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The story so far....wait wha???

Ooo...k.... since I havent made a blog for a month (I think) might as well say this,Im closing up shop...

All blogs will be on my FaceBook page :

Videos on youtube :

Im not gonna do much blogs on GS now but I will look at your blogs guys,I promise...or at least I will do my best...

If you guys wanna add me on anything other than GS here are my names :

PSN : Avigyl

XBL : RT Avygil MSIA

RuneScape : CPTwin MSIA

YouTube : Avymil

R.I.P. Steve Jobs (Apple CEO)



Hey guys,as you guys know Apple's CEO Steve Jobs just passed away and heres link to a video to commemorate to the past

Since he's gone now Apple might be in new management,but I hope they will be able to continue the Apple legacy (I guess) and be able to make new stuff.

We shall remember him with the new iPhone 4S as "iPhone (dedicated) 4 Steve" :cry:

He did had to go through alot including fighting cancer for about 8 years I believe. :(

Suggestion Time #1 : Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 or Gears Of War 3

Hey whats up guys , I was just wondering around on FB while thinking what should I do for my next blog on GS (somehow I have no idea how being on FB helps me with GS :P )

So I thought why not make a series of blogs where I ask what should I get and to start it off,It's about which is worth buying at the end of my exam around 5th November?

Call Of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 (Prestige Edition(Hardened if no Prestige)) or Gears Of War 3 (Epic Edition)

somehow I have a feelling iW will make a Prestige ed. for MW3 cause they earned so much money during the first 2 months of MW2's release and the COD:XP event

for the Epic ed. for GOW3 my local shop just got a copy and I told them to save it for me cause Ive been great friends with them for about 3 years (making fwenz rulez :D )

so which should I buy?

MW3 or GOW3?

Gimme reasons for which I should buy but either way Im getting both but only one will be a standard ed,while the other gets a special ed.

K guys Ill see ya guys commenting below and hope to see which is better,Im a fan for both francise so I dont mind you guys hating :P

Voting ends at : 5th November 2011

That was quick...

Ooo...k...Resistance 3,was a huge game and all of the sudden its finished for me...but then again its extremely long to me so its a good game to whoever wants to buy it,ill give it a 9.5 because of the sad storyline ;(

Ok...thats it cya guys...

1 week of holiday and 1 explosive BETA...(is it a good combo?)

Hey whats up lamies and janitors (yea its NOT personal) its me anwar back with a quick update:

First off the holiday started and man everyones so excited (even for just 1 week)

Second and the meaty part of the blog is that the Resistance 3 BETA is out on PSN for Plus members so I just downloaded that and Im already level 18 in just 3 that was quick

So this will be another 2 part blog because I wrote this blog at 11:15 pm here Malaysian time which is +8:00 GMT

so...see you guys in the next part...


*Sneak peek on next blog*

-Review of the Resistance 3 BETA

Weird week...

Alright guys Its been a few days since I made my last blog and this is going to be a gross one,a dirty one and a happy one...wait that reminds me of Nikolai (Black Ops Zombies) 's wife (stinky,pretty and fat) for some reason...

Alright lets jump in,first off I pre-ordered my copy of Battlefield 3 but not MW3 because not available for pre-order here,and Im gonna get the free t-shirt,the Physical Warfare Pack and a chance for the 750GB HDD...just 2 more months...

Second,at school 2 days ago we had a gross day during science because the day before that,a cat p**sed on our exercise books for some reason but good thing some off us covered our books with a plastic cover because without it,BOOM! new book,restart everything from start...good thing mines still fine

Third and i guess last,a flood in the house,yes my house was flooded with water at about 1cm deep so no big deal but the leak came from above my gaming TV and most of my stuff got wet like the TV itself,my PS3,X360,original XBOX,DVD player,Astro decoder,Halo Reach Limited ed. box,Flable 3 limited ed. box,Crysis 2's Alcatraz statue,Killzone 3 Helghast ed. helmet,action figure and Art Book, the Crysis 2 artbook ,COD:Black Ops RC-XD and controller (somehow it's still kicking as usual) , PS3 headset , my keyboard and the sofas and carpets around the place and we spend about 2 hours cleaning up and i wont be on PS3 for 2 weeks to let all my stuff dry.

So thats it for now,good thing i still have my pc and PSP for now...

Ascension Massacre

Hey wazzup guys,I just got the First Strike Map Pack yesterday and last night was my first ever time playing Ascension

and I made a huge record which is best first run and longest run which was up to Round 22!


Yeah,to you guys who have First Strike on PS3 lets play together before Rezurrection comes out in September for that sucks....

Oh well I guess thats it guys...peace out

....Double double super size and dont forget the fries....

7.7.11 : A tiring but worth it day (I guess)

Hey guys I just got back from school a few hours ago and man its a tiring day cause its the Open School Day and I had to become an usher together with a few other prefects and wow I sweat a lot.

So,to you guys with an XBOX360 and connected to XBL (not like I am) with a copy of Halo Reach you guys must be enjoying BUNGiE day with the Bungie staff,right?

Man,you guys are lucky to be playing with them,I cant because of the Update problem.So I'll see you guys later I guess.C'ya guys soon on XBL once I get a new X360.

Back after so many months....(i think)

Hey guys Im sort off back on GS because Ive been doing alot of homeword and im also a prefect at school,so i have to go early and i dont get to play much (this sucks...)

also i got XBOX cant get this new Spring update so i can no longer play on XBL but i can still play on GFWL so i might sell my XBOX to buy a new one but i dont know when ill get the new one....

also on Halo...

Moar exploding Bungie employees FTW :D

man...i wish my XBOX is fine so i can get a chance to play against Bungie one more time cause the last time i played against a Bungie employee is while on Halo 2 lol and in 2009 i think...

so thats it for today and for now im going back to PSN for now but you guys can add me on Raptr,Facebook and Runescape to have a chat with me if you guys dont have XBL orwhatever but ill mostly play PS3 games for now...

Raptr: RT_avymil

Facebook: Muhammad Anwar

Runescape: hardc0reMSIA

BTW i got the Blue Flames so i wont miss out on it and the Bungie nameplate so cya guys