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Things I'd like to share...

Hey everyone!!!

It's been since Christmas that I haven't done a post blog, so why not make something now that January is gone...

I'm officially playing FarCry, Civilization 4 and

Company of Heroes.

Secondly I was elected as the newest officer at the Prince of Persia Clan!!! it's one of the coolest fast-growing unions of the spot.

I'd like to encourage all the Pop players, or future players to join this union. It's really cool!!!


And Since I completed my first emblem row, I'd like to say something about that....

My "neighboorly" upgrated to "convivial" and I got the "I voted" emblem.


Also I've written two new reviews, which you can check out and tell me what you think, and I'm also planing to post my first video soon....

Oh, I almost forgot!, I finished the first semester on Wednesday and I'm mostly satisfied with my results. the lowest grade was a B in Chemistry.... (I hate Chemistry!!!!!!........)

see you soon!!!


My new Emblems!

My new emblems....

What's up everyone? I know I haven't posted anything cool lately so since my Old school emblem upgrated to "Hella Old-School" I thought this mought be a nice ocassion to share something.

My "Neighboorly" and "Hella Old-School emblems"

I wish I could post blogs like this more OFTEN!

That's insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys, have you noticed I'm missing two of my emblems? I refreshed the page a couple of times (since I first thought that was a script error) but they're not there still................. I can't find an logical explaniation still. :(

It's been a long time....

Hey everyone! yep It's been a long time since I last made a blog post :P..... and anyway::: I have alot to say :wink:

First a friend of mine told me about the opportunity to get a Mortal Kombat cool Emble and here it is:8)

Second I finally passed Level 7 since I had been stucked in it for a lot of time.............. :wink:

Third I have been downloading a lot of stuff from BearShare and Ares lately, and I downloaded a lot of full PC games, but only 3 of them are worth to mention:

1-The Sims (a little old but cool)

2-Empire Earth (same thing- I've written a review if you want)

3-Hitman 2 Silent Asassin (This is an awesome game!!!!!!)

Fourth I've found a site that has cool wallpaper for every single Game or Movie! Here it is:

And a cool wallpaper from Ice age I just downloaded:

Hope I'll be abble to post more often! :P :wink:     See you!

I'm happy!

And here is the reason:


Since it hasn't been a whole month since I started to be active on GameSpot I think this is one of the happiest gaming dates for me :wink:    

I hope this is a good day for each of you!                                      Andi

Three bad deaths...

Three men who died in the same day meet in front of heavens door. The saint said only one of them could go to heaven. So he asked them to tell him how they died and only the one who had the worst death could go to heaven.

The first one began: "It had been years that suspected of my wife being unfaithfull. One day I was more sure than ever and found her in the shower. I could't find the man but I made no noise so I could find him faster. I looked everywhere and then I went to the balcony. There I see him hanging and I try anything to throw him off. I start hitting his hands, but that guy still didn't fall. Then I took my hammer and hit his hand and there he falls off, 25 floors down, but he fell on a truck full of cussions and was still alive. Than I take my frige, throw it at him and then he finally dies. Desperate I suicided."

The second man continues: "I was working out at my balcony at the 27-th floor of an 30 floor building. Accidentally I fall, but luckily I cold to another balcony 2 floors lower. Then a psycho hits my hands with anything he could untill I drop. It seemed like my lucky day since I fell on a truck. But that psycho threw his fridge at me and I finally died!"

The third man whisperes: "Imagine your self, naked, In a fridge, falling from the 25-th floor..."

Whom did you think was admited???????

Do you speak english?

An non-US citizen goes to an american hotel in California. He didn't speak good english at all, but he knew some words. So he picks up the phone, calls the room service and the waiter at the other side of the phone hears:

"TU TI TU TU TU TU, TU TI TU TU TU TU again and again."

The waiter asks a college and he could't understand a thing neither. As all of the hotel employes try to figure out what the man wants, a cook from the same country with the man asks the waiter to give him the phone. The man hears it once and says:

"I think this man is trying to say : Two tees to 222!"

Who cares...

People plz. don't get offended. This is just a joke.

My great grandfather was an world war II soldier, and after the war was over he and some friends went to celebrate at a coffee bar. In the next table they see two people wispering to each other. Me great grandfather recognizes them and asks the men:

"Sorry you look like Hitler!"

"I'm Hitler and this is my friend Stallin!"

"So what are you doing here?"-my great grandpa aska

Hitler replies: "We are planning World War III. In this war I'm thinking of killing 10.000.000 jews and a butcher!"

Corious my great grandpa asks again : "Why are you going to kill the butcher??????"

Then Hitler says to Stalin : "I told you no one cares about Jews!!!!!!!!"

World War II

No offending to nobody THIS IS JUST A FUN JOKE that wants to make fun of one of the worst things ever happened.

When the nazi Germany was conquering Russia they went from one village to another killing every men in sight. That wasn't fun at all so two officers who were getting bored of killing anybody decided to make things very fun. They put all the russian men naked in line, covered their heads and took a woman. If she could recognize her husband just by lloking at his genital organ they'd both be free.

So the first woman came..... "Not mine, not mine, not mine, MINE!!!"

And so the second one, the third and then the Germans realized how dump they were. "Hey Hans" - one officer said to the other -"they are screwing us. How do we know they are picking the wright man? Go get you're self in line cover you'r face and let's see if they are not cheating!

So another woman came in line. Then she goes: "Not mine, not mine, not mine, hugh, not from our village, not mine, MINE!"