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Is finally excited for Sonic.

What with all of the hubub going on about E3 and all that,I noticed something that recieved fairly little attention but seriously stokes my nerdy flames, Sonic 4 Part: 1. I haven't played an old school sonic esque game since sonic advance 3 in 2005. It was fun,sure but the co-op play style was not to my liking. And so what with the anouncement of sonic 4 being released as dlc and only dlc I'm more prone to taking a risk and downloading it for a shot at some early 90's nostalgiac fun. So anyways, show of hands friends,who among you are excited for it?

I for one know that I am.

Check back and let me know if youare :D

If only I had remembered gamespot earlier in the summer....

I,ansem_man am finally rejoining the fold here at gamespot,not becasue I feel some sort of loyalty to the site but because I miss all the people and the comradrie of it.

Its been a rollercoaster of a year for me both games wise,and personal life wise.I've experienced many great games this year,and many not so great games,the same is true for people as well.I have alot of updating to do,mostly I need an icon,a banner and my friend the_conscience to get his lazy self back here and keep me company online.In game news I am now the owner of approximatly 17 wii games. I must say I am addicted to animal left me and then whenI got the wii version for christmas,it hit me like an old addiction lol. I also got call of duty 5 for still not a fps kinda kid. Lastly I got sonic unleashed,asidefrom the typical qualms about the werehog levels being slower than mollasses going uphill in alaska in mid january,the rest of the game is a joy,interesting boss battles,fast pace and nice graphics,even by normal console standards*yeah im looking at you 360 fans*it made this sonic game feel like an update of the original,if a bit late to the party.

Other than that,Im entering senior year in highschool come fall and I've decided to be more active on here than as of late because I did the whole normal teen thing and slept in till noon only to go on myspace untill 3 in the morning for 3 weeks straight,its lost its appeal. I need a community of well opinionated people who talk about things i care about very much so,games. So in a long drawn out manner I'm saying IM BACK AND YALL BETTER BE READY FOR ME!!!!XD :twisted:

oh what would you do for a klondike bar?

answer me man!

what would you do for a klondike bar?

and now on to video game news of my life...

i recently picked up sonci chronsicles for the ds and its better than any of the last 6 sonic games,adn theres a secret to why its like that...wanna know?

let someone other than sonic team make the game =P

i also picked up okami and downloaded a rom so i can play fire emblem 6!

and it was worht all the wait and torture that my friend grweg held above my head for oh lets say 6 months or so =P

and in other new i got a new gf but hse and i are broken up already btu that was like a month ago so i forgot to be relevent big deal!

i'd appreciate feedback from people who still remember me lol

My Girlfriend broke up with me.

because she said it was more of a friendship and all i could really say is that if we had time to spend with each other than she would feel differently about our relationship.but now we're JUST friends which is a great handy way for a girl to feel better about the breakup and the guy gets left with all these leftover emotions and it sucks. :( but I'm gonna persevere because i care about her too much to leave her in this kind of a wreck. any thoughts?

I finally sent my wii back... -_-i miss it.

as the topic header says i sent my wii back today a full two weeks after it broke why....because my mom was to lazy to drop it off.awg....but to keep my self occupied i started a nbew file on my fire emblem seven and this time my lords levels didn't suck and hey thats really what was keeeping me from beating the game in the first place so now its beat with like 88% completion rate.oh well and then linkluigi5*yeah remember him?* well he let me borrow Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones and i beat in two days!!!1!....whereas Fire Emblem 7 took me four months.and the kicker is i crit*short for critical,which does 3 timjes normal damage and I killed him in two hits with the same character!!*and now im out of fire emblems unless i re-buy the one for gamecube so i have nothing to do sooooo....bored!!!!you guys gotta give me some ideas.please

my wii can't read my discs!!!!!im p*ssed off!!

like the topic title says it can't read my discs and i tried it on a couple of my games to see if the were the problem and it wasn't on brawl which it hasn't read in like 3 weeks but it was galaxy and guitar hero and nights and no more heros!!!!! i dot care if this IS my second blog for today i need to vent some steam and im freaking p*ssed off.please comment back. i feel like i got nintendo's version of the red ring of death, and i can't afford to send my wii back for two months or afford to buy a new one!!!awg........ :(

why is the wii gettin' no love from the ######## game developers?

Well it really bothers me*an admitted video game addict*that the wii, my choice for this console generation has been getting little or no love and support from the ######## game developers ie: ubisoft,konami,capcom and square enix/the new mistwalker studio. i was hoping that nintendo would get its act together and finally realise that online is the way to go.sure party games are fun for all of like ten minutes but they need to have depth too...i mean look at the 360 its got almost all of its games with online of some sort even if it is death match or arena, its better than nothing. now on to nintendo's family friendly online in the ridiculously complicated and not to mention unnecessary friend codes.good example right here, player 1: wanna play some brawl? player 2: sure lets exchange random 16 digit codes to keep it "safe". player 1: wtf? anyway its like with mario kart wii,most racing games have some form of online voice chat,nintendo has pre-programed family "appropriate'taunts".ugh.... its times like these that i feel like freakin charlie brown trying to kick that damn football.  -ansem_man 4-8-08

Ha a girlfriend and other cool things!!

Well on Friday i asked out this awesome girl by the name of Maria*insert shadow the hedghog joke here*and shes freakin' incredible!Shes a polish immigrant and can speak fluent polish obviously,she plays tennis and is the all around coolest girl ever.Shes blonde haired and blue eyed and likes polish rap.Any ways enough about my school and sex life*hah!*.I just got Dragon quest monsters Joker,  and then finally after waiting for about two months of waiting i got Bully for Wii.  its pretty shweet if i do say so myself. Anything important or kool*thats right with a k*happen to you guys?

I turn 16 today March 12 2008!!

Well today 16 years ago at 11:47 pm i was born.wannna know the weird thing i was born 13 minutes to friday the thirteenth.i think its freaky at old are all of you?