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500 Posts!

I'm just happy I've survived 500 posts without much flaming against me. Then again, posting on the AU Board for the most part will do that.

Some random puzzles.

Yeah, I'm really bored at the moment, so I'll keep my self occupied by posting some miscellaneous stuff.

What does this represent?


And this?


If a red house is made some red bricks, and a blue house is made from blue bricks, what's a greenhouse made of?

What does this represent?


What word is a synonym of pill and an anagram of battle?

There, I successfully kept my self occupied for a few minutes. I hope it can keep a few of you busy too.

I'm off to camp! Errrr....Again!

I'll be away from Tuesday till Thursday at Band Camp. I'd appreciate as few jokes about the line in American Pie. "There was this one time, at band camp, where I ..." better not finish the quote...that movie is awesome.

I have a blog now.

Which Game Should I Buy?

Well I've saved up some money lately, enough to buy a Wii game, and I'm tossing up between two games, Super Paper Mario and Super Mario Galaxy.

Super Paper Mario

Price: $40

Genre: RPG

I want this game eventually, and it's on sale somewhere, I can't remember. Apparently it's quite long, and the dialogue is just as funny as Paper Mario 2: TTYD. Also, I don't have an RPG on my Wii yet, and this seems like the best one available.

Super Mario Galaxy

Price: $85

Genre: Platformer

This game is more expensive, but apparently very good, and GS gave it a 9.5. The game is fairly long, and looks superb on the Wii. I've also heard some music from the game, and it's also excellent, like the rest of the game, according to my friend.

Suggestions please, because I really can't decide between the two, thanks.