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Syberia it real?YES!

I read yesterday on the net...Syberia 3 is on the way for June 2010.First, it think to a joke because this announcement was made on 1April :evil: but soon i realised this is not a joke and is real.Syberia 3 will be on the PC for June 2010.Long time to wait but maybe this waiting will be worth one's while because Syberia 1&2 was the best adventure game made ever and a follow-up is a great ,great news.

I hope this project will be true and Microids will make a great Syberia3 follow-up. Maybe the journey of Kate Walker back to civilization and on the way a new adventure or even a new story it will be fine.I like Syberia series more than words can say and i was so sad when finished.The game is highly expected not only for me...millions of fans wait for this for sure.