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Oblivion for PSP has been officially confirmed!!!

Oblivion for PSP has been officially confirmed!!! Here are some official screenshots from OPM!!!!!!! It looks damn sweet, I just can't wait for this game to be released! Let's just hope that this will not be another TES Travels with enhanced graphics! Be sure to check out my sites for updates!

Final Fantasy XI

I started playing Final Fantasy XI Online again! I don't know why I returned to the Vanadiel , but I guess I just missed the great community! I'm playing as a THF on the SHIVA server and I am currently LVL 5 ;P (Thats cuz I started yesterday at 9am)

I'm alive , I think ;P

It's been a while since I posted last time... But thats because I have been busy at school, and now I'm sick, I'm sitting at home the whole day, watching Neon Genesis Evangelion (Great Anime!!) And eating noodles ;P

Postal 2

I have been playing Postal 2 Share The Pain lately, and I wanna say, Holy macaroni! This game is so damn violent it's just freaking sweet! The game has been banned in many European countries, in NZ and Japan!

I think I will write a review of Postal 2 soon ;)

I'm back from Russia!!!!

I'm back from my holiday in Russia and the summer is almost over ;/ Many cool things has happened while I was away, like many new psp games has been released (tekken and blade dancer!!!) I couldn't post from Russia cuz I just did not have time to, I was spending the time with my friends the whole day long ;) Especially with my best friend Nikita (The dude to the left on the pic. Below ;)

Hihi But hell yeah!!! Now I'm freaking, back and I'm going to do many cool things this year (Like create my own virus!!!!!) Right now I'm waiting for the English version of Final Fantasy XII to be released on the Playstation 2, and GTA VICE CITY Stories on PSP ;) It's 0908AM and now I'm going to take a shower and think of something cool that I can do..... Bye Bye!

This school year is finally over!

Well, this school year is finally over, and it's time for me to go on my vacation to Bryansk (a city in Russia)

this year I have done more new stuff than ever before! Here is a list ;):
• I got a new graphics card
• I got more ram installed on my computer
• I got a new hard-drive
• I got a PS2 Slimline
• I got a PSP - (With a lot of cool games)
• I learned some Visual Basic
• I got more advanced in Photoshop
• I got better with computers
• I learnt how to set up various servers
• I tested Windows Vista Beta 2 ;)
• I upgraded my internet connection from 720kbps to 2mbps and now to 4mbps ;)
• I got a credit card ;)
• I ordered hundred of big Mac’s at Mac Donald’s (Never ate so much of em before!!)
• I started at a High School
• I filled 16! ;)
• I download over 1TB of various stuff via Bit torrent (and I uploaded over 500GIG, We don't pay for bandwidth, so I’m lucky)
• My computer's uptime has passed 2000 hours!
• I bought a LOT of stuff on the internet
• I bought my domains ( ,
• I started to blog (
• I wrote 11 different game reviews at Gamespot! (
• I started playing Final Fantasy XI, but I quit it after some months when I realized that it's not the game for me.
• I started learning Japanese!
Well, I think that this was everything, now wasn’t it a lot of stuff to do in a school year?
Hihi! I think it's because I filled 16, and cuz I got luckier!

I don't expect myself to post so often here while I am on vacation, but I’ll post as soon as I have my chance.

I will be back to Norway exactly after 60 Days, 1417hours:16minutes:36seconds (from now on)

I hope I will be able to do twice as many cool things next school year!

Well, I guess I got to go to bad soon, because I have to stand up at 4:55AM tomorrow cuz the train to airport goes at 6:00AM :(

Then I will arrive at the "St-Petersburg" (Russia) and I will take train from there to the Moscow City at 11:00PM, then I will have to wait whole next day in Moscow and at the end of the day I will take train to Bryansk!!

This is my route:

I'm glad that I have my PSP with me ;)

Btw. I will take a lot of photos and post them ASAP.

Well, that's all! Good Summer everyone :)

Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel Review!

Here it is! :)

No Replay value :( But still a great Digital Comic Book!

This digital comic book features story of Solid Snake while his operation on the Shadow Mosses Island, This DGN is great but it's really to short, I think it could be a bit longer, the comic is pretty well drawn, and it sounds good, but it is missing some more action.

As a conclusion I will say that it is a great digital comic book, and this is the kind of thing that a fan of Metal Gear (Like me) want to have on their shelf, next to Metal Gear Action figures ;) but if you are not a hardcore fan of the MGS series or never have played MGS1 on the PSone system, I will not recommend to buy this game, instead you can rent it, or borrow it from your friends, this "game" has no replay value at all, I was finished with it after a day, and I will most likely not play it again any time soon ;)

My Score: 6.1 (Fair)
Gameplay 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
Value 1/10
Tilt 8/10