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Big Changes for the Blue Jays

The Toronto Blue Jays team has changed noticeably over the past week. They started off by bolstering their lineup by adding free agent Frank Thomas. Thomas hit 39 homers last season with the Athletics and will batt in the DH role. However, with the addition of Thomas they also lost 2 valuable assest to last year's second place team in the AL East Division. Justin Speier was the set-up man to B.J Ryan last season and signed with the Angels. Left fielder Frank Catlanotto signed with the Texas Rangers as well, making Reed Johnson the clear starter in left field next season.

Beat Misirlou on expert (Guitar Hero 2)

Yesterday I beat Misirlou on expert, it is probably the hardest song in the game but once I got past the 35-40 percent mark I was rolling along. If you don't believe me I can put a pic on a blog with the top rockers thing on quick play, my name will be there.

Got Guitar Hero 2 and beat Freebird on expert!!!

Yesterday I got Guitar Hero 2 for the PS2. I played through the game on hard difficulty without failing once. I would've played the game through expert but I wanted to unlock all of the songs first. I played Freebird on quick play mode and after failing 2 tries, I finally got it after the third try and beat supposobly the hardest song in Guitar Hero 2. I haven't tried Mirilou or Hanger 18 yet so I'm not sure that Freebird is the hardest but I'm pretty happy with what I've accomplished so far.

Guitar Hero 2 comes out in 5 days

I can't wait til Guitar Hero 2, I recently beat the first game on expert and I am really looking forward to the next Guitar Hero game. I can't wait to play songs like: Sweet Child O Mine, Freebird, Hanger 18, and many more. Too bad there isn't anymore Pantera in this game. I can't believe that Metalicca didn't make the game, Fade to Black and One would be great choices for the next game. Anyways, this is going to be a great game and I am really looking forward to it.

Beat Cowboys From Hell on expert (Guitar Hero)

Yesterday I beat Cowboys From Hell on expert on Guitar Hero. I got 71% notes hit which is bad but its a pass. I know that I'm not the best in the world at Guitar Hero but I'm pretty happy that I was able to beat the game on expert before Guitar Hero 2 comes out.

World Series Stage is set

The World Series is set and it looks to be a classic. The American League Champion Detriot Tigers had a wonderous regular season, they had the best record in the Majors at the all-star break. However, they hit a roadblock during the second half and lost the division to the Minnesota Twins, they still got into the playoffs by winning the wildcard over last year's champs the Chicago WhiteSox. They played the New York Yankees in the first round of the playoffs and I thought they were finished. The Yankees won game 1 but choked and were eliminated by the Tigers in 4 games. They then played the Oakland Athletics who swept my pick to win the World Series the Minnesota Twins. The A's were no match for the Tigers bowing down to them in 4 games. A's slugger Frank Thomas went 0-11 in the series. His former teammate Maglio Ordonez had no troubles hitting the baseball as he connected with the walk-off home-run that ended Oakland's season.

 Ivan Rodriguez celebrates

The St. Louis Cardinals looked to have their division locked up with 10 games remaining. They faced a scare however and sqeecked into the playoffs only a game ahead of the Houston Astros. The Cardinals were not as bad as there record showed, I picked them to beat the Padres and the Mets. Although I had my doubts when I picked them to beat the Mets but they pulled it out in 7 games. The Cardinals were powered all season by strong MVP candidate Albert Pujols who hit 49 homers and 130+ RBI's despite misising 2 weeks because of injury. The Cardinals have a very strong lineup with Pujols, Edmonds, and Rolen leading the pack. The Cards weakness is that they don't have very strong pitching, they have ace Chris Carpenter but after him the pitching is really weak.


I'm going to go with the Cards because I've gone with them all playoffs and they haven't let me down. May the better team win.

Cardinals in 6 games

Work is tough

I wanted a job when I applied but now that I've got a job I am not getting much time off. I get 2 days off out of 7 a  week and I usually have to work 3 or 4 days in a row in a week. I am getting paid a lot more than my paper route paid me which is good, but I''m not getting much free time to go on the computer or do other fun stuff. I've accomplished a few things since my last blog like: Beating Bark At the Moon on expert on Guitar Hero, getting my first paycheck, and getting a Guitar Hero 2 demo which has 4 songs (Shout At The Devil, YYZ, Strutter, and You Really Got Me).

2 New Halo games announced!!!

Two Halo games have recently been announced: Halo Wars and an Unnamed game that will be made by Peter Jackson, who will be working on the Halo movie. Halo Wars is an RTS game, and looks very good from what I saw on the trailer. Halo Wars will be coming out next year for the 360. I'm guessing the Unnamed game by Peter Jackson will be based on the movie, the movie is coming out in 2008 so I bet the unnamed Halo game will come out shortly after the movie is relased.

NBA 2K7 or NBA Live 07

The 2 most recent basketball games I played were NBA 2K5 and NBA Live 06, one of them was fun but the other has disasterous. NBA 2K5 was very fun and I enjoyed playing with friends but NBA Live was horrible. NBA Live 07 looks gorgeous but I can't trust EA sports because of their track record on the last NBA game. The NBA 2K series might not look as good as Live I know that they'll deliver in terms of gameplay. So which of the 2 should I get: NBA Live 07, or NBA 2K7.

First Day of Work

Today was my first day of work at A & W. I was very nervous when I first started but about an hour into my 4 hour shift I started to get the hang of things. I'm working this Wednesday from 5 pm to 9 pm and on Saturday from 4 pm to 8 pm.