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i want to play TERA ... i've been waiting for it so long ... but i knew i will not be able to play it :(

internet connection here is low for sucha game and finding org games is harder that finding a shutgun here! what should i do now??? :'(

aahhhhhhh f*** this $hitty life of mine! no mmorpg for me here :'( it kills me ... i wish i was in somewhere els like north america or europ ... :(

im missing a game that i always wanted! a game like this with action elements inside the battle,big maps with bigger opertunitys and political options and the character designing is so detailed and the races which are better in using magic totally looks hot and sexy and the clothes are pretty match too! thats what i always wanted from a magic class! ... oohhhh how should i come to a peace when im losing TERA ... :'(







... hhhhhh ...

and if u go

i want to go with u

and if u die

i wanna die with u

take ur hands and walk away

"system of a down"

reclaiming the earth was within my thoughts!

reclaim the earth! ... this was all i could think about after played a few minutes of the Mass effect 3!but its more important and its a more complicated story that i imagined!

illusive man: its bigger than u or me sheperd, its bigger that even us and our world.

i know i said bad things about this game{ME3 not one}, yes they made it more of an action game! yes they removed the hacking system, level ups and items are just a few, yes it cant be a great game of items and levels like the witcher or having freedom in maps and exploring like skyrim/fall out, but its totally wrong to put it in that category! lets see ME 3 as a game it is today! not what we were thinking about or ... .

the only thing i can say after finishing the game is "WOW" ... i never ... never ever experienced a better finishing in a game before! it was just more that what i could imagine!, after i finished it i was stering at the lcd for minutes and was thinking ....

ME3 ... as a game it is ... is one of the best, maybe the best{imo}, u know from third person shooters, from rpg games, from dialogues choices ... its a great game with a great mix of all these elements! its not complete in rpg but it got some of the best parts, but in term of story and third person shooter, weapon design and level ups its one of the best in history!

i wasnt expecting this great game for third chapter of the game cause it became more of an action and less of a rpg game but i was wrong! there are some times in the game that u cant choose, if u choose ... u will lose and win ... u will loose someone,a race or a big thing that u dont want to ... but u have to made a choice, there was some times in the game which i waited for minutes to think and make my choice ... its really hard.

in the end when after all hard works u see ur ships are fighting and it becomes a very massive war ... u feel honor, u feel sorrow, u feel pride ... just like u expect these feelings in real life!

the one thing that biowar is so f*** pro at! making a great story with flexible choices and opertunity! i really adore this company for this game! it really made me busy for days and even when i was sleeping!

i dont know what to say but this was massivly mass effect!

if u really care about a great gameplay, a great story, and a unique game mass effect 3 is just gonna satisfy ur desire! be sure about it!

i dont wanna make any spoilers for story but in terms of storys, deus ex had the same theme but not this "big" and assassins creed have this theme but not this much "amazing".

the only thing makes me give it a 9.5 is because of the hacking system and rpg par which is a little small, otherwise it would be the most strong 10 of my entire life :)

and plz! if u know where i can find the music of the casting{at thefinishing}, give me the link or something!




kid: tell me another story about sheperd


stargazer: ... its late ... but ok ... another story.


aye aye captain!

HELL.o to my spoty friends here!

first of all sry for not cm ing in many of posts cause im too busy these days! we all have our busy days u know ;)

so ... yah! i have to join the army for my "must duty", its like what they have in russia! i just hope i'll be lucky and no war gonna happend these days , hehehe cause i am in the middle of the problem!{iran}.

and now the games i bought after 3 monthes with no new buy!

1-the darkness II

Dr butcher!!!

it wasnt like what i expected but it wasnt a bad game either! i kinda like it but it could be much better! im a big fan of first darkness and since there i was waiting for a second one but this game just couldnt give a good answer to my waitings all these years!

the graphices looks nice but not for this game! yeah its great to have comic them but if u played the first game u know how dark and doom the story and atmosphere is! this wasnt like that!

i can only give this game 7 ... the last parts of the game was better but there is no more sign of those unknown/dark atmospheres of the first game!


i bought a few more games too and right now im playing mass effect 3 which looks ok this now!

this is the list of the games i bought:


mass effect 3

devil may cry HD collection{which i think it will be much better than new dmc : :( stupied ninja theory}

kingdom of amalur: reckoning

blades of time{i kinda liked it when i saw it :D so i bought it hehehe simple}

dirt 3 complete edition{once more i'll enjoy the master of rally games of all times}

RE:operation raccoon city{i just want to enjoy my last days of freedom before my duty so i'll catch every possibilitys :D , even a new RE mmmuuahahahaha}

syndicate{i heard lots of great things about the storyline so i got excited}

silenthill:downpour{a must buy as always for me}

yeah i killed every last dollar in my pocket, i have to enjoy my life in this last month :D hahaha i wont be home for two month and i wont be able to work full time for 18 months of my duty and i cant leave the country or travel ... so its really fair to kill all those $$$$$$sss :D hahahaha

im going to the mountains alot these days, as some of old buddys here may know how i feel about it and how much i love it ;)

and tomara i'll travel north to enjoy the forests 8)

and about captain of the ship! the whole england and united kingdom hail!!!! red devils at the top and 8 point clear now!

ready to celebrate our 20th title{premier league}.

win win

first of all:





im deeply glad that finally a movie from iran won oscar!!!

these days im so busy and i dont have enough time for gaming{sadly} but i managed to continue my road of success in fifa career{manager mode} with worldklass difficulty!{what the F*** is wrong with the word "klass" on GS which they eliminated it from my post}.

and i got many anime and animations these days so lets take a look:

the one im watching right now is "elfen lied" which is a bloody cool, sexy and funny anime at the same time :D

elfen lied

next i finished watching "gosick" which was a smart anime and it reminding me of death note!

just look at the female character! now noel has a rival in my heart :D


i got wolfs rain in japanese with eng subtitle, i watched it all in french with no subtitle so i nearly understood nothing and i thought having it with eng subtitle will be cool :)

wolfs rain

and i got:

paranoia agent.


fate {stay night}.

samurai 7.

and i still couldnt manage to watch them!

in animations i watched:

"a monster in paris" which was really fun and the songs in the animation was quite magical and i loved them

un monster a paris

and i got tintin which was great and funny :) and nothing especial about it cause its not an org new IP and we all know the acts and reacts but still so enjoyable!


and now about movies!

once more into the fray ...

into the greatest fight i ever know.

live and die on this day ...

live and die on this day ...

the first one is "the grey" which was an adorable movie by my standards! alaska,wild,forest,survive or die,snow and mostly wolves! :P its an amazing movie by my standards so i enjoyed every seconds of that movie :D


and i watched "my week with merilyn" which could be better than this but anyway it was a good movie.

showing the behinde character of merilyn and ... it was nice and the character of merilyn shown to lovers of her by a new design! i mean the real character behind that mask which was all about being sexy sexy and sexy!

the real merilyn which everyone ranaway from when they understood its not the one they saw ... its not merilyn!


so thats it for me!

have fun! keep gaming and dont regret anything u do ... .

and hey! rock on!

hold on to them for evaaaaa!!!!

so what if you could only play 3 games for the rest of your life??!!!

what would those three game be?{any platform}

the world is turning upside down! its apocalypse!!! just three game!!!

hurry UUPPP!!!!

mine would be:

gears of war one or three.

FIFA 12.

i cant pick one between skyrim and deus ex:HR :(

im waiting for your answer before apocalypse start!!!

also did you know if you read 2012 from right it becomes "death" in the language of maya??? ... its Bull$hit i just said it to make you afraid!!! hhhoooooo i know you didnt scared!

c'mon then! 3 games! :)

everybody lies about resident evil: human revolution!

this is the devil year without a doubt!

with next devil may cry on the way along with tones of resident evilZZZZ!!!

RE movie coming out soon!

RE raccoon city!

RE 3ds ver.

RE6{most devilish RE ever!}

i wasnt excited to see RE6 trailer because i really didnt liked RE5! it was completely in wrong direction!

i remember capcom was saying we want to bring the horror and fear to the daylight, this was a big mistake i think! evil belongs to darkness and thats where it shows how scary it is! by a close look at great horror games like alan wake and silent hill we can easily understand why those games made more and more adrenalines in our vessels!

darkness is the part of fear! for ever and ever! personally i'll never fear a creature howling in daylight! but when it comes to night it makes me fear! that howling can become a real nightmare for me!!!

in daylightyou can say its a dog who's taking care of sheeps horb but at night ... things gonna be differend!

anyway RE changed alot during the times! i remember RE first games was more like adventure types! then it come alittle more shooter, finally RE4 became a great shooter and RE5 became a normal shooter because it had nothing more than RE4!!! and even the story could be much much better!!! but i still liked it ;)

now it comes to RE6 which looks more and more like a shooter! there is no sign of horror in that game anymore! i think we all found more resistance to fear and zombies are just like a puppet show now :D soon we will have our zombie pets too!!!

but i still like RE!!! RE6 means alot to me! its Resident evil{a devilish name} and its number 6{devils number}, so im really looking forward to it!

everybody lies: human revolution

i got Deus ex:human revolution OST and they are amazingly amazin just like skyrim!!!

there is a song which i forget which part of the game i heard it but its the best!!! its "everybody lies" and if you played deus ex you can let your imaginations run wild during this trackand bring you to that world once again! this song is one of the best electronic songs i ever heard!

there are many songs in deus ex which are thoughtfull and i can repeat them for hours!!


massive tnx to lightwarrior who remind me of deus ex OSTs and sent all those great tracks to my email!!!

U R F#%*# rock bro!!!!

leave the sky in 30sec with a right and left click GG!!!

i just got 4 CD's of skyrim sound tracks and im really high now!

these musics and melodys are all magical!!! tnx to mr jeremy soule for making sucha unique and adorable sound tracks for this great game! as a musician i can learn alot from these songs and hopefully helping me making my own stuffs!!

i really dont know how to describe these feelings but you have to listen to them,if you liked the game or not!




im so happy to see "a separation" won the golden globe, as an iranian its really a huge honor and im really happy to see a poor movie industry like iran with a goverment who only cares about their f%&^ing religion{which im pissing on it everyday in toilet} we STILL have people like "asghar farhadi" who's making great movies like this one!!

im not a patriot person or a person who loves his country! i dont even give a $hit if USA burn tehran to ashes, but im really happy and greatfull when i see these kinda people in this country!

also "yyyyeeeyyyy" for tintin! :P you deserved it! i love rango so much too and these were my picks so im happy once again!

and hhhuuurrrraaaayyyy for HUGO too :)


i also bought this old movie and i really enjoyed it! it was really amazing and if you like action movies with a good story this one will do it ;)


and i got this game call "to the moon"

it really shows how simple and amazing a game can be even with those old type graphices and just right and left click to control the game!

its a game but it also looks like a great book which you are the person who's reading it and turning the pages of it! when you start the game and you will control it by right and left click you can get that feeling which you are someone who's reading and turning the pages of a great book!

this game is a great chance to take yourself away from all these shinny and noisy games and have fun with no stress of a boss fight and ... , its just great! absolutly great!

and i done a review for gears of war 3 so if you want you can read it, just in the finishing part of my profile, i'll be glad then :)

tnx bros/dudes/guys/ ... whatever!!!

who's the BOSS!!!

yeah those boston'sA$Sholes met the canucks once more!!!

ok kiddo's{boston} go be happy with that fu(king fight win!!! we won the game 4-3 in your city idiots!!! now that is what showing you who's the boss!!!



The world will come to an end:>>>stop the time!!!!

2012 will be a nice year for me in gaming history, there are lots of great games comes out this year and some of these games will come to rebuilt my childhood heros!

that new hitman game looks too cool! its not anything like the other games in this series!

when i was playing hitman {the first one} i just saw that game and that bloody cover inside the shope and bought it for my pc!!! i was 12 or 13 years old!

game was so nice in those times but there was one annoying feeling inside it!

i wasnt a pro killer!!! the game itself pushed me to be a jackass killer!!! hitman looks like a pro one but the animation and AI and all moves you had makes you more like that dude who killed many people in norway a few months ago! you couldnt feel you are jack the reaper!!!

but with all new stuffs they made and this great engine for new hitman he really looks like a pro killer!!!

anyway im really happy to see hitman! the sexy head is back again :P

and the games im really looking forward to in 2012 are:

bioshock infinite{more than just a game}

final fantasy XIII-2{haters can show me how big their mouths are}

hitman absolution{sexy head is back like a pro killer}

mass effect 3{i wished and still hoping for mass effect 3 to be something more like first one but if not i'll still buy this one because i really love the story and i want to see with my decisions how the world will react to me!}

MGS:revengeance{same i wrote for FF XIII-2}

street fighters Vs tekkens{im more familier with tekken characters and powers :) }

ghost recon:future soldier{lets see where mr. clancy will take us}

diablo III{just get released! ok???}

farcry 3{really dont know the reason! why im looking forward to this??? didnt enjoyed any of farcry games, not first one and not second one! i think this game has a quote for me in the tirth chapter! it was really funny for me when that character{e3 2011} was saying: "did i ever told you the definition of insanity?" cause he answered: "its doing the same exact thing over and over again, expecting this time is gonna be different", thats what im doing now! buying another farcry!expecting this time gonna tast better!}

GTA V{ZERO chance for saint row to be anything as great as GTA V}

HALO 4{should it comes to this?should we have another halo game?can this game be as great and successfull as reach and halo 3??will the new 343 studio save the honor of this serie???}

max payne 3{i wish i could see "remedy" logo at the begining again}

star craftII:the heart of the swarm{loved the second one as i enjoyed the first one! story and everything! it was great so its a first day buy for me}

tomb raider{lara!!!go show uncharted who's the boss!just like what canucks did!}

anarchy reigns{i hoped it would be bayonetta 2 but im sure this one is great too}

borderlands 2{just got first one a few weeks ago! its the goty edition}

DMC{new dante face is just like my fav football team winger "Nani from manchester united" :D }


torchlight 2 {i wonder if they put new pets for you to choose this time :P mmmiiiaaaoooo }

the witcher 2 _360 ver. {if even the witcher had character design i would continue with the same default face for garelt}

TERA{anything i heard sounds great so far!}

21 games plus:



tales of vesperia

Fallout New Vegas



Shadows Of The Damned

Batman Arkham City


i didnt finished some of them which i already have, like new vegas or borderland and others are in my buying list! i dont know why i didnt played some of them yet but i always felt in a good feeling about them sooo ...







no ranking for me!!!2011 i love U!!!

i played and finished many games in 2011 but for the best i played i dont want to use a ranking cause i love them all so much in my collection.

so lets see what we have here:

Best action/adventure:

Deus ex: human revolution:

i never played a deus ex before but this one was really really great and i enjoyed every seconds of it and the fighting system and level ups all looks cool but i think they could made a better story for the part which adam was going to singapoor!!! it could be better.

anyway those two choices you got in the end of game was really great and by my choice{let the truth reveal and people know whats happend}and that great speech in the end it was really great!

Best driving:

Dirt 3:

Forza 4:

both of these games are great, actually im playing forza 4 right now and there is a massive number of cars in this game!!! its sucha BIG f#ck to that GT5 with all stalling it made for fans and after all the years they were waiting, it wasnt a worthful racing game at all!!!

and about dirt 3, they made the best rally game in the history!!!!

best fighting:

Mortal kombat:

The king of fighters:

as i mentioned before and some of you may know i really really love both of these games!!! the king of fighters XIII is as enjoyable as blazblue and i really like the characters.

and mortal kombat is the hero of my childhood memories!!! i really enjoyed it because it really remind me of mortal kombat i had for my sega console those days and sub-zero, scorpion and all others looks great and great story too!!!

best platformer:

RaYmAn OrIgiN:

funny,great control,great characters,great level design or should i say amazing!,is was really really cool!

it is the best best best best best of this year for sure!!!

Best puzzle:


altus is great and im a big fan of their games!!! persona was great and it wasasurprise for me to see them making a puzzle game!!! i thought it would be another persona but catherine was even better than persona i think! for me its the best altus made so far!

they are making a DLC to make the "easy difficulty" in the game right now :D this game is really hard!

Best RPG:

The witcher 2:


the second game in witcher series was easier than first one but it wasnt bad!!! a hardcore rpg gamer can really enjoy it and a normal rpg lover can enjoy it too, so that wasnt bad i think!

game still has great level up system and great powers and a rich story like before.

i cant really count skyrim as a FULL rpg ... its more a great open world game with some rpg elements but still counts as a rpg so it will be in my list for sure :)

great game.

Best shooter:


in the time which BF3 was "boring" and MW3 was "not bad" and crysis 2 was "nice graphices" and killzone 3 was "sucha lame!!!" and resistance 3 was "great atmosphere" ... ,gears of war 3 was great gameplay,great storyline,great atmosphere,great control,great GAME!!!

Best sport game:

FIFA 12:

new and fresh fifa really looks cool, new engine made better moving and ball physic but cause some problems and sometimes silly problems in the game!!! refree still need work but community box looks really crowdy with two english team and each one of french,dutch and spanish got their own language to enjoy too!

Best xbox 360 game:


Best pc game:

The witcher 2 .

Game of the year:




and i want to say 2011 was really a good year for me!!! i will remember this year forever.

not just because of the games i played but because so many great things happend for me this year!

i found my love few weeks before summer, i passed my exam{test} and went to university,i found great hopes in my life and power to fight for my goals and a few other things!

so long 2011 and hope for a better 2012.

PLZ enjoy ur life and DO NOT REGRET!!!! soulmate for my hands!!!

so finally i did my first review in my new pforile here :)

take a look! its an epic review with an epic wrong spell in the finishing, in last part its "pass" not "path" :D

plz take a look and give me your opinion about it{especially neonNinja and lightwarrior}, and jokerPRO10 because u wanted me to review it ;)

best mate for my hands:

i want to buy a hand held console and im really looking forward to 3ds but that vita is really cool too {hardward}.

i only had two hand held consoles in my entire life till now and i think the most great thing about a hand held console is how much good{arcade,platformer} games it has!

i dont mean just these two, i mean the game you want to have in your hand held console!!!

im not interested to see what will happening to "drake"{uncharted} in a hand held console cause if i wanted that i would buy a ps3 not a "HAND HELD" 4 sure!!!

so i have money for 3ds right now but that vita looks so shiny too :P i mean it has arcade games and all those stuffs too but what im afraid of is how sony releasing games for their consoles!!! for hand held matter just look at psp misery!!!

so if you was going to buy a hand held console which one you would buy and why???

merry krismas too friends and foes, good and evils!

"so this is krismas, and what have u done? hope its a good year without any fear"

-john lennon

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