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oh people,iam so sad at 1st gamespot stopped showing ps1 games,then ps2?!!but ps3 cds still expensive,and ps2 was still great

vacation at last

i finally almost finished exam and finished this boring 3rd year in mdicine.iam longing to ps &my r u all?what r the news of ps games?any new cool horror or sci-fic games?i wanna talk to my friends ,&enjoy the holiday.

my exams

hi i missed every 1,in these days i have practical exams ,i have a lot to sudy and in may and june i will have written exams then oral exams till 3/7 i hope to finish safely to have good holidayd,i missed playstation2 and all games.pray for me and for all people having eams.wanna meet u soon in vacation.

the vacation

At last we have finished exams in our college from a week at 24/1(thursday),sorry for not writting for long time,i spent the 1st week of the mid-year vacation playing on computer(games on net that u can have fun with like:

1-god of time: or
Gods of Time
2-knight fight:
3-banana king:
4-monster game:
5-teach worrior:

game of vampires,werewolves fight :

game for digging ,finding gold,..etc:

but its just 1 week remains and the begining of studying again(short vacation ,how boring)i wanna know how my frinds on game spot ejoy thier vacation?and if some one knows new cool,horror,fantasy or sci-fic on playstation 2 is newly released?iam playing now digimon world data squad,some times yugioh(old or boring games sometimes but nice),i wanna play exciting horror game .

my birthday

Today is my birthday,now iam 20 ,although iam in the 2nd decade i will forever love playsatation ,games,cartoons,...etc.also i love horror.mentioning horror and 31/10 its also halloween,its not in egypt but i like the mode of cermony (happy my birthday is on halloween).

iam back for few time

hi all my friends ,today i wanted to write new blog because i missed all my friends on game spot ,i wanted to say hello ,besides i got 2 new ps2 cds (may be not so goo for some people but they r a bit good for me)they are crash titans and digimon data squad.

college is near

iam very sad to say that.i will log on the net or gamespot few number of times(not as usual every day)or may be i stop logging in for awhile ,i will have no time,because within few week i will get back to college,and u know how is medicine,so iam sad not to see my friends very often,i hope u always remeber me untill i log in.

of course its still holiday but its only for 1 week,then i may log in at week end.

important date for me,i became level 7.

I finally made it and became more than level 6,(level 7 so fast).it gives me more abilities here ,now i can make a union .

i will yhink about it very well,i may choose good thing to make union for it,but i want from all friends (not having unions or specially from those having unions)to help me ,i want my friends to share me in the union as if it is them ,and make yourself all like leaders for it with me ,iwill not be selfish ,u can do whatever u want,this of course when i decide to make it.its just my excitement about being level 7,that i wrote it ,every one waits to be real member on this great size game spot,i think its dream.

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