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What a joke...

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Earlier this week a purchased a new 37in HDTV for my room, and it is awesome. All of my Xbox games look great, and its an overall vast improvement from that old piece of junk that I had. I think that it has improved my gameplay slightly as well as my overall gaming experience. The first time that I played Call of Duty 4 on it resulted in one of my best overall performances in a long time. I played 3 hours of Search & Destroy while in chat with my friend(Riche) and didn't get under 10 kills each time. That happened on Monday. Now when I got home on Wednesday, I find out that I have been suspended from Xbox live. My suspension is supposed to only be for a day, but we all know how slow microsoft is. The funny thing is that I never said a word on Monday, I just stayed in a chat with my friend. But I noticed my rep drop 3 points. Odd right? We all know how this really played out. We played the same group of people, who were all in a party together for 2 1/2 out of the 3 hours. We blew them out every match for the better part of 3 hours. Now nost people would have been just a little pissed off by getting their arse handed to them for that long, and these fools were no exception. Everyone of those kids probably filed a complaint on me for having an "offensive" bio. This has also happened to two of my other friends several times. This is what happends to people on Xbox live for being good at a certain game. I know for a fact that it was them because I didn't play live on multiplayer any other day since I purchased my new TV on Saturday. Monday was the only day, and you see how that day went. Live is a joke, and microsoft will suspend anyone so long as you can get enough friends to file a complaint on someone. They don't even review each case, nor do they care. All of those pricks you see on live talknig crap out of their arse never seem to get suspended, but the players who are just good, always get screwed in the end. There was some justice though, seeing as my Xbox Live gold subscription expired Wednesday, the same day that I got suspended. I purchased a new Year of Gold when I bought my new TV, but I haven't used it yet, so in other words I'm not losing a day of gaming that I actually have to pay for. In the meantime I get to sit here and enjoy my new HD Channels & HDTV while I wait for my suspension to be lifted.It really doesn't bother me that I can't play online, since I can still play GTA IV, MLB 2K8, or just watch my new TV. The thing that bothers me is the BS reason for my suspension. This just proves that Xbox live & Microsoft is a joke.


I am annoyed...

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Xbox Live is really annoying me. For the past 3 weeks it was been horribly screwed up and very, very glitchy. It seems that everytime that more than a few thousand people are on, it screws up. Xbox live in general gets all laggy, and COD 4 severly messes up. Like I said, its not a constant thing, but it does occur most of the time when the bulk of players signed online, which is 80% of the time. Its pretty ridiculous that it could go on screwing up and causing lag freezes for this long. You figure that they could have resolved this by now. The whole reason that several of my friends and I own a 360 is because of its excellent online feats, and as of 3 weeks ago its a bi+ch to even stay logged in. They couldn't have this problem during a month that I'm really busy can they? all this must happen when I turn to my 360 a lot in my spare luck right?

Merry Xmas

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Who reads this blog anymore? Been about 20 years since I posted here. Maybe now I'll remember why I hate all of you?:P :evil::twisted: Anyways don't get to used to seeing my candy arse around here to often(like anyone gives a hoot) Becuase the moment that I think that I may start coming here again, something will mysteriously happen and my PC will "crash" or I'll get moderated(oh my god guys!) for something that I said 20 years ago. But oh well! The past is the past, and this place has a distinct place in the past, which is where it belongs for me, buried in my memories of old forgotten keyboard strokes.....maybe.(i'm a huge hypocrite and a liar if you didn't notice) So anyway Merry Christmas to all those folks bored enough to read my old arse blog!(Maybe I should try to sound nicer if I want people to read my stuff? Just a thought....)

I'm finished...

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Just a few minutes ago I did something that I never invishioned myself doing, resigning as leader of The GTA Legends Union. I have 1 main reason why I did it, and that because I lost the will & desire to come here and perform my duties as leader anymore. This didn't happen all at once, but gradually over time I lost interest. My predecssor is already currently in power, he is the only person that I trust will run the union as good as, if not a heak of alot better than I, JO (thumbsupmaster). JO the union is yours to run now, hope you have fun.

- In what is more than likely my last blog, Appa

Childhood dream comes true....

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Well not really. Just recently my union, The Grand Theft Auto Legends Union became officially endorsed by gamespot. This is a feat that I thought would elude my union forever, but we accomplished it. I'm proud of all of the officers that kept the plave up and running while I was gone, and especially for JO (ThumbsUpMaster) who acts just as much like a leader as myself. He's done the most work, and deserves a buttload of credit. I thank all of you for helping my union achieve this great goal, and I thank you staff members at GS for noticing us. A new chapter is about to be written for GTA Legends, and I gurantee that we will be better than ever.

Boy was I wrong....

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Lately I haven't frequented good old gamespot as much as I used to. I credit this solely to my Xbox 360, which hogs up a majority of my leasure time. Now, back before PS3's launch, I admit that I'm one person who heavily supported the PS3. I was holding out for it, thinking it own the other systems. But through some divine intervention, when I went to purchase a PS3, they were sold out. So what did I do? I bought a 360, and I've loved my decision ever since. I'm not hating on yall Sony fanboys, but boy was I wrong about the PS3. Dang I'm glad I got that 360.

My Gamercard

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Got live workin and am running on the 1 month trial! Send me some friend requests!!!!!

New Blog Header

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My very good friend ThumbsupMaster (JO) has created a new blog header from my union, props to him for such a good job.

Best Emblem description award goes too...

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And the winner is................................................. Turkey Day!!! Best eblem description ever!! Just read it for yourself.

"Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey Turkey 2006 Turkey Turkey Turkey"