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Giantbomb, what else

Well it seems the one day i dont check Giantbomb, its the day it launches. Anyways, my username is arab_prince. Add me :wink: have a nice day

My trip and my first day as a working joe!

Hey all

Well in the last blog I told you about a trip i went on. We (my sister, parents, brother+wife, and myself) went to this resort called Deerhurst. My bro and his wife flew in from California just to come :) Anyways, there we did a bunch of outdoors-y stuff like play tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming, etc. The most exciting part was when I went parasailing. It was unbelivable! It was so peacful up in the sky and it was so beautiful all around. Life is so amazing. We should be thankful we have it.

Anyways, we came back from the trip. Now, Ive been waiting for a phone call, or email, from this lady that said she would give me a job. I went to an interview like 2 weeks ago and i told her i couldnt start till i came back so she said she would call me sunday the 6th..and she didnt. Anyways, she called me on the 7th and I started tonight, the 8th. What is this place, you might ask? None other than...

Im sure most of you know what this is, if you dont live in north america..than you probably wont. Anyways, as you could have guessed, its a coffee shop. And holy crap there is a lot to know! You have to know how much coffee beans to grind, when to grind them, HOW to grind, etc. Then you have to learn how to make like 30 drinks. Then Im going to have to learn how to do Espresso. Anyways, its quite overwhelming. Tonight I just did the cash register. Now, this being my first job, I was nervous. But I had a lot of fun, and thought the cash was pretty easy :D I work tomorrow and Thursday, continuing my training :D

Besides that, Im in summer school! It started yesterday. Im taking Advanced Functions, a grade 12 math course. It is a prerequisite to this course, Calculus and Vectors. Both of which, I need to get into the university program I want. Its basically 9am-3pm..straight math. I love it! Im a sucker for math. And doing it all day makes the day fly by, its awesome :D Ill keep you updated.

In gaming related news: I finished GTA IV, and I finished Battlefield Bad Company and now im playing Multiplayer. I have to say, I was quite surprise by Battlefield. I didnt expect much from it, but its REALLY fun. The singleplayer was exciting and quite humorous. And the online, when not lagging, is really enjoyable. I love it :D I may review it in the future..probably not, but still. If you guys want to play it online, send me a msg, or add me: Perplexed Mind

See you guys on the battlefield.
Have a good day.

100th Blog

Hello all

Welcome to my 100th blog. The largest milestone (In my mind) I have reached during my time here on Gamespot. First let me thank all my friends for your positive comments and your support in all my previous blogs, because without you guys, I probably would have stopped after 1:P So heres to you

You guys probably noticed that I do not write blogs often..mostly for the fact that I am too busy. The little time I spend on Gamespot I try to spend commenting on all of your blogs so I leave mine till the end. If I havent commented on yours recently, I apologize. I have been away this past week and only got to comment on the few most recent blogs. I will speak more about my trip the next blog, as this blog is strictly a blog for me to bask in my glory :wink:

I have made many friends here. Ive become close with some of you, lost some of you, and got some new friends haha. Either way, those who I am close to, you know who you are. Other friends I am close to, I speak to them through other mediums besides Gamespot. The point is, I made a lot of friends here, and all of you guys are special to me.

There were a few times were I felt like leaving Gamespot. Specifically this past year with all the firings/quitting from the GS staff, but you guys, my friends, made me stay. So I thank you for keeping me here and I thank you for getting me up to this point.

Thank you

Jumbo Blog!

Hey everyone. Well as you may know I havent blogged in a while. So I figured I would tell you everything that has changed in this one blog, including reviews of different things. Let me start by reviewing some movies i have seen :)



Now Im sure most of you have watched this by now, but I will review it anyways.

This superhero movie is unlike any other superhero movie. Mostly for the fact that it doesnt revolve around action and fighting that the superhero undergoes, rather the start of the superhero and some backstory. The movie mostly focuses on how Stark became Iron man and all the experiments he had to undertake to create his suit. Now this was interesting, but not expected from a superhero movie. That could explain why it received such praise from everyone.

The movie was funny, Robert Downy Jr. was great as a leading man and Gwyenth Paltrow was adorable as the leading lady. Their acting was top notch. The story was good. It showed mans remorse, mans regret, even mans lust for ultimate power. Anyways, the story was simple, there is superhero, bad guy hates superhero, superhero needs to stop bad guy :P So it wasnt all that innovating. Nontheless it had memorable moments and it certainly was unique among the superhero films.

The only flaws were character development and relationship development. Besides Stark, we dont really know about ANYBODY elses past. Also, you dont really get a feel for what is going on in starks head and how he feels about those around him. The movie was kind of peculiar in that sense. However, the movie was great, and im sure anyone would enjoy it.


The Hulk

The Incredible Hulk! I must ive always liked the Hulk for the simple fact that he is nothing but raw power! Hes jsut a huge green gamma mutated human that is driven by pure emotion. Its beautiful haha

Anyways, i dont rememebr much of the 2003 Hulk, so i cannot compare and contrast. However, this movie was unbelivable. I didnt expect much going in, but I was pleasantly surprised. Edward Norton, one of my favourite actors, did a great job. And its funny to see such a contrast between him and the Hulk, it makes you laugh.

This superhero movie, is different from Iron man. It doesnt focus on how the Hulk came to be, rather it just showed you Bruce Banner's life after being mutated. This movie is a lot more mature than other superhero movies, which was good. It didnt have the wit that Robert Downey Jr brought to Iron man, but it did have its funny moments. It was a more real approach to a man being on the run.

The best part of this movie has to be the action. The Hulk is just bad#$%! No doubt about it. He is unbelivably powerful, and HUGE. The rendering of him was amazing and he look very cool, i must say. Incorporated with the fighting, the explosions and gun play were very well done. Everything was big and loud. Basically the fighting in this movie completely outshines any fighting in Iron Man, they cant even compare really. If you want to see a good action flick, check this one out!

The flaws in this movie...there are not many. Off the top of my head I would have to say the ending. I was dissappointed, it kind of left things open. You dont really know what will happen next, but I guess that will leave you to want a sequel, which I hope will be done. I dont like how they didnt make a sequel to the 03 one. Other flaws...maybe the movie could have used a bit more character development. There certainly were backstories to the other characters in the movie, but still, you would like some more.

Oh also, this movie really showed the corruption of man, which is something I love watching.



Disturbed: Indestructible

Indestructible is the fourth album by the nu/alternative metal band. I only bought their previous album. I didnt really care too much for the singles off their first two albums, but the third album I liked a lot. I reviewed actually a while back. If you remember the only thing I didnt like about that album was the combining of different **** (slow melodic mixed with heavy metal). I just dont think Disturbed can pull it off. Needless to say, that was the same thing I disliked about this album. However, it wasnt as plentiful in this disc.

1. Indestructible

This is the opening track. Its not fast paced and heavy like you would like as a opener. It is more slow. Its a good song, makes you feel good about yourself, in a tough way. Makes you feel like you can beat up anybody "Im indestructible" :P. But yeah, its slower, which isnt that great, but its a good song nontheless. Nothing unique here.


2. Inside The Fire

The first single from this album. It deals with a girl commiting suicide, and her boyfriend/husband wants to commit suicide aswell to be with her. The song is sung in the perspective of the Devil, tricking the man, telling him to kill himself so the devil can take his soul as well. The song starts off with a techno type beat, that sets up a dark mood, then you are introduced to the heavy guitars and drums. The song has great lyrics and great instruments to boot. This song can make u headbang, which is great :D It is a very unique song, imo. One of the better titles on this album. You can watch the video on youtube.


3. Deceiver

This song is pretty cool. He talks to someone saying "youve mastered the art of deceiving me now" Im assuming an ex girlfriend of some sort. Its a heavier song. It starts slow and picks up speed. Its a dark song. It too is also quite unique. Very nice mix of the heavy guitars and the vocalists lovely screams :D


4. The Night

This song is probably the one that stuck out the most during my first playthrough. What really got my attention was the way the song is sung. Its hard to explain it really. But it really reminded me of an R&B song, they way its sung at least. Thats not a bad thing though :P The way its sung is very beautiful. Especially the lyrics. They are dark and yet very poetic. This song also has solid instruments backing it.


5. Perfect Insanity

This one starts off with a little drum fill. Very nice beggining, perfect way to set the mood and tempo. This song is fast. It speaks off being insane. The lyrics are very beautiful and quite humorous :P This song though reminds me of maybe some ****c rock or power metal. When he is singing there is a harmonizing guitar playing behind him, which gives it a nice feel. Of course it contains Disturbeds **** which is of course great :P Either way, this song is very fun :D


6. Haunted

Ah, Haunted. The beginning of this song and first verse...blew my mind. It was so beautiful. A perfect example of what metal SHOULD be. The instruments just flow together so nicely. Then, when Draiman comes in as well, his voice is the best on this song. He has a certain kind of growl which really suits the song. This song, imo, is about a breakup. "Youre broken, so am i, im better off alone, no one to turn to and nothing to call my own". This song has beautiful lyrics to boot that really get you pumped. I was ready to declare this song the best from the album..but then i heard the chorus. Once more the band tried to mix ****. The chorus slows down to a slower feel. Which completely killed the song. Along with the bridge, which is just an extremly long monolgue, the song was ruined. The verses are top notch, but the rest of the song just ruin the feel completely. Either way, the verses stay strong and manage to get themselves a good score.


7. Enough

This song too starts with drums. The heavy guitars kick in and set a nice mood. The verse is alright. the lyrics arent great, but the voice is. Once more, the chorus comes in, and gives it a ballad type feel. Which is also kind of dissappointing. But the second verse and the bridge make up for its chorus' short comings. the end, its just an average song.


8. The Curse

Now the album gets back on track with consistent songs. This song is contains some pretty sweet instruments. Lyrics are awesome. The vocals are awesome. And the chorus rocks. Basically, this song kicks $#% through and through.


9. Torn

Right when I thought the album was getting back on track, it steers off again. This song, once again, tries to mix different ****. The chorus once more slows it down to a ballad-y feel. But, the begginning and the verses arent that great to begin with. The lyrics are dull in this song as well. This is easily the worst song on the album.


10. Criminal

BOOYA! Another good song for this album. This song is awesome. One of the better ones. The lyrics are great and the singing really matches the lyrics as well. The verses are awesome, with strong instruments and strong vocals. This song just gets you pumped and is great. The chorus is probably the best part though.


11. Divide

This song is just bad@#$ Its fast from the get-go. It talks about dividing. who cares what, just dividing :P I guess its based off of anger and violence, which is always great. The lyrics are humorous and dark at the same time. This song is just really cool. Not really meant to be taken seriously, just a song to get your head banging.


12. Facade

Facade, the best song on the album. The guitar riff at the beginning is genius. It seems really simple, but when mixed with the drums, really give a crazy kinda feel. It makes me think of some kind of rodeo. Anything fast paced and crazy :P The lyrics are amazing with amazing vocals to boot. It speaks about a woman that gets abused by her boyfriend/husband and it says how "your facade cant disguise, the fact that your in misery". Everything is exceptionally done in this song. The emotion is great. The only problem is probably the solo. The solo is sweet, but it couldve been better imo.


Album Score: 8.5/10. The album is really good, Just a few shortcomings that isnt surprising from Disturbed. But it is a solid album.


Grand Theft Auto: 4

woot. Its the only game Ive been playing. Im hooked. I love this game. Everything about it is awesome. The gameplay is much improved. The graphics are superb! best ever from a GTA game, duh. This game is just pure fun. Niko is probably the best GTA protagonist. The story is really good thus far. A lot of backstabbing going on, very interesting how the story unravels. Kind of dissappointed with the mission variation.

The only really exciting mission I find was "Three Leaf Clover". I believe thats what it was called. Basically, it was kool. Mind you, I didnt finish the game. Only about 60 percent through and bene playing for like 30-35 hours. Cant wait to finish, it really is awesome.

The Multiplayer is fun as well. I havent played it that much cuz ive been focusing on SP but, it was still great. And I cant wait till i finish the single player so i can jump into the multi. Basically, if you dont have it yet, go get it :P


lol. Well to tell you bout my life now. Two more days of school, then I have exams. I have a "practical" exam for my computer graphics course on monday. But then i have another exam for that course on wedsnday :? weird. Then i have my Chem exam thursday. Then Math and Gym on Monday and then im FINISHED.WAHOO. lol. Im only really nervous for my chem exam. I really need to do well. I dropped in that course and now im at an 83. I think i might actually drop in all my courses. My math i dropped to an 85.6 and we just had "performance exams" which i know i messedup on. So im kinda worried now :(

Im also still triyng to get a job. No one has called me back. I applied at a Staples that just openend up near my house and I ran into my old best friends brother. Hes working there, and he told me to put him down as a reference. So im hoping he will get me a job. Im pretty desperate. Besides, that, I have had a hectic couple of weeks. Friend problems and family problems, but things are starting to go back to normal. Im pretty excited for summer ( even though im going to take grade 12 math for four weeks in july lol). How about you guys? any plans?

Anyways, thats about it for my long blog lol. Hope you guys enjoyed it :P Take care

New Blog!

We'll a couple asked for a new blog! Here it is...however...its just a notification :P I will have a new blog up shortly HOPEFULLY. Lots of school work and studying ahead of me. So Ill be back soon enuff. Sorry If I havent been commenting on your blogs, I havent been on much and ive been trying to comment on as many as I can.

P.S. I didnt end up downloading Age of Conan :( Just wouldnt work.

See you guys later

Sunday Night...No Conan


well it is currently 11:30pm Eastern time and still, my Age of Conan download has not completed. It is currently resting at63.1% comfortably. It is barely moving. So basically, I have missed my opportunity to play this beta that I was lucky enough to be accepted in. Im pretty bumbed but what can i do? I will continue to let the file download, in hope that maybe Gamespot will extend the beta due to a large number of people not being able to download it in time :P Im probably being too hopefuly. Anyways, school in a few hours, sleep soon.

Have a nice night everyone

Age of Conan Download...ohy


well im updating you on the download. Its been roughly 10 hours since my last blog..when i wrote my lasdt blog it was at roughly 47%. I went to bed, and now im up, 10 hours later and...53.2%. Gosh, my internet must suck a big one, i dont know if ill be able to play this at all actually.

Anyways, I hope Scorpion, you get to play it :P You said 7 hours before, so maybe you are done already. Also, blue_panda, I signed up for it on GS. I just saw the tab and was like, hm interesting.

Thats about it for now..dont know what to do with my day. Should I rent another game? The only other game I can think of is RSV2. However, I heard its the same thing as the first. I loved the first one, but I dont really want to play it again, any suggestions people? Also, I was thinking about reading :P Any good books you guys recommend? Im sort of leaning towards a fantasy type tale. I dont want a book thats part of those huge fantasy series of like 10+ books. I jsut want a good, solid book that can stand on its own. Any ideas? Thanks :)

Have a nice day

Update on Dark Sector and Age of Conan


Well Ive officially given up on Dark Sector. Its becoming more of a horror survival game which is not what i signed up for at all. Plus, its kinda challenging :P Anyways Im not going to play it anymore, Im just going to return it next chance i get. Luckily i rented this title :D

Next, Age of Conan. Well I started downloading the four parts yesterday, and they werent downlaoding..and i noticed there was the torrent for download as well, and i figured "what the hay". So i started downloading it, and i left my computer on over night. It is currently at 47.7%. Its going very slowly, if it downloads at its fastest rate, it wont be done until tomorrow night...fantastic. Maybe I wont even get the chance to play :( that sucks..oh well. Ill keep you guys updated.

If I do get to play, apparently im not allowed to talk about the game. That wont keep me from saying if its good or bad, dont worry :P But yeah, have a good day.

Look for me on the wait, Ill be playing Age of Conan

Hey all

Well today I took my G2 driving test. I skipped my first two cl@$$3$..yay! Anyways I passed :D I did some stupid mistakes but nothing bad enough to fail me. So now I can drive all by myself :DWahoo. I have to wait a year until I can get my G liscence at which point i can go on highways and what not: no restrictions.

However, I got an email today from Gamespot telling me i got accepted into the beta of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. Its the MMORPG coming to PC in May. I signed up a while ago just for fun, I didnt really follow the game I was just like, ahh what the hell. Anyways, the beta will run this weekend, so I guess thats what im going to do.

Also, I told you guys I would give you some Dark Sector impressions. I beat the first 3 or 4 levels so far and I beleive there are 10. So, my impressions so far:


The game is so-so. Its not the best game ever, and its not the worst game ever. The glaive is kind of cool to throw around and hurt people with but its not all that great. This game had a lot of potential it seemed like it would be very bad @$$, however, its not, at all.

There is roughly zero story. You know there is this virus and you get infected..and thats it. No other story. No explanation on the enemies you fight, why you are fighting the guys that you are fighting (besides the fact that they are shooting at you) and there is no character development. I dont really care for the main character. Sometimes I get frustrated at the controls that i just want him to die.

Yes, the controls are not all that fantastic. One time, it took me like 2 whole minutes to put my back up against the wall. My kept diving in this direction and that. It can get very frustrating at times and just plain stupid.

The graphics are good, somewhat. The water has that effect that you see in games this gen, but the effect is over done. The water actually looks like a long sheet of leather at times, which is very ugly. Also the characters face is hardly detailed, actually nothing about the character is detailed. I also believe there is some texture popping.

Gameplay is fun however. Its fun to shoot at a guy, throw a grenade, then quickly throw your glaive and chop the leg off another guy. However, this begins to get repettitve at a point. The glaive makes the same noise everytime it leaves your hand, and comes back. It gets repetitve and slightly boring.

Overall score I would give it a 7.7/10. Its similar to Gears of War, but at this day and age, it just doesnt meant the standards. Its still worth a rent I suppose, so if youve been eyeing this game for a while, I say rent it first.

Thats it for today :D

Gaming Updates


Well, I finally finished Bully. I unlocked almost all the achievements: Only missing one, (Perfectionist: Achieve 100% Game Completion). I am currently at 98.04%. I think my game might be glitched. I would probably rate this game an 8.8/10. Pretty fun overall :D I recommend it to you guys. Anyways, I decided to put the game away.

So, I figured I would need a game to keep me busy until GTA IV came out. So I rented Dark Sector to try it out.

I will let everyone know my impressions in the coming days.

Have any of you played this game? Is it any good?