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Arabic Folktales as Videogames

"Arabic Folktales as Videogames"

This certainly had been stuck in my mind for quite a while. I have been wondering: Why can't Arabic Folktales be translated into videogames? Putting aside all the Iraq-war-based videogames, I am certain that within each culture, especially Arabic ones, there lies a folktale that literary can be made into a videogame.

We cannot deny that we have seen Greeks myths being so, Western folks, and Japanese as well. People would mention Aladdin as being related to Arabic culture and whatnot, but how about those which are not perceptible on the surface? Digging tales of the past folklore would surely add waves of cultural as well as interesting historical consciousness...!! Let alone being totally new concepts and original and new to many (including people in the same region)

I am not well-versed on this matter, but I think it is a great idea...!!! Seeing all the emulation of a certain community with different settings that we usually are familiar with, and with stories that are not quite known to all is what I like to see in future videogames...

Any suggestion on this matter?!!!

Let us play My life according to..--it's fun.

My life according to Akira YamaokaUsing only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions.Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "My life according to

Are you a male or female?
As the Sun Drowns.

Describe yourself:
Screams within Purgatory.

How do you feel:
From Below..... (What the f***)

Describe where you currently live:

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:

Your favorite form of transportation:
Silence before the Storm.

Your best friend is:
Ring, Spike, and Bay....

You and your best friends are:
Disturbance in the Night....(Ha)

What's the weather like:
Mind Trap of Commotion

Favorite time of day:

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
Pipes and Machines.

What is life to you:
Approach with Caution

Your last relationship:
Gear, Golf, and Beam

Your fear:
The Hunger Sets In

What is the best advice you have to give:
Distant Advocates

Thought for the Day:
Memory of Alessa.

How I would like to die:
Hellish Discord.

My soul's present condition:
Cardio Vascular...

Most Faithful Companion:
The Secret Chapel

My Motto:
The Living Must...!!!

Alice ~ Madness Prevails~

"Alice ~ Madness Prevails~"--Arranged by Amylian.

However,this is by no means my own composition; the original composer is Jason Tai who provided some wonderful tracks for Alice : Madness Returns and gave a Victorian touch to it. This is merely an interpretation of Alice : Madness Returns' Main Theme. All Right Reserved to EA and Jaison Tai. I enjoyed the game so much and I had fun wondering around collecting shattered memories and shooting flying pigs'

Anyways, I haven't really done so much in this one except adding few beats...!! Enjoy it though...!!!


The Sword of Amylian

"The Sword of Amylian." -- Composed by Amylian..!!

Well, not the best piece that I ever wrote, but it's cool I'd say...!! It's kinda experimental...!! So Enjoy it...!! I remember listening to one of Nobou-sama's FF soundtracks and it influenced me heavily to do this one...!!

hahaha I am not a professional, but I hope you'll like it...Your feedbacks are appreciated...!!


Persona 3 FES


Let me just share this "non-sense" story of mine regarding Persona 3. Well, this is just to give myself a loose reason to blog here, nothing else...!!! lol

Anyways, let me begin:

I remember the day when I first went to Souq Al-Maqasees (A traditional market) --more like a bazaar, and my eyes caught Persona 3. In fact, there were two of them, one is Persona 3 and the other is FES. I didn't know that FES was the one that I should be picking up so I picked both; that is, I thought FES was simply an expansion so I should be playing Persona 3 first...!!!

I got back home, it was in 2007, and at once I surfed the net, seeking information about the game and I was astonished, and pissed at the same time, when I discovered that FES alone would be enough and more than enough...So one Dinar was wasted (Rest in peace).

I played the game that night and to tell you the truth, it disgusted me. The overarching formula wasn't my type. I was and am more like Final Fantasy/ Shadow Hearts type, so I threw it in the garbage...!!!

Now in 2010, I bought a new one, and I am playing itand ironically, I am enjoying it...!!! So what do you think brought about this change, I wonder?

And oh yes, what's with this catchphrase? "Oh, it's a game when people shoot themselves in the head to summon a persona." Well, sounds original to me...

Also, I thought I would share my favourite quote,too:

Get back here, you son of a-! (During All-Out Attack)-- Junpie.:D


Ali aka Amylian

Parasite Eve Reborn

It's been nearly nine years since I first encountered Parasite Eve 2. I was 12 back then, and could not fathom how such a game is played. But it left really superb memories within me that are unforgettable and till today I still listen to the soundtrack that is absolutely touching and breathtaking.

The Cover of Parasite Eve 2.

Afterward, I played Parasite Eve 1, which I really, too, loved. I thought I would just share this little piece of info as whenever I see the name Parasite Eve being mentioned or rumored, tears flow as the feelings of nostalgia reach me inside and I badly recall all those time when I was young, irresponsible, and having fun...!!!

The Cover of Parasite Eve 1.

Raoming the desert, lurking inside the factory, striding inside the complex, and Aya Brea having a shower (lol) were ultimate moments I won't ever forget in my gaming years...!!! Aya Brea is having a shower. I wish that Parasite Eve would be reborn...!!! Please SquareEnix, do it!!!!

Aya is having a shower. Now this is a moment...!!!


Ali Makki aka Amylian