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A Little Story!

There are a lot of things you think about as a gamer, the main thing being games! I have been playing games ever since I got my brothers second hand Sega Master system playing classics like Alex Kidd and Shinobi.

It took me awhile to get my next console, a PlayStation 1 for Christmas was the next installment in my gaming life with tomb raider 1+2 and World cup 98, the amount of time I used to play that game and get matches abandoned for having to many players sent off was amazing I think I loved that more than actually playing football on it!

I think as an 8 year old child Tomb raider was a bit hard for me, I used to spend most of my time getting Lara to do handstands as she vaulted up rock walls and shooting hundreds of clips at enemies that only needed a few shots to kill them.

There where many games that followed playing such classics (in my eyes) as Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the dragon as well as Tekken 2 these are such fond memories of mine whenever I see one of these games in a shop it takes me right back to my childhood.

Then as I got a bit older I was introduced to Final Fantasy 7 by my brother and I was instantly in love, Final fantasy 7 was one of the first games I ever played the hell out of yet I dont remember a lot of the storyline.

After I was shown this game I would spend my time trawling trough boot sales to find others in the series little known to me that there where only two others (that Im aware of) at the time. It took me awhile but I eventually found Final Fantasy 8 another game even though I loved I dont remember much about, as a young kid I didnt really play through the story I would just fight and fight for hours on end.

A year or so later I found Final Fantasy 9, to this day this is probably my favorite game of all time even though many dont see it as one of the best Final Fantasy, games I have always loved it maybe it was because the main character had a tail or maybe it was just Vivi. But there was something in that game that has kept me loving it in to my early twenties.

A few years later and another Christmas present was received and this was the Silver PlayStation 2, I got Simpsons skateboarding, this kept me entertained for a few hours on Christmas day and Boxing day then I went out and bought myself a few games one being Final Fantasy 10 this is another game I have loved since I bought it and the story always kept me wanting to play more.

Once I started getting older and being able to afford my own games I bought myself a Gamecube and Zelda Windwaker, this game was truly amazing and it was the first time I had played a Nintendo Console apart from the Gameboy which I had being playing since the Original Gameboy (Which I also picked up from my brother).

I was amazed by the different play style the controller introduced and the way the discs where half the size of the PS2 disks, About a year or so later I bought myself an Xbox as I had heard a lot about a little game called Halo and wanted to see what all the fuss was about, Im still a big fan of the halo games even thought I'm not all that good at them and ever since then I have played Xbox over PlayStation.

Now an owner of an Xbox360 and playing the new call of duty every time it comes out as well as the yearly Fifa installment, I fancied something different and so I bought a gaming PC, I now play games as varied as Diablo and Guild wars 2 to that of Day Z and Minecraft. It amazes me the difference between console gaming and PC gaming and the way mods can add to the experience if it wasn't for mods Day Z would not exist and it amazes me that people can make such great games so easily.

I must say in the last year or two I have been converted to a PC gamer and I am proud to say that!

I hope this kept you interested and I would love to hear what you think of my writing I know my spelling and punctuation isn't the best but I try! :D

New pick up: Lost odyssey

Fianly bought this game i was talking to a friend about it the other day and he said that i shold so went to the shop was looking for a new game and there it was in all its glory and all for the low Price of £12.98, i didnt now that it was made by the person that created final fantasy so that just made me want it even more, Started playing it a little, really liked the beggining with the big battle was amazing :D

i'll give you guys some more info on what i think once i have played it a bit more as it is unfair to rate a game on less than an hours play so ill get back to you within the next couple of days.

peace out *salutes*

Why Square Enix ..... Why?

What is going on at square enix at the moment, ever since i was a little kid Square Enix have been whipping out games but not just any games quality games, my first experience of a Square Enix was Final Fantasy 7, I had never seen anything like it in my life i loved it and didnt stop playing it until i bought Final fantasy 8 and 9, My love for there games then went on to the playstation 2 With possibly the best of there games Final Fantasy X This isprobably the best game i have ever played in my life.

Being an owner of a gamecube i was surprised to find out that they where bringing out Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronichles, i then went out and bought this game just to be ashamed to buy it i hated it, i thought i never would of hated a game like this especially a Final Fantasy game this is when my belief in Square Enix dropped and i was like :O until.... Final Fantasy X-2 m belif sudden rose in them again and i respected them for making one of the best sequels to a game of all time, the fact that it was a sequel to my favourite game of all time made it even better, then came Final Fantasy 12 this game had the same kind of effect on me that Crystal Chronicles had and i just lost my respect in Square Enix, then Dragon Quest came i loved it i know this story sounds a bit rubbish with all the ups and downs but its just what this company does to me.

But yet again they have done it again Infinite Undiscovery.... if Crystal Chronicles was bad i'm not even gonna say the word that i think this is actually i am DIRE!!! this is possibly the worst game of all time i can't stand it the biggrest waste of money ever so i have just lost all hope in Square Enix...

...Lets just hope that Final Fantasy 13 restores my confidence in this company as one of the greatest game developers of all time

more on the immenessness of too human

Well i got it bout 2 weeks ago did my little mini review that noone posted on :( but here it goes im gonna go a bit more in to detail on the game :D.

Well 1st things first completed the game once :D was surprised when there where only four levels until i was told that it was sposed to be a trilogy then was like 8o WOO! I really do enjoy this game i just bought it for a cheap pick up when i was buying some other games a nice little £7.98 :D and it has been the only game i have played in the last few days, really, REALLY!! enjoying it :D,

firstly i like the way that you fight on the game using the analog stick to fight the enemy Goblins Trolls and Elves is really good and the mixture of norse mythology with a modern twist is like :O, nice Havok have just made one of them games that has just blown me away, if i was a game i would definately be Too human :D, its like one of them games tht if it was a horse it would have three legs but still win all its races :P

The Main charachter Baldur is a really brilliantly thought out personas the box says a cybernetically advanced super soldier its just brilliant the modern and the olda sword and then press the trigger buttons and LASER GUNS!!! i was like OMG! :P for a game with so few levels you would expect it to have no gameplay at all but i have played it completed it and now am plaing it again even the online play is quite fun playing it with ur friends :D

All in all i reckon this was one of the games of 08 and i think it is really underestimated as a game hope some of you agree with me :D

*salutes* peace out :P

Xmas and the games it bought me

Well first of all the game i actually got for xmas is Lips: its fun with the family but it not as good when you play it on your own, i do enjoy it id say marks out of 10 is a 7/8.

And now to the games that i bought with the money i got for xmas, well fist of all dead space :D love it really freaks me out at times brilliantly done and an all round fun game i'd give it a 9/10.

then to probably the biggest let down of all my purchases infinite undiscovery i thought i would really like it but its not all i expected it to be :( im stuck already and it a really strange type of way to play an rpg i jus dont like it i'd give it a 5 jus cos it made by Square Enix but other than that i really dont like it.

Mirrors edge :D luv luv luv this game :D the graphics arent that great but the game itself the gameplay and idea are amazing i get stuck but i always manage to get out of it with a quick hop skip and jump :D but yh really good game ill give it a 8 would be maybe 9/10 if graphics where better though.

And last but not least and the cheapest of my four purchases coming in ant a nice low £7.98 :D is Too Human really good game gets a bit hard in places and the levels get stupidlly long, the other night i was playing wanted to go on cod with friends kep-t going ill come on when ive done this level 2 hours later they where all offline and i finally completed the level i was like :| i do really like it and for tht ill give it a 6 if the levels werent as long id give it a 7/8 but yh good purchase for such a low price i think.

Well thats all i think that is about it, so hope u enjoy the reading, tlk sooon :D

Yet another one of my ooh i have ten punds lets spend it on games random pick up

Well walking home from skool and i havent played my ps2 in awhile so i thought hmm lets get a game or 2 so i can b bovad to play it so i went in looked about and saw 3 for £10, browsing through the titles i came across a couple of old classics in devil may cry 1 and also kingdom hearts 1 so they where deffinately games i was getting, then i possibly came across one of them once in a lifetime pick ups shin megami tensei digital devil saga 2 i was like :O :O :O so picked it up and took it 2 the desk the woman spent like 10 minutes looking for it so i was like jus standing there lookin around as u do :D then she was like i cant find it i was like :( so i wnet to get another game and i came back and she found it :O :D and it also had a soundtrack cd with it i was like :O yay! so this weekend looks like it will be fun :D

peace out!

rainbow 6 vegas 2

this is a quote taken fom the actual rainbow six website

it is about the release date and some oter news from the developers

"Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Vegas 2 for next-generation consoles and PC is scheduled for a March 2008 release. Developed at Ubisoft Montreal by the same team that created the award-winning Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is the sixth iteration in the wildly successful Rainbow Six franchise which celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2008 with more than 16 million units sold worldwide to date."

"Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas took the gaming world by storm in 2006 thanks to its technological advances and gameplay innovations," said Yves Guillemot, president and chief executive officer at Ubisoft. "We are convinced that Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 will remain a pioneer in the highly competitive first person shooter genre, bringing more of what Rainbow Six fans love to the table."

Call of duty 4

Well there some rumours going round of golden weapons in Call of duty 4 ive only ever seen the the golden desert eagle and the golden shotty i wanna see the gold dragunov :(

Also prestige mode rumours of wen u get to level 7 prestige tht u can use silencers and red dots on ur gun at the same time there are lots of rumours about level 10 prestige but i dunno bout them yet so ill update this wen iknw. anyway see ya round from andrew

New game Dragon Quest VIII

well my mum was nice enough to give me £10 for no reason the other day so i went round the corner to game ad a look round nothing tht i really wanted and thn there it was Dragon quest for the PS2 i was like ooo..

so looked at the price and it said £9.99 i was like :O gota buy it (see anything tht has square enix has to be bought :D)

so i bought it went home started playing it not actually tht bad quite a good game soo.. anyway im off to play it a bit more see ya round.

games of the newness and 10K gamerscore!!!!!!!!

well i havent dun a blog on here for ages so thought i would do one to be nice and active on the website :P well the new games first


Awesome game, bought it thought i wouldnt like it a not usually good at fps' but im ok at this one played on easy to get used to it done a few achievement completed the game and got 605points in 3 days gotta get the lst few harder ones and then im dun.

also borrowed world snooker championship off of my mate dave, wht a load of poo this game is it is just stupidly hard and there is no way to change the difficulty so i thought sod tht.

and finnaly the newest game is...................

Enchanted arms:

well only got yday started playing it was a bit boring at first but then after all the lip flapping at the beggining it actually turns out to be a pretty good game very like final fantasy except for the battle system for it is ever so slightly different with range of the charachters coming in to play, but other than tht it is brill luvin it atm,

Also i got 10K GAMERSCORE WOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway im off to play some more enchanted arms see you all later from andrew