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Persona 4 Hype

Just wanted to share how pumped I'm because of Persona 4 Golden.

Never played a Persona game before and started with P3P on my Vita... Beard of God, the game is fantastic even with the downgrade for the psp. So in light of this, I bought Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Golden. Tomorrow is taking it's time to come...

Maybe I'll be sick tomorrow... Who knows... (evil laugh)

Next gen blocking used games

So, what are your thoughts about that? At first glance, I thought it an awful predicament for the gaming industry. If I buy something, that something is mine. But with online distribution and the grim scenery painted buy Piper Jaffray, I believe that if some actions are observed, I would not mind not been able to sell my used games to Best Buy or Gamestop (I?m not discussing the impact it would make at this companies) if:

- The games had a price drop. If instead of $60 bucks, the games started at a price of $30 or $20, I would buy a lot more games, and would not mind to have a bunch of old games at my hard drive or in hardcopy.

- The online distribution got cheaper. This point is ridiculous for me. The games you buy at XBOX Live or PSN should, by the very nature of the transaction, be cheaper. MS and Sony doesn?t have the expenses with the whole distribution sector, been this sells the most lucrative;

- The quality of the games got an increase. I must say, I spent a lot of money in games in the last years, and only a few really seen worth the trade. Some I got pissed in the very 5 minutes of the game (Resistance 1 should come for free with Resistance 2. The game is terrible?).

The only games I recon not been a letdown in the last year are: Dark Souls and Mass Effect 3. The first keep making me come back and play it or play Demons Souls. And the second one is so good that I started a new character in Mass Effect 2, just to see the different choices at the 3rd game.

So, what you guys think?


Hello all. Been a while since I wrote any thoughts here at gamespot blogs, but a lot happened since the last time I checked in.

One of the reasons to be MIA during all this time was Dark Souls. Damm, this game is good. So good I dusted of my Demons Souls and I'm playing it for the first time, but really playing it. The difficult of Demon Souls scared me off when I first tried it, one year ago. Now, I?m in love with it, just because Dark Souls conquered my soul.

The second reason was Skyrim, which I still didn't put too much time in it because I'm playing the PS3 version. I decided to wait for the patch and kind of put my gaming mind in other games (darksiders, Shank, Uncharted and others...).

The third main game to steal my life was Mass Effect 3. I, for some unknown reason, decided to play the third game on my PS3 instead of my 360, where my ME2 save was. So I played a pre generated Shepard and loved the game regardless. Still didn't understood all the fuss about the ending. It is quite simple: Sh!t happens sometimes, regardless of your choices in life. The game was good enough to make me buy ME2 to play at my PS3. The comic where you play (some of) the choices you made in ME1 should have come to Xbox 360 as well. Great add.

The last but not least of the happenings in my life, and I should say, the most important, is that my baby boy was born in February. He is a health young boy named John Gabriel (in Portuguese is João Gabriel). If anyone has any desire to see any picture of him, you can add me at Instagram (andreperezpalha) or facebook (André Perez Palha).

Between him and my job, the time I have to play shrink. I still managed to play some games (looking forward to play The Witcher 2), I plan to write some thoughts about the Darksiders x Castlevania: Lord of Shadows gamespot review, and review some of the games that come out in the last months.

Thank you for reading,

Kind regards,

Dark Souls Pre-ordered

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know I will be joining the blight next tuesday. I played some of Demon Souls, and plan to continue plyaing it, but I'm really excited about Dark Souls. The game seens very beautiful and really difficult. Hope I can manage it :D

If you guys wants to add me, my psn user is andreppalha.

Have a good weekend.

Vanquish got vanquished

Last friday I was presented with a great game opportunity, Vanquish for $10 at GoHastings. Obviously, I did not let the opportunity pass and got the game.

I had tried the game before, on my XBOX 360, but the game was from a friend and did not had a lot of time to dig in the game. This version I bought is for the PS3.

The game, putting in simple, blow my mind away. I started and finished it on saturday, with some trophie hunt during the gameplay. I played on normal and vanquish 39 of the 51 trophies on my first playtrough, that took me 12 hours to conclude, between campaign and redoing some parts of the game to unlock the trophie that I recognized at the moment.

This is one of the best 3rd person shooters I had the pleasure to play. The game uses the over the shoulder mechanics, famous because of RE:4, a cover system really similar to Gears of War, and a slide mechnics with slow time that is amazing.

The mechanics are kind of overwhelming in the very beggining of the game, but once mastered, you will slide truw the game. This game is fast paced, and you has to run to keep up. There is no end on the velocity (maybe one mission of 5 minutes) of the action.

The history is (+-) interesting, been there just to for backgroung, as most shooters. I plan to review it soon.

If you have the opportunity to play this game, give it a try. It is heart pounding action for 8 straight hours, depending of the skill of the player. I'm not very good at shooters, but I don't play games on easy, I normally play it, well, on normal.

Disgaea 4: A promise Unforgotten - First Thoughts

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten is the last game from NIS, the company that brought us games with silly stories, featuring bad guys not that bad and fantastic game play. The Disgaea series is grinding heaven for the Strategic Role and Playing Games (SRPG) hardcore players. The first one was a mark on the PS2 history, when you could buy a game that has so much content, that you could spend 700 hours (Don't believe it? Search on youtube).

The Disgaea series provide some installments and spin-offs of the series, been the whole collection composed by: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness (PS2) (Afternoon of Darkness on the PSP), Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (PS2) (Dark Hero Days on the PSP), Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice (PS3), Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero? (PSP), Prinny 2: Dawn of Operations Panties (PSP) and the newer game Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten.

Disgaea 4, as all games from disgaea series, is set on the Netherworld, where demons live. We follow the vampire Lord Valvatorez, former tyrant and actual prinny instructor, who gave away his power because a promise made to human centuries ago. A huge cast of unorthodox (on the common sense view) characters is available, like the werewolf steward, the dreaming schoolgirl, the spoiled brat and a on process final boss. There're some moments that the humor of this game maybe to outrageous, but I find myself laughing and smiling more often than not during the game.

Silly stories aside, Disgaea 4 is the first game of the series (aside from the first one) that bring really new features to the table. The game is updated to the current visual gaming generation, problem vastly criticized on Disgaea 3, but it is not the most gorgeous game around. The grinding fest remains untouched, but has been tuned with new features, such as the online interactions, new to the franchise. It is possible now to have senators from "other" Netherworld to accept or deny your bills. It is possible to invade other gamer worlds,through piracy and be invaded as well.

This added a whole new scale to the Item World (described as the game says: random dungeons for the hardcore), with the treat of fighting the current enemies and pirates. The game lest you choose the range of levels the pirates can pirate you, to not allow a great distance of power. Aside from the regular campaign, there is the Item World. The Item World is composed of random dungeons inside each item of the game so the scale of possibilities is impressive. NIS, thinking all of this is still not enough; they add a map creator to game, following the same line as LittleBigPlanet.

I bought Disgaea 4 on pre-order, received on September 6 and have 32 hours of game play. I can tell you for sure that I barely scratched all the features this game has to offer. When I finally finish the game, I will get my final opinion back to you.

The metascore of this game is currently 84 out of 100.

Thank you for reading.

What I would like to see in Dead Space 3?

Yes, What I would like in Dead Space 3. I know, the second statement of the series got out in January and,at least for me, is one of the games that should get a Game of The Year award.

Dead Space 1 is the most terrifying game of this console generation, presenting new ideas to a market saturated with follow-ups (COD, Halo, Homefront, and a lot of more games). The gamespot review for this game is hereand IGN is here. The game metacritics is a 89 for the XBOX 360 and 88 for the PS3.

Dead Space 2 is everything the first game was and more. Great story (spoiler free: nothing is more chocking for me than Dead Space 1 climax), great gameplay and a good set of lead characters. This game has a gameplay so refined that keeps pulling me back. The gamespot review is hereand IGN is here. This game metacritics is 90 to the XBOX 360 and 89 to PS3.

This being said and due to the success of the games, an third statement seem pretty obvious. That it would be a trilogy, it was already known, and EA planning to set Dead Space as a solid horror franchise is known as well.

So, during the development of the second game EA actually listened to most of what players had to complain about Dead Space to make a better game in Dead Space 2. Thinking of that, I started thinking of what I would like to see in Dead Space 3.

Here is my list:

- More player choices impacts (not only the en-game choices only, but actually in-game things. Ex: receive a radio of a group of survivors needing help and having a set of time to rescue then. If not done, this survivors would become living dead or scavengers, fighting for survival and using the same resources of Isaac. If rescued, could be a safe haven.)

- Customization. The armors in Dead Space are awesome. But I would like to customize a little, and as been a console player, mods are not an option.

- More means to an end, giving the player the option to choose this approach (like Deus Ex: Human Revolution);

- Option to kill civilians. WTF? Yes, kill civilians. If this group of people is running to a area you know has a lot of lurkers, and they are probably future lurkers, way not kill then now, that they don't pose so much of a treat?

- Some explanation for some things. I now this is vague and I don't want to spoil the game for anyone, but I believe there is to much open. Is like the Lost ending. Nothing was explained. And in the beginning it was great, after the scary experience you had with Isaac (twice now) the feeling of surviving is overwhelming and fulfillling, but there are a lot of open questions.

- No multiplayer. Yes, no multiplayer. Some games are design to have great multiplayer experience, others not. Dead Space is one of the last. I never even played the multiplayer for this game. You see, the atmosphere of this game is one of it's major qualities, and no way in hell you can keep this in multiplayer parties, with 12 year old screaming and cursing all the time. Let the first person shooters have then.

- No co-op. Resident Evil 5 was not that great a game because you had a companion all the time. Part of what makes a horror game good is the loneliness and the longing for other living (virtually speaking) person. Nothing is as scary as the feeling of been the last one alive, or having all the others characters in safe havens an you in the fray.

- Keep the sound team. They're amazing. One of the reasons this games works.

- New kinds of monsters, but without getting to loose. The babies still give me chills.

- Correct time table for the single player campaign. Both games had the correct time table to tell their story without been to long or to short. Adding some side quests, or the possibility to play for the perspective of other person (as in the dlc Severed) would add great replay value.

I believe this is all I have for now. What you would like in Dead Space 3? What 're your thoughts about the franchise?

Deus Ex: Human Revolution First Impressions

I pre-ordered (from Amazon) Deus Ex 3 and started playing it on the day of the release, 2 days ago. I have already 12 hours of gameplay, and I think I just finished the first piece of the game. I would like to express my feelings as a gamer to help if someone is still wondering if should or shouldn't buy this game.

Graphics: I must say the graphics of Deus Ex 3 is not the best in games. After playing God of War 3, Uncharted, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Dead Space 2, it is easy to find examples of more polished games out there. I'm not saying the game is ugly, far from that, but could be better. One important thing to mention is that the developers invested a lot of time building the gameplay, so it was probably a tradeoff between graphics and gameplay. I choose gameplay anytime of the week.

Gameplay: This game has unique gameplay experience, allowing the player to do (mostly) whatever you want. If you can think in a solution for the problem you has in the moment, you probably can do it. Some of the side quests require some degree of augmentation, so you may be forced to invest in some skill you had no interest. For example: I never really cared for hacking, but in this game, is like picking locks, so no hacking, no picking locks, and some side quests require a high level of hacking to complete it. I was able to bypass the need of hacking looking for different routes of access, but sometimes, only hacking can solve your problem. The game looks like a mix of Splinter Cell: Conviction, Call of Duty, Mass Effect and so one. The game allows you to be stealth, enter guns blazing, discuss for a solution and so one. It plays as a first person shooter with a 3rd person shooter cover system. I really liked the takedowns.

This game rewards you for whatever decision to proceed in the game. If you manage to go undetected for a compound, you will receive a large chunk of xp. If don't kill anyone but put then to sleep thru takedowns or tranquilizer darts, you receive more xp than for killing then. If you go with headshots, you get more xp and so one.

Time: This game is huge. I have already 12 hours in it and I plan to have a lot more. There are a lot of side quests, ebooks, and people to talk to understand this world. The quests (already this early) have different outcomes based on your options. This game has a lot of replay value waiting to be explored. It is not possible to have all augmentations, so no build you be equal to other making the experience different every time.

As soon as I finish this game, I will post a review.

Ps.: I just got to Xanghai, and I'm looking forward to find the Hive and have this:

Thank you for reading. Best regards.

Gaming trip to the past

I've finished recently Heavy Rain, excellent game, and decided to play some old classics on the psp.

I've packed my psp with the following:

Final Fantasy I;

Final Fantasy II;

Tales of Eternia;

Final Fantasy IX;

And, a new one, Patapon 3.

So far, I'm spending a lot of time on Final Fantasy I. Absolute fantastic game...

PSPgo or PSP 3000?

I want to buy a PSP, but I never had a handheld before. Reading the discussions on the internet, I saw a lot of stuff between these two PSP versions. Anyone have one of them and would like to share how was the experience with me?

Also, which games to look for? I love rpgs, and I the PSP have a great lsit. I already have the FFIX on my PS3, so I will start with this one, any thoughts?

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