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APP3095 Returns..

After nearly a 2-year break from Gamespot, I have returned to share what has happened to my gaming life & the awaiting of future games. I recently got a PS3 back in August 2008 and it is awesome. High definition graphics, awesome gaming, many words to describe it. I would like to do a review on the many games I have. The game I currently have are:

Call Of Duty: World At War

Fallout 3

Resistance 2


Prince Of Persia

Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows

LEGO Batman

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Metal Gear Solid 4

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Grand Theft Auto IV

And The Games I want & just pre-ordered are:

Killzone 2

Street Fighter IV

Resident Evil 5

Well, that's all. I'm gonna start writing reviews so I'll catch ya guys later.

- APP3095

(P.S. my PSN is: RogueX21) Add me 8)

Im Back

Hey everyone!

Im back! And guess what? I got ASSASSIN'S CREED: ALTAIR'S CHRONICLES FOR DS!............. a say that it is a pretty decent game. A review will be coming very soon...cya guys later-APP

Merry Christmas PEOPLE!!!

Hey Everyone!

It's APP! It's been good since i joined Gamestop. Im in LVL 10! Anyways...I hope i get alot of gifts for Christmas and also video games! I want to get Assasin's Creed so badly! and i want to go old school w/ my PS2 and get Bully one of the sickest games i have every played! Hope to talk to you all! Cya and Happy Holidays!

It's me again!

Hey everbody, im back!

Right now what's happening is that, im been helping someone with one of my favourite games so far: Naruto Path of a Ninja. And im on LVL 7. I also been waiting for a game that will rock or suck..........SMACKDOWN! vs. RAW 2008 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That game's graphics is so sick for the next-gen consoles! But IGN once again they had a review about that game, which was very low once again. 7.8 X360!! 7.5 PS3 7.5 WII 7.0 NDS! 6.8 PS2!!!!!!!!!! 6.5 PSP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Outrageous results. They even have low reviews for 2 of my favourite games: Kingdom Hearts 2: 7.1 !!!!!!!!! (i am very angry for this one) Spider-Man: Friend or Foe: 4.7 WTF is wrong with u people! Even gamespot has more descent reviews, that`s why i joined here! Well that`s all PCCE

Spidey:Friend or Foe, new psp versions and new level!

Hey everybody it's APP agaiN!

Since this is my 2nd blog, i wanna talk about of what's happening so far while i joined gamespot back in September. I been reviewing games, tracking them, looking of what Gamespot says about the games i want and all other kinds of stuff. The game that i have been waitng for was Spider-Man:Friend or Foe. And i thought it was very good! Excellent multiplayer, cool moves and the hilarious 'webhead' and his jokes. There has been also new psp versions. There was 2 bundles, the Daxter one and the Darth Vader bundle. And ever since i was in Gamespot, i also got to LVL 5! :D Oh well that's all App over and out!

It's all about me

Hey there!! The name's APP. I'm a huge video gamer. One of my favourite games are Kingdom Hearts 2 and Smackdown vs. Raw 2006. The systems that i own are Xbox 360,PS3,Ps2,PsP and Nintendo DS. Im also a HUGE!!! :shock: Kingdom Hearts Fan. I played the Kingdom Hearts series every since i got a PS2. I beated the games and I'm also waiting for KH3!!! Im also a Spider-Man FAN! My favourite movie was ( of course) SPider-Man 3!!!! It was the best one yet. It had humor, more action and it told the movie side of the story....... VENOM!! Well that 's all for now PEACE!:lol: