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Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

Woooohoooo! I just got a call from my dad, he's not able to get Tales of Symphonia (boo) but guess what he's getting instead?

Eternal Darkness!


Resident Evil 4!

That really rocks, two scary (yet great) games that'll last me quite a bit.

This is especially good since I'm only 12, yet playing games that are rated "Mature"

Pretty good!!! :DLeon

Itching to go

Hmph. I really want to write a Skies of Arcadia: Legends review, but I'm not on level 6 yet! I'm working hard to get up levels! Btw, does anyone know some good techniques to advance levels? I'd be grateful if somebody could help.  :)

Cramping my Style, Dude

Ugh, I'm really annoyed at the nerdy friends my brother has. While I have cool friends that are fine with starting a fight and scoring girls (like myself :wink: ) my brother has sad friends that are immature and annoying. Not only are they annoying, but they diss me and my style. One of these days I'm gonna MESS THEM UP!:evil:

Phew, not that I have that off my chest, I feel much more complete.

It's been a good day!

Today was a very good day for me. I've had a public holiday because of a Muslim religious festival, i've beaten Skies of Arcadia: Legends for a 2nd time (God that game ROCKS!) and I know that by around December I'll probobly have Advance Wars DS, Metroid Fusion and Tales of Symphonia. I'll also have a new mobile phone by December. Oh well, I've also had a burst of creativity, this being my 2nd blog post of the day. 8)

It's Alive!

Finally! My Gamecube underwent a lens surgery, which was rather risky since Nintendo fastens all the bits of the Gamecube together really tightly to make sure that nobody except for licensed Nintendo repairmen to fix the 'Cube. The operation involved taking out the bottom parts of the Gamecube very carefully, taking out the old and damaged lens, and putting in a new lens that can work far better. After that the bits that were taken off during the surgery has to be fastened back on with cement.I'm so relived that my repairman could fix my Gamecube, it's hard to find a person who can fix technology in Malawi, especially a Gamecube in particular! Now i'm a very happy bunny! :D

I'm ashamed

Hello everbody! First of all I wish to say how sorry I am for not being alert and constant with my updates. I understand it has been a month exactly since I last updated the blog, and I apolagize. I'll try to be more alert in the future!8)

Project Rub/Feel the Magic: Wackiest Game Ever

Project Rub/Feel the Magic is certainly the craziest game ever! It involves the following:

  • Coughing up goldfish
  • Destroying killer plants
  • Blowing out giant candles
  • Unicycling on thin wires
  • Riding down hills in shopping carts
  • Smacking evil bulls
  • Using a human slingshot
  • Spray-Painting pictures of Sonic the Hedgehog on walls
  • And, well, much more!

Rub it!Goldfish!

My Vision

I have a vision of a great game, "Skies of Arcadia :Online"

It could be a MMORPG on the DS when the DS has online capabilities, and people from all over the world could have ship and standard battles, increasing their pirate rank, and the best players could have MASSIVE bounties on their heads, so that if they are defeated in battle, the winners would be rich as hell. Skies

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