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Pictures of my pride and joy. My pc

I finally put up some pics of my first custom gaming pc. Took me about 2 months to build, a couple of hours a day. I call it my Green Machine. Even though I was scared as hell I added in a water cooling system, but it's an external so less stress for me about it leaking on to my mother board, but now that I think about it theres a fan opening on top of the case that water can leak into, aaahhh man now i'm stressing again, oh well check out the pics here -

Why hack?

Last night i was playing some BF2142 Titan mode and there was some idiot using a hack that would let him shoot through the walls. I kinda lost it during the game calling him/her every bad name possible. I can not stand cheaters. Why would some one play like that? Sucks so bad. Oh well. :x

Can't wait for tonight!!

24, Prison Break and Heroes all on tonight. Can't wait!!!!!

Hmmmm., what if Jack Bauer was one of the guys breaking out of prison and had the powers to stop time. All 3 shows in one.

Nah. would probably suck, oh well.

Save the Cheerleader, Save the World

Heroes, The first time I saw this show I thought "wow, cool show, people with super powers that become heroes". Now, I don't know what to think about this show. Everyone has powers now, even the little kid. Come on now.

Show is slow, taking to long to get to the point of the show. People have powers and act like nothing. If I had the cheeleaders power I would not still be in school, I would be ahhhhh, let me think (would i be good or bad) hmmmmm. Ok , I think I would be a good guy not like Captain america goodie good, more like wolverine bad-arse good.

I hope this show picks up the action more. oh well

My monday nights are gonna succk now!

Prison Break just ended and now 24 has just one more episode till they are done. What do I do now? I loved Mondays cause of these shows, now i'm actually going to have to do something constructive. Damn, Damn, Damn. Hmmmmm, maybe Yoga. NOT!:wink:

E3 - time to get ready!

E3 E3 E3 E3!!!!!!!!
Gotta get ready for E3!! I leave on Tuesday and i can't wait. I feel like i'm 10 years old and christmas and my birthday are on the same day.