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Why my first Elder Scroll game is irreplaceable and unrepeatable.

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It was VGA 2010 when i saw the teaser trailer of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I did not know anything about TES Series before. I thought it was cool so I did some research about the Elder Scrolls series. About 30 minutes after I saw the trailer I found out about The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, as saw numerous awards and praise it got. I bought the game without even a little speck of knowledge of it, as soon as I put my disc into my Xbox, what the game offered overwhelmed my expectation.

After a lengthy sttruggle to make my character looked good in the character creation, the game Threw myself in the iconic Elder Scrolls prison scene. I was offered like 25-30 minutes intro before i get out of the prison. When i reached the light that lead me out of the darkness, I was amazed. There's this feeling that I were transported, stranded in an unknown, hostile but beautiful world. As soon a touched the light, the game let me to do anything, and go anywhere. I had this unexplained euphoria-like feeling of being lost in a world i knew nothing about and only a little journal in the menu to keep tell me what to do. It was the first thing i love about The ELder Scrolls. Where most games out there hold your hand in the beginning of the game, or even gave you clairvoyance about what to do the whole game, The Elder Scrolls gave you complete freedom the second you get out of the prison.

What differ the first Elder Scrolls with the others ( regardless which you start with. Whether it be Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion or Skyrim ) in my opinion is the way the setting unveil before you. First, you are brought into an alien world. As you talk with NPCs, doing quests, read the amazing in game books, the pieces slowly fell into the right place and slowly the puzzle became clear. Beyond the vast land that seems to be random is a deep, well-thought and immersive universe. There are no feeling yet that rival this sense of discovery when I first engrossed myself in Oblivion and that is why this game is one of the game that I really hold dear.

The next year, after pretty much doing almost everything Oblivion had to offer, including all the expansion ranging over 250 hours of gameplay, i tried my second Elder Scrolls, Skyrim. As I expected, Skyrim was amazing. I love almost everything about skyrim, but I didn't feel the same about it as the way I feel about oblivion. By the point i played Skyrim, i was already familiar with the world, with the setting, there was no feeling of discovery anymore. What Skyrim did was visualize what i had in mind and almost didn't feed my midn with something new, like Oblivion.

Now i am playing TES III: Morrowind for the first time. as good as it is, i will never love it as i love Oblivion.

I didn't write this blog for worshipping Oblivion, for we know the game has a share of its fault like other games supposed to, but regardless of which game you Elder Scrolls fans started with, i think more or less you feel the same way as me.

please let out your thoughts about my first blog or share your thoughts about TES series in the comment below.