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Finished Darksiders 2

I decided to do a blog about Darksiders 2 cause it stood out I guess xD Storyline was good but it wasn't brilliant. Overall the game was pretty epic and also graphics were really quite good too. The amount of stuff you could do in that game just blew my mind from flying and portals and so much more that I don't really want to mention cause I'd probably spoil it too much. However, some situations were sooooooooo annoying, like you could not think of a way to get to whatever you were trying to get you but I liked it, in a way cause it made you think I guess xD. I did have to search up on youtube how to get past two of the 'thousand' of situations. Anyway, pretty much a great game to play cause it's just so fun, cool and you can do countless things on it. Totally worth every hour! I think it took me like 3-4 days to complete it with moderate gameplay. It was actually quite long haha I thought it would never end xD.

Finished Assassins Creed Revelations! :D SPOILER ALERT!!!

Assassins Creed has seriously got to have the best storyline based game EVER!! The last part was Amazing and finding the Masyaf keys didn't seem to be a chore like i thought it would because at the end I could play Altair!! WOOT XD anyways Overall this game was absolutely awesome!! however the only downside would probably be that IT MADE ME WANT TO PLAY THE NEXT GAME!!! :P The ending was annoying because I really wanted to know what happened next :( ....oh well guess i have to wait for the next one. FANTASTIC GAME!!! :D :D :D ....Sad to see Yusuf die ;( but I got my revenge >: )