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You added me yesterday and I look forward to playing with you all. I'm Swedish and 41 years old but I guess that won't be a problem ;)

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@arno_schaefer: I used to be a paying member just so that I wouldn't all those stupid commercials. As you say, at least it's free but if I knew this was about to happen I would've saved my games list to a excel file.

Actually the game stacks worked for me until all those sorting functions were launched so it seems to me the sorting functionality is broken in some way.

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Is there anyway for me to access my complete list of games?

I own about 460 games and have used your site to build my database but now I can only see 100 of my games.

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I can only see 100 games of the 458 games in my collection. How come I can't see all of them?

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Thanks for your answers guys, appreciate it.

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@PredatorRules: I meant if I have to pay for something like Xbox Live Gold? If I get you right the answer to that question is no?

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Anybody know?

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As long as she continue to contribute to great games I'll be satisfied, wherever she is :)

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@crewe8: I've played Sly Cooper and Brothers. I really liked Brothers even though it's a fairly short game. Sly on Vita is the better version. I have finished it on Vita and only tried it on PS3. As I remember it the PS3 version had some frame rate issues the Vita didn't have.

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And in the very beginning when moving through the warehouse you can see The Thevious Racoonus lying on a work bench :)

Or rather after you wake up in sick bed.