From what i've read Sunsoft always had quality music in their games and after hearing this song, i have no trouble believing that.

Tune in next time as i cover the fourth generation with SNES/Genesis. Got any memorable 8-bit track you'd like to share? Leave a comment below!