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It's hard living on the edge when you're one of the Watchmen.

Finished two things over the weekend.

Finished playing Mirror's Edge. Expect a review of that soon. The vast of majority of the game was exhilarating and an absolute blast to play, but the second half of the last level was so painful, it was unbelievable. Way too much combat. Also, what was up with the end? Anticlimax much? Oh well, I guess I shouldn't have expected a good ending from a current gen title.

I also finally finished reading Watchmen. I picked it up because of all the hype over the movie, and I just ate it up. I thought it came to a good conclusion that made sense, and now I really want to go and see the film at some stage, although I've heard it's a bit rubbish....

Also...Happy Easter everyone! I hope you're all eating crap loads of chocolate!

Back on GS.

Yea, haven't posted a new blog since Feb....oh well, I'm back now, and I will be posting more regularly.

I've been reading Watchmen, and its so good! I picked it up while I was in New York, and I'm addicted. Its so much better than all the other crap DC pumps out. I hate Superman, SUE ME!

I've also been playing A LOT of Mirror's Edge. Picked it up for a tenner, which is pretty good. On the second last level at the moment, and I should have it done by tomorrow.

Hope you've all been doing well, and I'll be doing comments very soon on people's blogs.

Snow day!

There hasn't been this much snow sinc '85, apparently. My school got shut down, 'cos all the transport in London is buggered. Who to thank? Courtney Love, Allah or Mickey Mouse? So many choices....

Finished Fable II

Finished Fable II this afternoon. Absolutely loved the game, and I'm trying to get lots more property and experiences, just because. I know its supposed to be a rip off, but I really do want to get the Knothole Island DLC.

Game finished, films rented, almost threw up watching a music video.

I finished an original Xbox game, which is something I almost never do, for reasons unknown. Star Wars Battlefront. Like many Xbox games, I played it once, enjoyed it, then forgot about it. (I have 105 games for that system, so don't judge!) Anywayz, I finished it all within a day, and I quite enjoyed it, but there wasn't much to do, and a lot of it was way too similar. I'm playing the sequel at the moment, which is so much better its unreal.

I wwatched a couple of films the other day that I got from LoveFilm.

"Nine Inch Nails: Beside you in time." This is a concert film from their 2005-2006 tour "With Teeth". It was the first film I've ever seen in High Definition, and I have to say that the experience was out of this world compared to ther concert DVDs I've seen. I don't think it hurt that I'm a massive NIN fan either.

"The people vs. Larry Flynt" I wanted to watch this because Courtney Love played the supporting role of Althea Flynt, but not only was she phenomenal, but so was the film in general, and I really found myself rooting for Larry Flynt. I really related to someone who was so anti-censorship, and anti-right wing, so I came away from the film with a really big smile, but the very end of the film was incredibly sad.

Finally, I watched a music video on Youtube the other day that made me almost throw up! "Happiness in Slavery" by Nine Inch Nails (Yes, NIN once again). It took forever to find on youtube, and after I saw it, I'm not surprised. A man effectively gets mutilated and sexually pleasured by a machine, and at the end he's crushed into paste for the worms to eat. I was eating pizza at the time, if you need to know how my stomach felt...

It took almost half a decade, but last night, I finally beat...

...Metroid Prime 2 Echoes for the Gamecube, Just as was the same for the first Metroid Prime, the ending was terrible, and not worth the mental anguish that the last two bosses caused me. Oh well, at least now I can start playing Metroid Prime 3 without having to worry about playing previous games in the series.

Am I playing Metroid Prime 3? Hell no, I need a break. I'm playing Super Mario RPG, and I'm plugging in my original Xbox to play some fun and mindless shooter, probably Battlefront.

I will be writing a review for Metroid Prime 2 soon, so look out for that.