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Well for Christmas my mom picked me up a 40gb PS3. So now I'm all set for current gen consoles and handhelds and only have to worry about games.

Gamespot is crap! confirmed!

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Wow I really can't believe this. They actually fired Jeff because of his K&L review. I disagreed with his review the majority of the time but to see him fired over one is messed up beyond belief. Who gives a **** if Eidos is sponsering GS. A crap game is a crap game and I agree with him on K&L and I actually think a 6 is too high for it. I know I won't be buying anymore Eidos games (and I was planning on getting TR: Anniversary next month) because of this. This also proves that no part of GS is worth a damn besides the forums and even those are heading downhill.

Strange turn of events...

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Well I always thought I never own a 360 this gen but that changed today. It was actually a combination of Assassins Creed and Mass Effect along with the new 65nm falcons, I picked up falcon along with Oblivion and Bullet Witch. So far this November is turning out to be a great month for gaming. I eagerly await picking up Mario Galaxy next week (I've got it all paid off :)). As for PS3 I know for sure I'll get one when FF XIII comes out which should be late '08/early '09.

Metroid Prime 3

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I'm LOVING this game so far. The game is win all around. The controls are great with the exception the turning isn't as fast as I wanted it to be but still decent. It's also easily the best looking Wii game to released. I plan to play a lot more tomorrow. Also when I find the time I'll rite a review for it.

oshare majo love and berry

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Well I recently picked up オシャレ魔女ラブandベリー ( oshare majo love and berry) for DS from play-asia and I really like it. I'm a huge fan of all music games so I had to try it and the card aspect just adds to the fun. It sucks that the only way I can get more cards is by importing but every now and then I see nicely priced ones on ebay so it's not as bad as it could be. As for others games I've been playing Odin Sphere which is one of the most beautiful 2d games I've played in a while. After I finish that I gonna start playing Simple 2000 Earth Defense Force 2. Also at the end of the month Metroid Prime 3 will be mine :)


Brattle Anime Festival

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 I had agreat time and stayed the whole 24 hours along with about 15 others out of the 100+ that started. I survided on nothing but pocky and ramune which I stocked up on at the local Tokyo Kid. When I got home I had a serious craving for some mcdonalds which I satisfied with a big mac, fries, and a sprite. After going one anime I definitely need to watch some more of is Madlax. I'd heard the name before but never watched it but after seeing it there I definitely want to watch more. I also met Nancy Novotny (who does Madlax's voice) there.

Hajimemashi te :)

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Well I've been taking a summer course in Japanese at my university and it's been going well. I know all my hiragana but still have trouble with the ones that use ten ten. This saturday I'm going to a 24 hour anime festival at the suggestion of my teacher. It starts at noon and since I have no class tomorrow I'm gonna spend the day resting up. Once I get japanese input working in Linux I'm gonna start doing some in hiragana.

Jaa mata

(p.s. split the title since GS tried to block it out because of a certain word contained in it) 

Diablo 2

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Well I picked Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: LoD along with some other stuff while I was at EB today. I had only played the first one and could never get into because at the time Starcraft was really my big thing so I never ended up getting serious with it. However playing D2:LoD today really makes me think I'll be spending all summer on it lol. Only thing that sucks is if I want to use my offline character online I have to use open servers which are filled with cheaters. I think I'll only be joining up with people I know.

back from the dead? (sort of)

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Well I've been away from GS for a long as I had gotten extremely busy at one point and just stopped coming to the forums. However I have a bit more time on my hands now. I'm also working on some psp homebrew little by little (a mod player) because I'm a big fan of old chiptunes.

Bad Girls (TV show)

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I've saw an episode a couple of weeks ago and got hooked. Since I've downloaded and watched season 1-7. I Just finished 6 and 7 today. The show originally airs in the UK but a couple of stations (LOGO and BBC America) air it. Season 8 was the final season and I hope I find it soon because I really want to watch it. Any else besides me love the show?
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