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Laptop Overclocking - THE EXPLAINED

So far, i'm been writing these blogs in months and ultimately lazy like a "snorlax"! Now I'm gonna write some article that would be useful for laptop users who want to OC'ing their cpu.

Overclocking is defined as modifying the cpu clock speed in order to increas the performance. Eventhough that this method will increaSE the PC performance, but the process need a great care because a single wrong step in overclocking would cause system unstable and even damaging the hardware components. Basically, overclocking process can be done through BIOS settings and mostly custom-built PC's could do it, meanwhile the OEM-product PC/laptops have disable this feature except for the OEM products that are designed for gaming.

Overclocking your laptop is not possible to do it through BIOS settings, but with a software like setFSB could do it very much. Here are the steps that I'm would explain in this article:

1. Download setFSB and CPU-Z and then, install it. Open CPU-Z and examine the current stock speed of your cpu, FSB and etc and record all the current specs. You can download it from here:



This is my default cpu speed of my laptop

2. Open setFSB and when it comes to find the PLL, here's the 2 ways on how to configure it out:

i) Open the PC cover and search the IC chip that is PLL/Clock Generator. Take a look at the PLL list for example and try to find the PLL chip in your motherboard.

ii) If you're too lazy to do the step above, you can do a trial-and-error process. First of all, select the PLL and try to click "Get FSB". Notice that most PLLs that you've selected can read your current clock speed with well, but the different thing is how the selected PLLs could read the FSB and RAM frequency speed with correctly? Here's the trick:

This is how you're gonna find a suitable PLL/clock generator for your laptop.

- If you see that the PLL that you've selected gives a correct reading of the FSB and RAM current speed, thus your PLL may be compatible to your PC.*

This is the example of right PLL selection that gives accurate reading of default FSB and RAM speeds.

*Note: Sometimes, your PLL gives correct reading of FSB and RAM speeds, and if you've noticed that the unusual changes after you tried to overclocking like the FSB reading goes unaccurate (for example, if your FSB speed is 200Mhz and you want to set to 201MHz, but the FSB speed readings seems too far from that after clicking "Set FSB") or unexpected error after setting the overclock that is not too high, thus, your PLL is not compatible.

- Also, if you see that the PLL that you've selected gives a wrong reading of the current FSB and RAM speed, then, the selected PLL is not compatible to your PC.

3. After you've selected the compatible PLL, try to make FSB overclock increment by 1 first and try to click "set fsb". If your pc still operational after the overclocking and noticed that the clock speed is changed, you can try to increase the amount, but not too high, otherwise, try with other PLLs like I'm write before.

This is how you're gonna set the right FSB speed level and the output is the OC of the cpu.

4. While you're OC'ing the PC, make sure that your OC settings is at stable rate and if the FSB speed sets too high, some apps would not function properly or even the BSOD. IF you're noticed that your PC is feeling unstable, lower the speeds or revert the original speed.

5. The settings is just a temporary settings which all the settings that you made done will be lost and it will revert to original clock speed when rebooting.

Total Cool: Pretty Cinemagraph GIFs!

Being bored of lame and awful and even mini-sized GIFs, well here's the amazing GIFs that are more beautiful compared to the lame and boring GIFs:

NOTE: Please click here for full picture view.

Credit to favorite blogsite...which i frequently visit

My short game review: NFS Hot Pursuit (PC)

Recently, i'm played this game on my pc. Apparently, my pc have specs that would be not enough to run the game especially with the memory which is my desktop pc is only 1GB RAM, but it can able to run this game, with the help of some sort of softwares. Now let's back to the topic.

NFS Hot Pursuit is likely a reincarnation of the old NFS title, but it seems very different than the other previous of NFS which you would only able to play role as a racer only, not a cops. From this version, you will drive some of the pretigous sports car and run wild on the road! Not just driving wild, but you will also working a a cops to stop the race.

In this game, the graphics is much likely beautiful, but with the help of high-performance gpu card like Nvidia and also GPU OC software like MSI Afterburner (speed increase at low rate) and also readyboost on my pendrive, this would help much a lot. In car control aspects, you will feel why i'm steer car too hard. This is because the car handling style is based from a simulation driving style like GT5 and only experienced gamer with simulation based driving style could able to control the car. Other aspects like online gameplay, i'm still not checked it out because of the internet connection issues.

So far, this game has a better improvement, but still needs to be repair for some aspects. Also, only experienced user could able to control the car with well and this game could run better even the RAM is nearly a 1GB RAM.

Specs that would be the most minimum for running NFS Hot Pursuit:

RAM: 1GB DD2 667 Mhz (RAM with higher speeds is better)

CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 2.5Ghz or equivalent

HDD: Does not care how many capacity of your HDD, but at least have plenty spaces to install the game

GPU: Nvidia Geforce 8400GS 256MB

Additional software to improve performance: Iobit gamebooster, windows readyboost, tuneup utilities.

Ready for final exam...

As every final month of every semester, there would be a final examination that is most important and crucial thing among students including me. So, i'm going offline for few weeks to give a way for preparing the final examination......that's all...

Boosting your Intel gpu

Well...i'm haven't been writing any blogs on this site ago because i'm have no idea and no time, but I'm gonna shared these information in my article to my readers...

If your pc or laptop have enough RAM and CPU to play these high-end games but equipped with intergrated gpus especially from intel, gaming performance would be pretty decent or even can't perform at all. This is because Intel gpus ( not mentioning about gpu-built in cpu like sandybridge!) are pretty decent in most latest games and only play low-end games and Intel is actually putting some limitations on it that turns an intel gpu into pretty crap in case of energy-efficient!

So, is there any ideas on how to fix it? Well, i'm just having some tips on how to boost it:

1. Modded drivers

Modded drivers are the original gpu drivers that had been modified to get a full gaming performance, thus turning your pretty decent intel gpu into a pretty powerful gpu. You can find it through google depending on what type of the gpu, but i have some links that I can share of it:

This is the website which provides some modded drivers and tools for intel gpus especially from intel 4 series. Also, intel adapter management tool also available for changing the vertex processing.

2. GMA Booster

Dreaming of OC'ing intel gpu? No problem because they did a special software that can able to OC'ing intel gpus. Very amazing, but currently suppoted for intel 900/950 series.

Well, these are the tips that i have it right you can try to boost your intel gpu.....

Classic Gaming: Command and Conquer Red Alert 1

Well, i'm got bunch of games in my laptop, but i'm feel bored when playing some of these games and I'm want to make difference of gaming style. First of all, let me introduce this very old game and this is the ancestor of all Red Alert series, the original Command and Conquer Red Alert.

This game is pretty old and it can only run in windows 95 and DOS only, But EA had been able to make this game runs well in modern OS like windows xp/vista/7. Where i can download this old game? You can download this game from this link here below:

This site is only offering some of the old games like red alert, the original C&C, and C&C Tiberian Sun. However, if you want to find some other C&C game titles such as red alert 2, C&C generals and so on, i'll recommend you to search it in the internet and i'm not giving these links for these games and uncle google is the answer for that.

You will need to download both disc images of red alert win95 edition in order to play it with both sides of allied or soviet. Here are the installation guide on how to install and run this game:

1. Download the game image files from these link above.

2. Extract these files

3. Use virtual dvd-rom driver software (like magicdisc, virtualclonedrive, etc) and mount it.

4. If the autorun starts, just exit and explore it and find setup.exe and copy to the desktop as a shortcut and then set the compatibility mode to windows 95.

5. Open it to install and when prompting to install directx components on the folder, make sure that you uncheck the box and install the game and then when prompting to restart the pc, restart it.

6. Then, find the xp patch in red alert cd image folder and then copy it into the red alert folder and then open RA108USP.exe. This program will create 3 files of it, patch.exe, patch.rtp and patch.txt. After that, you just open patch.exe and wait until finishes.

7. Make the compatibility mode to windows 95. OK, you can set it into the red alert 2 shortcut file or the ra95.exe file and set the compatibility mode and check all of the boxes except for run as admin mode.

8. Here's the trick for correcting the graphic issues, right-click on the desktop and selet screen resolution and leave it open and then try to run this game and the ugly screen is now fixed.

Ok, that's all for my gaming blog. Stay tune for more updates...

How to formatting your PC/Laptop and install Windows 7!...

When your PC or laptop having problems like viruses, slowdown and crappy performance and even windows errors like component missings and etc, you're would find the last solution, reformat your pc, but most of them didn't know how to reformatting it and then just send it to the PC service center and you would gonna pay the price for that.

So, if you want to try to reformatting your pc through DIY, then I will show how to do that...

NOTICE: Make sure that you have to backup all of your data before beginning the reformatting session.

1. Insert your genuine Windows 7 dvd-rom into dvd driver

2. Reboot your pc

3. This one have 2 options depending what kind of PC/laptop that you used.

i) After showing the boot screen logo, when you see the text that said "Press any key to boot from cd", then just press any key immediately.


ii) If your laptop doesn't have the internal optical driver , press any key to open boot selector in BIOS mode and select optical deviced that you installed in your laptop.

NOTE: For option (i), make sure that you set the first boot device to cd/dvd rom. If not, your pc would be rebooting as usual.

4. Select the language and click "Install now". Then you will be asked whether you want to upgrade or select the advance option. Then select "advance option".

5. After that, setup will show the current partiton that you used in previous state. If you want reformatting your hdd, select the partition and then format it. Also, if you want to remake the new partition, just select the partition and then delete it. Then you select the "unallocated spaces" of hdd and make the new one. Notice that after you making a new partiton, some version of windows could also creating a special partition but it is only used for system reserved only.

6. After you making settings of the partition, just select the partition that setup wants to install and then click next. While setup installing the windows, you may relax and having a great cup of coffee...

7. After windows finishes copying files, now it's time to set up your account and putting the cd-key product here. Just follow the on-screen to finish the setup.

8. And then, now you can enjoy the new freshy pc ones...

Angry Birds PC Version reveiw.

Before that, people in GS known that this game is available for iphone and psp, but some of them doesn't know the other platforms are also available for this game. Now, i'm showing my review of this game, Angry Birds...

As most gamers know that this game is one of the most downloaded games with 50 million downloads acros all platforms and it is suitable for most ages, especially kids. Rather from playing the overrated but useless games that are likely from other platforms like social sites, this game is best for puzzle-lovers and even kids.

With a slingshot and a variety of birds that can't fly (exept with these slingshot), you can smash up the evil greed pigs that are stealing the bird's eggs. From easier puzzle into some puzzles that you're gonna twist your brain and what would you do is just think how to shoot the pigs with the birds!

Birds are come from the types of birds like the red bird is just think to slingshot it, the small blue bird will turn into 3 identical birds when you're clicking on it, the yellow bird need extra speed to smash up the heavy obstacles (except rock barrier -too hard to break), the black bird ones just boom itself after hitting the obstacles or even before that, the big white bird ones will release the egg bomb and then hitting the pigs or even obstacles and many more of them.

Performance of this game, by the way, is just right and it is using a lighweight 2D graphic system, which is some older PCs can handle it.

Minimum Requirement of this game:


CPU: At least 1.2Ghz single-core cpu (celeron based cpu, build 2008), the latest one is perfect.

GPU: At least 64 MB RAM of memory.

Pic gameplay of Angry Birds!!!

Picture Of Lomography...(Broadband Speed Recommended)

Before that, i'm posting a simple info about lomography and as I'm promised so, now I'm show to you about the art of lomography. Warning: Only art-lovers and photography lovers would rate this very carefully, else, you may think blindly that these pics that i'm post is ulgly because of its color and looks, but the art-lovers and also lomographers wouldn't think so about that.

Note that these pics are using expired camera film that is much valuable compared to the other things that are highly valuable, but when things goes expires, it going useless. Here are the pics that are taken in my university that i'm studied and i'm using DNP Centuria expired camera film and also Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slim (SuperHeadz version).

Uploading source: Facebook

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