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What a Mad Week!

WOW I'm tired... lol. Such a crazy week, i am an assistant for a youth theatre group which is only 30 minutes away from where i am , we have been working with a young group of under 12's and an older group who are around 16 years old. We have been working closely with them to develop their skills in drama and performing with concentration games, improvisation exercises and similar activities, as a result of the development drama skills we have got a writer in to create a script for the older group and they have been working hard to bring this script to life and get it ready for a festival called 'Platform 07', so both the younger group and older group have been developing their own material for this event, which took place last week.. It went really smooth and it has been amazing to be apart of a professional team working back stage, with the lights, sound etc.. Also i have been working at lovely ASDA as well as helping out for the festival... Bad idea because i am now really tired lol.

Anyway im back and shall be posting etc.. GOOD OLD GAMESPOT!

Videos in the XMB??

ooooo i have a question people....
you know when you go onto your videos on the XMB does the videos play in the menu say for 15 secs?? because i have about 15 videos and when i go onto it does not play them it only shows the video symbol, do i need to change something in the setting??

PS3!! the looks

The PS3 is a sexy beast!!!!!  but aint it dam heavy, you just don't expect it to be the weight it is. i prefer the console to be upright so the PLAYSTATION 3 sign is looking at me lol. it is so smooth and sleek, it doesn't scream out GAMES CONSOLE!! it can be part of your TV unit and fit right in with th rest. the only bit i don't like is the flappy bit at the front where you can insert different componants, feels like it can snap off.

LOVE THIS MACHINE!!! just hope loads MORE games take gaming to the next level!! and use this machine to its full potantional.


300: the film

i love this film its SWEET!!! they should make a game, but then again it would be too much like G.O.W! Hmm.. the film looks amazing just watch it and take in the look of it!! defiantly has elements of Sin City in it. And aswell as being quite serious its so funny because of some very small cheesy bits in it which work really well.



I also got this game with my PS3 on the 23rd of March!! Now i love this game i really do because its so much fun but the only let down with me is the single player because is shows this amazing festival and you never feel part of that because all you do is race around the course. at the beginning clip there is loads of different kinds of racing, drifting, some stunts....etc. and this should of been included to make the gamer feel like its a massive festival and your part of it. its an amazing game don't get me wrong i just feel it was under developed, but on the interview he says that the developers had a very short amount of time to get the game out to us which is far enough and they have made an ace game.

but i love the online part! even though i have trouble getting into races, and it takes ages. Hmm il give it another go and see whats what.

DO you think that EVOLUTION will make any more WRC rally games? i hope so. ANYWAY LOVE MOTORSTORM FOR ITS FUNNESS

Res: Fall Of Man

I bought this game with the console and i must say wow!! Its so good to have a really good FPS for my PS3. But i have to say that i am Poo at it, lol i take it online and get killed all the time. I thought if i play the main story for abit i would get better but i am affraid im still quite bad. Ohwell!! still so much fun and i cannot put it down. Ohh does anyone know if my Socom U.S Navy Seals headset would work on the PS3? I'm sure it will, all i have to do is find it Hmmm.....

Sweet game which is just going to get much more fun as soon as i carry on with the main story. Thanks THX and Insomniac