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i made a group on face book.

for those who know face book ,i have made groups for:harry potter called harry potter fans and dumbledore army to defeat voldmort,its to meet all people who loves harry potter ,talking about the bravery of him and his friends for making order to try to over come the dark lord,we can talk about the books or the movies.

there are also group for horror movie lovers called:horror ans science fiction movies & games fans,for talking about latest horror movies.

also group for yugioh & yugioh gx lovers called:yugioh & yugioh gx fans in egypt ,every one (not only egyptions)can share ,those with experiences about cards can join,telling us more hints.

face book is great,i wrote this blog not for advertising but just to tell u about face book and my groups to find me there my friends.

horror mania

ilike games ,ps,ps2 till now i wish then ps3. i love horror games mainly .wish i become friend with those with same mind as me.
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