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Name this Band.

Was just seeing if anyone remembered some of the bands from the 90's. Name the band in this picture.

My 5 scariest games (part 1)

#5- Resident Evil (original)

That was too close! You were almost a Jill Sandwich! -BarryResident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Boxshot

(Could not find the original Resident evil cover so this will have to do..)

I remember playing through the first resident evil as a kid and getting pretty creeped out from it!I remember the first time that you encounter the first zombie in the corridor near the dining room and feeling kind of creeped out that you just interrupted its dinner and it came at you as if you were the dessert.

The bit that made me jump was when your going down a corridor and a dog crashes through the window and chases you.Then when you kill it and feel safe again another dog jumps on through the other window and tries to eat you as well!

The terror always came at night when you were going to go to sleep in your pitch black room...wondering if anything is watching you and waiting for the perfect chance to get you. As a kid that always used to creep me out and after always playing horror games and going to bed it would always happen to me. Resident evil may of been the game that gave me the most trouble to sleep as a kid.

I will be making a couple more when I feel like it and they probably won't be very long because I do not want to type that much about a game and not many people will look at this but hey, it's something to do when I have some free time.

top 5 favorite bands

My music choice is very strange and is mainly alternative music.



3.The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

4.Arctic Monkeys

5.Iron and wine

I beat batman

I beat batman and I really liked the game, only problem is there is no replay value after you beat it :P


Anyone remember playing the original wolfenstein as a kid? Since then, game's graphics have changed dramatically in about 10 years. I remember thinking that this game had the best graphics back then. I can remember my mom telling me to turn off the game and go to bed all the time because, I couldn't stop playing the game from how cool it looked to how fun it was to play.

Then came Wolfenstein Enemy Territory, another ground breaking game that I could remember playing as a kid for hours and not getting bored of it. Same as Wolfenstein 3-d, I thought that the graphics on this game were amazing. The game even had it's moments that were kinda scary like the catacombs.

Then came the new wolfenstein game. Not as good as its others but still a fun game. The amount of weapons you can use in the game is still as good as the original. The graphics in this game are good but I know it isn't crysis quality. The reason why I wrote this blog was to show how far graphics have come in the pass 10 years which have increased a large margin. The graphics of games will keep on increasing and keep looking more life like as time goes on. Thank you for reading my blog.

Rage Trailer

I think that Rage is probably going to be a good game, how about you guys?

I like the idea of a FPS with a RPG feel to it, and ID software is making it